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    Brit newbie

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    Tim annoys Verlander

    And yet, down 5-0 and with Tim the only hit they needed a spark somehow...
  3. Nokona

    2/28 Spring Training game vs. Rangers

    Cease really impressed me. If he can throw that hook for strikes and locate the heat he is gonna be something.
  4. Nokona

    MLBPA has filed a grievance

    Can't blame them. As revenues go up they should either go into the pockets of the players or the fans.
  5. Nokona

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    If it comes to it, the Sox better bite his hand off at the 1 year deal. It'd work out so well for both parties, Moose would probably have a better shot at the WS signing with the Sox. You'd almost certainly get 2nd round++ value
  6. Nokona

    Sox vs Reds

    Davidson smokes one out of here. 8 - 4 Sox B5
  7. Nokona

    Sox vs Reds

    If you're having trouble on Chrome, press the icon next to https: in the address bar; it looks like an i with a circle around it. From there you'll see Flash, change it to "Always allow on this website." The webcast will then work.
  8. Nokona

    Sox vs Mariners

    Elmore and May continue the inning with singles. The pitcher leaves after cutting his hand??? May broke his bat, did he get caught with shrapnel?
  9. Nokona

    Sox vs Mariners

    Delmonico doubles down the left field line, moves to 3rd on a Davidson squeaker through the hole between short and 3rd and scores on a Wellington Castillo flyout. 1-0 Sox.
  10. Nokona

    Sox vs Mariners

    Top 2 0-0. Santiago struggled in the 1st and got a bases loaded dp to end the inning
  11. Nokona

    Love the rebuild, despise this attitude

    This thread is so dumb you should be banned
  12. Nokona

    PECOTA projects Sox at 73 wins

    103 wins, we're going the distance baby let's goooo
  13. Nokona

    Marco Paddy & our Failures in the LatAm Market

    Fernando Tatis Jr is a top 50 prospect and rising. Luis Robert is a top 25 prospect. Micker Adolfo is righting the ship and showing his talent. He's doing just fine.