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  1. Nokona

    O's v. Sox, 6/23/22 GT

    Thought that had enough
  2. Nokona

    O's v. Sox, 6/23/22 GT

    It's the greatness of Jose.
  3. Nokona

    GT 6/22: TOR @ SOX, 1:10, NBCSC

    You gotta hit 2 of those meat sliders man
  4. Nokona

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    Good baseball now let's get the run
  5. Nokona

    GT 6/12: TEX @ SOX, 1:10 PM CT, NBCSC

    for christ sake
  6. Nokona

    5/22 GT - Sox @ NYY (Double Header)

    That thing has some wicked run on it
  7. Nokona

    Battle of the Sox's--Game Two, 3:10 CT

    Yaz missile off the pitcher's foot
  8. hometown call. thank you
  9. Nokona

    4/29- White Sox vs Angels, 6:10

    That was insane
  10. Nokona

    4/29- White Sox vs Angels, 6:10

    Gio getting jobbed here
  11. Nokona

    White Sox vs Guardians GT 4/21/22

    Robert did nothing wrong
  12. Gonna win a lot of games if starters throw 20+ in the first inning. Started with Pollock 6 pitch AB
  13. Nokona

    Manaea to Padres, Sox were in on him

    Keller's velo is up to 100 all of the sudden. He has excellent command and was a top prospect at one point. I'd rather see him out there every 5th day than VV.