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  1. Buehrle5687

    Oscar Colas declared FA in Japan

    Would we rather get Colas over Cespedes? Any chance we get both?
  2. Buehrle5687

    Offseason Targets

    I was thinking the same thing, but before Dec. 2
  3. Buehrle5687

    The People have spoken: Let draft trades happen

    Wouldn't it also make trades more frequent? Instead of throwing in lottery ticket players they could use picks to sweeten deals. More trade capital "liquidity"
  4. Buehrle5687

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

  5. Buehrle5687

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Player Career WAR Barry Bonds 162.8 Rodger Clemens 138.7 Curt Schilling 80.5 Scott Rolen 70.1 Manny Ramirez 69.3 Andruw Jones 62.7 Todd Helton 61.8 Andy Pettitte 60.7 Gary Sheffield 60.5 Bobby Abreu 60.2 Mark Buehrle 60.0 Sammy Sosa 58.6 Tim Hudson 56.5 Jeff Kent 55.4 Torii Hunter 50.7 Omar Vizquel 45.6 Barry Zito 33.1 Dan Haren 32.9 Aramis Ramirez 32.4 Shane Victorino 31.5 AJ Burnett 29.6 Billy Wagner 28.7 Nick Swisher 21.4 LaTroy Hawkins 18.0 Michael Cuddyer 17.7 HOFer Bruce Sutter Career WAR 24 Steroids Buehrle is in the middle of the pack, but if you remove the roiders, he has a shot.
  6. Buehrle5687

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    I think he has a decent shot. All the blatant roiders are gonna put him on the bubble.
  7. Buehrle5687

    Braves sign Drew Smyly, 1 year $11 million

    Yep, hopefully he didn't get any other offers anywhere close to this.
  8. Buehrle5687

    Offseason Targets

    I was saying JBJ and Colome assuming we're able to sign Bauer. If we don't sign Bauer, hopefully we do a little better than JBJ and Colome, and trade for a SP. The main concern I'd have is Bauer going unsigned through Jan, while these lesser players fall off the board.
  9. Buehrle5687

    Offseason Targets

    JBJ and Colome? Might not have room in the budget, but I think a similar combo would be nice. I'd love to have Springer, but he seems like a very expensive want vs. a need. I think a #3 or better SP is a need. An ace or someone who slots in at 2 puts us in super team territory.
  10. Buehrle5687

    Offseason Targets

    If we sign Bauer, I'm good with Engel/Garcia in RF. This lineup should rake as is. Hopefully we can bolster the pen with the remaining money.
  11. Buehrle5687

    Soxtalk Trade Value Poll

    Most: Dunning, since he's 25 already, and I'm assuming we're trading for a TOR pitcher and also signing someone like Q. Giolito, Trade, DK, Q, Kopech/Cease. Least: Vaughn. Lots of team control and may have a MVP ceiling.
  12. Buehrle5687

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    I'd have to for Lopez and someone else, right? Can't imagine Lopez has much trade value at this point.
  13. Also, they also stop selling alcohol in the 7th for a reason.
  14. The breathalyzer they use in the field is far from foolproof. They do another breathalyzer at the station, and it's a bigger and more accurate device. People get out of DUIs because they're under the legal limit at the station, even if they failed the field sobriety test.