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  1. Bryant is the best answer for the long term Championship contention.
  2. I've alway advocated to get Byant to play one of the corners in the grass. This is the wrong time to go get him but it may be something needed. He is a plus if Yoan gets hurt. Could cost us a Kopeck/Stiever but this is a good move if we can lock Kris up for long term.
  3. I agree with your assessment, hence the Dream Weaver song reference. But do you think, & I’m honestly asking, that the White Sox should not be involved in the biggest talent SS free agency next off season? I know we already have one of the best, Timmy is my favorite player, full disclosure. The thought of Seager or any of the rest on our team is captivating beyond the talent/player. It might mean the Sox are in the “big boy league “. Like it felt for a week going after Mochado/Harper(please)/Wheeler. I still think Chris Bryant in right field makes sense. Next off season, & this is not about money, the Sox need to make a big, sensible move for an All Star talent to not only push them over the hump, but to also establish them as a player with the other big market teams.
  4. I have so many memories, obviously as many of us do, about that season. First, being at game five in Annahein, celebrating with the team after the game. Second, watching the WS with my Dad & older brother in Chicago. The last baseball games my dad & I watched together. Very special.
  5. Long shot, but, Trevor Story should not cost anything close to Andrew/Nick/Micheal. Mid level pitching should get it done. Timmy or Story have the ability to play right or let Moncada give it a shot. Story can play 3rd & move Yoan to second which would mean Nick was involved in the trade. Sox would have to sign Story to a HUGE contract that would solidify the future. Cue Gary Wright singing Dream Weaver
  6. Lonchair

    Cool Sox Art - Painted by Tom

    Wow! These are fantastic. Very talented. Again, wow!
  7. I would have getting Quintana for 8 mil. would have been a great investment. It would have benefited the pitching depth but also the clubhouse & fanbase.
  8. Lonchair

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Please read Joe Posnanski on any form because as well as being very involved with the HOF, he’s an excellent historian of baseball in general. The cases made for & against players hold a bigger view of what the Hall is, or should be, about. It’s a museum to baseball. It’s a polarizing subject that may continue to be debated for decades. The system needs to be revamped, researched, & improved. Posnanski’s explanation is far better than I can even try to convey. As far as Mark getting in, I hope down the road he does. But I’m bias as a Sox fan. He’s one of those players on the edge of yes or no.
  9. Lonchair

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Besides agreeing that Buehrle should get in down the road, my favorite part of the above quote is that the person decided to **** b**** & leave in mother fucker. Is Samuel Jackson a Sox fan?
  10. Lonchair

    Merry Christmas Soxtalk!

    Merry Christmas Sox fans!!!! To 2021 and more!
  11. I like this plus an Archie Bradly..........& a Springer & a Bauer. It’s Christmas time & I’ve been a good boy.
  12. Lonchair

    Rodon and Mazara Non-Tendered

    Because we are not getting Springer.
  13. Lonchair

    Who would you have hired?

    Agreed. Espada would have been great. Worked his way into that clubhouse & five years later, after two or three rings, it’s a free agent destination & one of the most respected teams in the league. cue up Dream Weaver please
  14. Lonchair

    Poll: Rate How You Feel About TLR

    It’s been two days & I’m already sick of this shit. He’s the manager & we’re going to have to deal with it. We can’t change it. A petition, letters, social media.... nothing is change Jerry’s mind. It’s not incredibly awful. Let’s see how this plays out. The only opinion I’m concerned about is that of the leadership (players) of this team, Tim, Jose, Lucas & the rest.
  15. Lonchair

    Taijuan Walker, worth a gamble or is Jake Odorizzi

    We should have rolled the dice on Walker this past season. When healthy his floor is a quality #4 or five, depending on the top three.