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  1. 4 strikes not enough for Yoan. Sadly i don't think 5 or 6 would make a difference.
  2. Don't get me started on that kid... Although with his hot takes and bipolar tweets minutes apart he'd fit in well in the game threads.
  3. No. Our owner, front office, and TLR messed up by playing a 1B in Right Field for the first time in a new ballpark.
  4. Sox: Team RISP: 0-6 Team LOB: 9 Rangers: Team RISP: 3-8 Team LOB: 5 And that's why we have another L that should be a W
  5. DoUEvenShift

    What’s Vaughn’s offensive ceiling?

    Fooled by thumbnail
  6. DoUEvenShift

    Reese McGuire (+PTBNL or $) to Red Sox for LHRP Jake Diekman

    Dick man for Diek man, I like it!
  7. DoUEvenShift

    And that's a Wild Pitch Winner!

    I guess I'm overly optimistic but I think we still have time to come around. 1 day at a time.
  8. DoUEvenShift

    07/30 - A's @ White Sox, 6:15 PM CT

    "Hey blue check your voicemail, you missed a call"
  9. DoUEvenShift

    Chicago White Sox' 2022 Fan Cost Index ranks 9th across The MLB

    This data is complete BS. $6 Beer and $3 Hot Dogs at Yankee stadium? Lol $3 Beer at Coors field??? Anyone going to the game today and want to take a look?
  10. Man I LOVE hearing Let's Go White Sox chants in opposing parks!
  11. Jeeze just saw the reply he makes Konerko look like an elite runner
  12. How does Yas not score on that??? Isn't he running off the bat with 2 outs?
  13. DoUEvenShift

    Predict the Next 19 Games

  15. TOR 27 - BOS 3 top 6 0 outs!
  17. Inside the park grand slam according to the gamecast. Cant wait to see that one!
  18. DoUEvenShift

    Oriole Park - Camden Yards

    Has anyone been here and have any recommendations? Gonna head to the series next month since I am on the east coast now and knock another stadium off the list. -Seating? -Food? -Hotels? -Things to do during the day in the city? -Anything else we should be aware of? Thanks in advance
  19. DoUEvenShift

    GT 7/19: AL at NL, 6:30 pm, FOX

    I got my Liam and mic'd up to boot. Lets do the swing off!
  20. DoUEvenShift

    GT 7/19: AL at NL, 6:30 pm, FOX

    I'm really hoping it stays 3-2 and Liam closes the 9th
  21. DoUEvenShift

    7/7 Tigers @ Sox, 7:10 PM

    Let it be, whisper words of wisdom, let it be be beeeee
  22. DoUEvenShift

    GT 7/5: MIN @ SOX, The day after