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  1. Nokona

    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    Tim needs some spaghetti
  2. Nokona

    9/27 Sox @ Tigers 12:10PM CT

    It's a hard slide but totally within the rules. Grow up.
  3. Nokona

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    magnets in the bases at the trop
  4. Nokona

    8/1 Game Thread Sox vs Guardians 1:10

    Time to throw back. It's not intentional but it's time.
  5. Nokona

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    ahahaha what a fucking game this is
  6. Nokona

    White Sox acquire Tepera, Bailey Horn to Cubs

    Are we going to have another unnecessary mental breakdown on here or what?
  7. If Yermin retired rather than be traded then he rocks
  8. I mean Vaughn, Crochet, Burger and Madrigal only have like 100 games played a piece. Of course they don't have double digit career WAR yet
  9. Time to thank Hahn and Hostetler. The hype was real.
  10. Nokona

    Engel back, Eaton DFA

    Thanks for nothing