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  1. ThirdGen

    Dear Tony (regarding Cesar)

    He never specified a year.
  2. ThirdGen

    9/14 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    By calling Collins up within 21 days of sending him down they don't lose an option year.
  3. ThirdGen

    2000 White Sox

    Ten teams make the postseason, 6 are gone by the time the LCS starts. Considering the random nature of post season play, predicting disaster isn't that ballsy of a move. It is the most likely outcome for the majority of teams.
  4. I wish there was a way to go back and use the tools we currently use to evaluate players to evaluate players from previous generations. I recall Dick Allen having insane power. But I wonder how his exit velocity would compare to Robert and Jimenez. The size and strength of today's players makes players from the 70's and 80's look like high school kids. Frank was part of the first generation that were built like that (many through modern science). A lot of people blame cell phones and a lack of attention for the need to screen in the stands. The real reason is that the current generation of players- 1 through 9- hit the ball a hell of a lot harder than prior generations did. I do believe Robert has the ability to retire as the Sox GOAT. I've never seen such raw all around talent.
  5. ThirdGen


    And Rick's 60 game season was only against the relatively weak Central divisions. Sox are .600 against those teams this year.
  6. ThirdGen


    Pretty sure he had surgery on his foot during the offseason, was expected to come back mid season, came back and reinjured it quickly, tried to fight through it but was awful and then had surgery again.
  7. ThirdGen


    As I recall, the Sox knew before the season he would likely miss a signficant amount of time and had replaced him. This wasn't comparable to Robert or Jimenez situations.
  8. ThirdGen


    The use of one run records to judge a manager is nonsense. The Sox are also 15-7 in two run games which can also be decided by one manager's decision. They are 11-6 in three run games, also close. Would LaRussa be a better manager if the Sox scored one or two less runs in those games? He would have a better record.
  9. ThirdGen


    The 2005 Indians played over .700 ball for two consecutive months to close the gap. They have neither the time nor the talent to go on a run like that in 2021.
  10. I am surprised the owners offered the floor in their first proposal. While just about everyone knows it is needed, I figured the owners would hold out on that to grab something else back from the players in exchange.
  11. As is likely true with most every team in baseball. 20 seconds is not a long time. There must be more blown calls than this for every team. Do you really believe some teams have only one or two blown calls all season? System was designed for speed. Everyone is screwing these up.
  12. The Sox are slightly above average in MLB for number of replay reviews won. The also have the highest percentage of challenges won. Managers seem to be all over the board with this- Melvin and Hyde have challenged 10 times and only won one, TLR has only challenged 9 but won 7 of those. Kapler and Roberts have had to most success with 12 each. TLR is tied at 12th place in MLB with Hinch, Martinez and Cash. Of the six first place teams at the moment successful challenges range from 2 to 12, with only Kapler ahead of TLR.
  13. I'm guessing Cubs/Reds August 11.
  14. ThirdGen

    GT 8/11: SOX @ MIN, 12:10

    That's OK. We'd love to see the millennials try to adjust the antenna and use a manual tuner to try to get a decent picture on channel 32 or 44 back in the 70's. You all would be Cubs fans just because it was easier!
  15. ThirdGen

    GT 8/11: SOX @ MIN, 12:10

    What channel is the Youtube on?