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  1. I like this for a couple reasons:

    1. Even though most of us have a sour taste in our mouth re: Ozzie he's actually a brilliant manager. I watched almost all of the post game shows this yearand he explained what he would do differently over a lot of the questionable TLR decisions. I'd take him over TLR in a heartbeat and I'm by no means a TLR hater. Hope he gets the job. We face SDP at least once I know next year will be a cool series.


    2. It will most likely piss off Cloverfield


    Why I don't like it:

    1. It means we are getting more Bacon and Scotty Pods on pre/post game unless Frank wants to step up and become a regular. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, BigHurt3515 said:

    Anyone selling tickets to the first home game (Sunday)? Looking for two tickets


    2 hours ago, ChiSox59 said:

    Same here 

    I'm selling 2 and wouldn't mind avoiding StubHub fees.  Sec 114, Row 21, Seats 1 & 2. (aisle) Red lot parking included as well. Feel free to PM me an offer. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

    You have never heard of Phil?  Do you live in Chicago?


    5 minutes ago, manbearpuig said:

    I was about to ask how old the poster is and where they are from haha

    29. Born on the southeast side but moved out of state as a kid. Back in the SW burbs now but that is recent.