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  1. ThirdGen

    Claudell Washington died

    Bee Bee Richard, who was on the Sox until Veeck traded him shortly after buying the team, had a profile similar to that. No hit, no glove, but blazing speed, and was often used as a pinch runner. I think Claudell Washington was best known for the ridiculous contract Ted Turner gave him to go to Atlanta. We was at best a mid level outfielder, and Turner gave him one of the biggest contracts in history at the time. He gave him a five year contract, and it was said at the time the next best offer was a one year contract at half the annual salary of Turner's 5 year offer.
  2. ThirdGen

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Until July 31, most people making less than $23/hour are as good as or better off on unemployment than they were working. After that, no.
  3. ThirdGen

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Some people will still blame SportsVision and the White Flag Trade if the attendance is zero this year.
  4. ThirdGen

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Couldn't agree more. I don't understand why the assumption is being made that playing baseball in empty stadiums under constant supervision and strong cleaning precautions is any more dangerous than wherever they would be if not at the ballpark. Its not like they are being held in vacuum chambers with no human interaction when not playing. I understand the fear of front line workers with constant interaction with the public (cashiers, health care workers, etc), but it seems like people are hijacking those reasonable fears into other lines of work like baseball where the public interaction just doesn't exist.
  5. All Arizona games are now showing as "Cancelled" on the MLB site. Looks like they are letting Florida games finish.
  6. ThirdGen

    Cubs 2020

    Find it amusing that the Cubs, rather than cancelling their game today like everyone else, pushed the start time back six hours. Treat a meaningless spring training game like its a playoff game. Apparently don't have any alternative programming for Marquee? Wonder how Oakland felt about that?
  7. ThirdGen

    Charges brought in White Sox ticket scheme

    The fact that this went on for three years before being detected is a pretty major indictment of the business/marketing/sales end of the organization. Not only did this screw the Sox to the tune of $1 million, it also screwed any legitimate season ticket holder or fan who needed to sell tickets on Stubhub, as they were able to significantly undercut other sellers and still make boatloads of money, driving down the value of tickets for everyone else.
  8. ThirdGen

    Field of Dreams Tickets

    IMO a lifetime ban should be exactly that, a lifetime ban. Once they are dead, the HOF can consider them. That way they are sufficiently punished, and baseball can eventually evaluate their career.
  9. ThirdGen

    Field of Dreams Tickets

    If they want to avoid the subject of Jackson and 1919, holding a game in a Iowa cornfield that hosted a movie based on the 1919 scandal is probably a bad idea. A season ticket email that I received from the Sox back in September stated that the full plan would only include 80 games, and ticket information about the Iowa game would be released "later". Nothing yet.
  10. ThirdGen

    So What Happens to Zack Collins?

    I believe the choice is between Collins getting lots of at bats and experience behind the plate at AAA (facing weaker pitching that we already know he can hit) or getting very limited and sporadic playing time in Chicago against MLB pitching. The problem is, if he hits poorly against MLB pitching we will have no idea if that is because he got a limited number of at bats and never found his groove, or if he just can't hit MLB pitching. In my opinion the lesser of two evils is to give him another year at Charlotte, and assume he replaces McCann in 2021 when his contract expires. I understand that we won't know if he can hit MLB pitching at that point, but don't think we'll know based on limited MLB playing time in 2020 anyway.
  11. While I agree that he doesn't have enough history to have an automatic claim to a roster spot, don't use the ERA as the reason. He was absolutely dominating his first three starts with an ERA below 1. His ERA only went up to 5.02 because he attempted to pitch a game with a torn UCL in his fourth start, and obviously got shelled as a result.