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  1. I would have getting Quintana for 8 mil. would have been a great investment. It would have benefited the pitching depth but also the clubhouse & fanbase.
  2. Lonchair

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Please read Joe Posnanski on any form because as well as being very involved with the HOF, he’s an excellent historian of baseball in general. The cases made for & against players hold a bigger view of what the Hall is, or should be, about. It’s a museum to baseball. It’s a polarizing subject that may continue to be debated for decades. The system needs to be revamped, researched, & improved. Posnanski’s explanation is far better than I can even try to convey. As far as Mark getting in, I hope down the road he does. But I’m bias as a Sox fan. He’s one of those players on the edge of yes or no.
  3. Lonchair

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Besides agreeing that Buehrle should get in down the road, my favorite part of the above quote is that the person decided to **** b**** & leave in mother fucker. Is Samuel Jackson a Sox fan?
  4. Lonchair

    Merry Christmas Soxtalk!

    Merry Christmas Sox fans!!!! To 2021 and more!
  5. I like this plus an Archie Bradly..........& a Springer & a Bauer. It’s Christmas time & I’ve been a good boy.
  6. Lonchair

    Rodon and Mazara Non-Tendered

    Because we are not getting Springer.
  7. Lonchair

    Who would you have hired?

    Agreed. Espada would have been great. Worked his way into that clubhouse & five years later, after two or three rings, it’s a free agent destination & one of the most respected teams in the league. cue up Dream Weaver please
  8. Lonchair

    Poll: Rate How You Feel About TLR

    It’s been two days & I’m already sick of this shit. He’s the manager & we’re going to have to deal with it. We can’t change it. A petition, letters, social media.... nothing is change Jerry’s mind. It’s not incredibly awful. Let’s see how this plays out. The only opinion I’m concerned about is that of the leadership (players) of this team, Tim, Jose, Lucas & the rest.
  9. Lonchair

    Taijuan Walker, worth a gamble or is Jake Odorizzi

    We should have rolled the dice on Walker this past season. When healthy his floor is a quality #4 or five, depending on the top three.
  10. I agree but still feel bad for him. Maybe they stick him upstairs in some capacity. We need to nail the next hire.
  11. Lonchair

    I agree with the Big Hurt about Robert

    Robert in the two hole is not crazy. Not just for "protection", just to adjust his mind set in the box. Maybe just test it out these last few games to see how they pitch him with Joseviour next. They need to something to ebb this slump. Luis is going to be needed very much so in the playoffs. It also might benefit Yoan to slide back to the 5 or 6 hole, maybe take some pressure off of him as we all know what he's fighting through. Just spitballing . That's why I'm not in the dugout making the lineup. That said, we all are hoping someone, or Luis himself, finds a way to shake this off & return to the player he was in August.
  12. Lonchair

    Stiever optioned

    Does Crochet see another inning tonight?
  13. I love the way they get along so much as well. It really shows & I think that is a credit to Ricky, Pito, TA & Hahn for establishing that. Why do you think someone like Puig isn’t in right? Jose said “We’ll pass”. From all reports that clubhouse is awesome. Not just jelling, but on a level of a team, & past MLB teams that have won Championships. So much to look forward to!
  14. Thanks for the deshelling. I agree with you that he’s targeted for the rotation but that arm will be 22 next year. A lot depends on what we already have, Kopech, Dunning, Cease, Lopez & the minors. Who knows if we go FA/trade for a starter. How much fun is this discussing this instead of why Ricky bunts too much! I love this team!
  15. I forgot my plan. Just edited it.
  16. What does everyone think about the bullpen or possibly the rotation, after Crochet’s inning last night? I know I’m going to get shelled because it was three batters, but jeesh! Bit of a wrinkle to think about for the future, which is what this post was about. Getting Bauer would be great & let Crochet have a year in the pen & possible spot starter. This hopefully will protect his arm some & then unleash him To the rotation in 2022
  17. Lonchair

    Sox "hold steady" at deadline

    Why are so many people down on Kopeck? This guy has the potential to be a front line starter.
  18. Lonchair

    Sox "hold steady" at deadline

    I too am glad we didn’t mess with this team & the prospects. The plan is in place. Yes it would have been great to get a big arm but not by losing a piece of the future.
  19. Lonchair

    White Sox Acquire Jarrod Dyson from PIT

    Dyson<Engel. I don't want Lynn unless we only give up money & a sandwich or something. We don't need to add a 33 year old pitcher who's having a peak in his career by giving up future prospects that could lengthen the championship window. This move is confusing but at least doesn't cost much.
  20. Lonchair

    Steve/Jason appreciation post

    Couldn't agree with you more! And what a great night it was. So much fun.
  21. Lonchair

    Steve/Jason appreciation post

    Stoney Tweeted recently that one day, as you mentioned, that Bennetti will go down as one of the all time greats. How would like to hear that from your work partner? It's also great that the fans appreciate what we have going for us along with this team & its future.
  22. Lonchair

    Steve/Jason appreciation post

    Yes. It's like Jason is showing Stoney another side of himself (Steve) that he didn't know he had or didn't want to reveal on air. Maybe just trying to be professional in the way he thought was being professional. It just seems like Stone is so much more relaxed & happy coming to the park every day. I really do like & enjoy the both of them.
  23. Lonchair

    Steve/Jason appreciation post

    I agree with all of what you're saying. They have been brilliant, entertaining & just a pleasure to listen to. I think Bennetti just brings out the silly in Stoney & they're having fun....& bringing us along for the ride.
  24. Trevor will be.....sorry for the typo
  25. Bowden's trade hypothesis is not in favor of the White Sox for the long term contention of this club. The young arms on this organization are what will sustain future contending seasons. Stay the course & get a Buewer type in the offseason for 2021.