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  1. Still in this thing guys
  2. Field took on hurricane levels of water in the 4th and 5th
  3. Nokona

    And that's a White Sox winner!

    This team is fun. They're showing the dark days are ending. Quit whining about everything and enjoy some success
  4. Nokona

    Sox @ Jays 5/11 2:07 PM

    Holy shit we are playing heads up baseball
  5. Nokona

    Iguchi eyes ‘Sweet Home Chicago’

    Jerry sign him up, Jerry Jerry sign him up
  6. Nokona

    Sox @ Yankees, 4/12, 6:05 CT

    It was a slider
  7. Nokona

    Sox @ Yankees, 4/12, 6:05 CT

    Call it!
  8. Nokona

    Brandon Brennan gets 1st ML win

    Holy fuck you guys will literally cry about anything
  9. Nokona

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    He's fine. Can't judge the rebuild for another 2 years due to these injuries we've suffered.
  10. Nokona

    4/7 Games

    Pantera might not be in Winston Salem next weekend at this rate
  11. Nokona


    This team easily could have been 7-0 if they caught about 4 baseballs
  12. Nokona

    Sox Home Opener vs Ms

    Well played Yolmer