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    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    I was at the game in Texas last year when he hit that 505ft bomb. (side note I also sat next to and met Scotty Pods that day.) There were definitely better RF options but I like Mazaras young age, potential upside, and power in our park. Hoping also that Menechino or our scouts (lol) picked up something they can work with him on.
  2. DoUEvenShift

    Hawk Harrelson wins the Ford C. Frick Award

    What world do you live in.
  3. DoUEvenShift

    Sox Claim Tayron Guerrero

    Sweet! Just what we needed. A 6ERA -2 lifetime WAR reliever. Thanks Jerry!!!
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  5. Long day of negotiations or waiting until tomorrow?