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  1. lane

    Predict the OD Lineup

    Why is Grandal batting fourth? Why is he batting ahead of Eloy and even Edwin? Eloy hit 3 more homeruns than Yasmani in 31 less games, as a rookie. I've seen analysts say he will hit 50 homeruns this year. That might be nuts but 40 is well within his ability. Hit him 4th, hit Edwin behind him, then Grandal with his .794 career OPS. This isn't to bash our new C, but there's no reason for him to cleanup on this team. The hell with handedness.
  2. lane

    2020 Catch-All

    Anyone have experience in luxury watches and/or handbags? I’ve got a bit of unexpected cash coming in shortly, and I think I’d like to get myself a TAG Heuer and the wife a Louis Vuitton or Prada bag. Keep it around $4-5K total. For mine, I really like the Formula 1 Series and I much prefer an automatic at that dollar amount. I have also considered an Aquaracer. Any other brands or models I should consider? Frederique Constantin has some interesting ones in my range but I don’t know much about them.
  3. lane

    Job Thread

    Also, a very brief search suggests that mopeds cost even less than that. Could be a possibility, and I don’t think it requires any special license. Don’t turn down a good opportunity just because of this.
  4. lane

    Job Thread

    Knowing nothing about your financial situation or geographic area...can you really not buy a car? Do you have anything in savings (or an emergency fund)? There are 385 cars on cars.com for $2,000 or less and less than 100,000 miles. If this is a great opportunity, then you can get by on a clunker for a bit and upgrade when the time is right. Right? Not trying to be condescending, but I think this can be overcome relatively simply.
  5. lane

    Most Memorable Sox Game You've Attended?

    Albert Belle hit a grand slam on my birthday once. May 11th, 1997. Not actually my birthday, but I was there in celebration of it. I once saw Frank hit two bombs. My parents had gotten spots in a box suite for that night. Pretty cool. No idea of the date. I did watch a Ubaldo Jimenez no-no in Atlanta from the front row in 2010. Great Dexter Fowler catch to preserve it late. I also saw the Yankees play at Fenway, and while it wasn’t an official game, I was present the first time New Yankee Stadium ever opened its doors, which was an exhibition game against the Cubs.
  6. lane

    Job Thread

    I think the medical system should be a lot easier to understand and plan around. I got a bill the other day for a doctor's visit for my wife from October 2018. I called and asked why I'm only now getting this for the first time, and they told me their system was backlogged. I said, "Well, it took you guys 16 months, so I'll pay in September of 2021." Seriously, how is this acceptable? Maybe I'm living in fantasyland, but I should be able to go on a hospital's website and see prices. For EVERYTHING. I should be able to enter my insurance policy and see how each of these things will be covered and what my end cost will be. If I show up and need some treatment that I didn't expect, the hospital should have a responsibility to give me each of those figures (total cost, and cost after insurance) right then and there. After I leave, I should be able to log into a central website using my social security number and see everything that all members of my family have completed, what we have pending, what we have ready to pay, etc. I should be able to see how close I am to fulfilling my deductible. And so on. NONE of this should EVER be a surprise. As usual, I am against socialized things and I can afford this, but it's a real nuisance when a $250 bill shows up for something that happened almost two years ago. At that point, the hospital should have to eat it. How am I supposed to budget accurately when that crap happens?
  7. lane

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    I can agree with that, and I can appreciate those types of movies, but not for that particular story. Just be conventional with that topic (and with truth-based war movies in general).
  8. lane

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    Dunkirk was HORRIBLE. I generally like Chris Nolan movies- his Batman trilogy is easily my favorite of the superhero genre. And years ago, my friend and I drove home from the theatre trying to piece together every individual element of Inception. So I can totally enjoy some unconventional story telling. But don’t do that for Dunkirk. Introduce us to a few soldiers who are at risk of annihilation, show the reaction/panic of the people back in Britain, show a hodgepodge fleet being assembled, play some glorious music with many panoramic shots while they get picked up, fade to black with a single subtitle about how so many of these dudes returned at Normandy four years later. And cut. Boom. Mrs. Miniver does a way better job at this story with only twenty or so minutes of its run time devoted to it.
  9. lane

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    1917 was probably the best movie I’ve ever seen.
  10. lane

    Job Thread

    There's one guy I support who I genuinely believe to care about people like me, but I'll leave it at that. 😉 As for the second part, I don't think it's as fleeting as it seems. You hear about cases like the guy who drove his van into a GOP tent, and Antifa, and the guys and gals who smacked off MAGA hats, and people on Twitter and Reddit are mean because it's the Internet, and on and on and on. But usually, people are kind, especially in real life. I read a post on Medium from a liberal woman who went to a Trump rally in NH and told people openly that she was a Democrat, and she reported that they all welcomed her. I work with a ton of liberals and they all know where I stand and they're all OK with that. They're perfectly nice to me and I am friends with many of them. We joke each other about it and that's it. I've never met anyone in my entire life who turned into a raging dick just because we disagree politically. It gets a lot of attention in the media when it happens, but most people are not like that. PS: Rereading your last line sounds like you probably agree with me on this, since you refer to a "narrative" that it is fleeting. Either way. PSS: Interested in what you mean by historical conservatism that no longer exists. Message me if you care to share.
  11. lane

    Job Thread

    A sincere thank you, Ray, and I'm glad it meant so much to you. Our overall end goals might not change, but it's great to talk to people who disagree with our perspectives. I am still and probably always will be ardently conservative, but that does not mean I am not willing to listen to others and hash these things out and even rethink things (in some circumstances, anyway). If you can't discuss your beliefs in a rational manner, they're not beliefs worth having. Have a great weekend, and happy Valentine's Day to you and your wife!
  12. lane

    Job Thread

    The military is a legitimate function of federal government. Taking care of the Jacks of the world is not. Absolute last thing I’m posting on this topic.
  13. lane

    Job Thread

    I was going to give you a genuine response, but then you started foaming at the mouth about the military droning brown people in the ME. So I’ll pass. Try not to hurt yourself when Trump wins.
  14. lane

    Job Thread

    Less of a right to live? That's hyperbolic as hell. I just don't think they have a right to my money which comes from my labor. I go to work every day for my family, not yours.
  15. lane

    Job Thread

    How is that true? 1/6 of what I paid in taxes on my last check went to Medicare alone.