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  1. XplodingScorbord

    White Sox sign Leury Garcia to 3 year deal

    I’m just glad I still get to yell “Attaboy Larry” at the teevee when he does something good.
  2. XplodingScorbord

    Yan Gomes Signs With Cubs

    Where are we getting the Contreras unhappy bit?
  3. XplodingScorbord

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    https://chicago.suntimes.com/white-sox/2021/10/11/22720691/white-sox-fan-cane-guy-game-3-astros-rob-holt-alds-american-league-playoffs-guaranteed-rate-field If we win today, we have GOT to get this guy to Houston, cost be damned.
  4. XplodingScorbord

    White Sox Dave and John Cusack slap fight

    The fact that this doofus is “known” as White Sox Dave does the White Sox a disservice.
  5. XplodingScorbord

    Game 4 pitching management thread

    Honestly, I know our pitching hasn’t exactly been lights out so far, but with the postponement today, everyone should be available tomorrow. And I like our options with either the Big Bastard or Lopez backing up Carlos if he doesn’t have it tomorrow.
  6. XplodingScorbord

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    Good news with the delay is Yas can go both games with a late (8p) start in Houston Wednesday. He probably would have gone both anyway, but giving the man a little extra rest is good. Rest some arms too, so all hands on deck for Tuesday and Wednesday.
  7. XplodingScorbord

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    The Sox should ask him to do the same for game 3.
  8. XplodingScorbord

    Lynn to start Game 1, Giolito Game 2

    It’s nice that those demons will be fit and all, but hopefully he exorcises them as well.
  9. XplodingScorbord

    Game 2 MLB Network

    Before you go extolling the NFL’s virtues in this regard, I rarely get to see Bears games in Texas. Other than subscribing to DirecTV and getting Sunday ticket, I know of no way to see Sunday day games for the team of your choice wherever you are. I’ll happily be enlightened if someone has a workaround.
  10. XplodingScorbord

    TLR anticipates Keuchel pitching in relief tonight

    I’m sure Keuchel would be fairly amped to face Houston in the playoffs, to hopefully good results.
  11. XplodingScorbord

    Should we trade for Machado

    I’m down with this, except I’ll have to hear my wife call him “Semen” for however long he’s signed, which gets old.
  12. XplodingScorbord


    Love this team! Let’s go Sox!
  13. XplodingScorbord

    9-19-21 White Sox Winner !! 7-2 over Texas

    I’m not saying there was no good food, just that the options were surprisingly sparse and unvaried given the available space. I’d estimate guaranteed rate field has triple or quadruple the options on the main concourse.
  14. XplodingScorbord

    9-19-21 White Sox Winner !! 7-2 over Texas

    It really is awful. I can’t believe they spent like a billion dollars on that monstrosity. I went all three games. The place from the outside looks either like a giant outdoor grill, or a warehouse, I can’t decide which. Inside, it reminiscent of Minute Maid Park, without any of the charm. I had seats in the second row of the main level, which is not the field level. Field level seats all run in the hundreds of dollars per ticket, and I honestly can’t believe anyone pays it. So the main level is like 20 or 30 feet above field level. The view was fine, it just felt odd to be so high up in seats that good. The food offerings are sparse. Very little of note, and nothing to even come close to competing with Comiskey. So much wasted space on the concourse, where in Chicago you’d have a half dozen additional small stands offering interesting food, here there’s just…empty space. Lots more bars than Globe Life Park, which was good. But almost every bar (they’re almost all 30 or so feet long) have a diagonal support beam in the middle of them, which the bartender has to duck around if they need something from the other end. I asked one bartender if she ever hit her head on it, and she said “all the time.” Just a stupid design. The seats are very thin, akin to what they’re putting on discount airlines. And they’re a bit bendy, so when the person sitting in front of you shifts position, your drink, if it’s full and in the attached cupholder, tends to slosh. Maybe this happens elsewhere, but I don’t recall it being so pronounced. On a positive note, they do have a flat spot most of the way around the concourse where you could stand and watch from the concourse and have a “table” as it were for your food and drink I had fun watching the Sox take 2/3, but spent much of the time dismayed at the staggering waste of so much money to build that place. It could have, and should have, been so much better.
  15. XplodingScorbord


    Fun game to be at in person. Loud White Sox contingent there this evening.