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  1. Johno

    How much do we count on:

    Just a thought, With Brantley now signing with the Jays, we could be looking at both Collins and Mercedes as a DH/backup catcher when the season starts. They might try this for up to 30 games and decide then if Vaughn needs to be called up if either Collins or Mercedes is spinning their wheels.
  2. Andrew Vaughn and Zach Collins to be both the permanent DH and back up catcher for the upcoming 2021 season? Both are high first round picks that “should” fit the mold of filling these two important roles. It’s time to see if they can play.
  3. First of all, great news on the apparent upcoming signing of Yoelki Cespedes!!! Thoughts on where Yoelki ends up on the White Sox prospect list once he signs? Are we talking top three talent? Is there a chance he’s on the roster this year?
  4. Johno

    Right Field

    Let’s see what they do this year before we call them bust. I’m thinking either Rutherford or Adolfo steps up this year.
  5. Johno

    Baseball America unveils White Sox Top 10

    If the White Sox land Oscar Colis, where does he end up fitting in the top 10 prospects.
  6. Johno

    Right Field

    Is it possible that Rick Hahn is not looking to sign one of the bigger right field free agents because Oscar Colas is officially signing in January and they believe he’s ready to step in no later than 2022?
  7. Time for the White Sox to get to work and lock this kid down!!
  8. Johno

    Jake Burger Thread

    I’ve been saying from the beginning this young man is going to make it in the bigs. Too much talent!!
  9. Johno

    Right Field

    Do the White Sox role the dice and give either Rutherford or Adolfo a shot at starting in right fielder For the 2021 season or do we absolutely go out and land a free agent? I’m almost wondering if off season spending needs to be for starting pitching?
  10. Johno

    Jake Burger Thread

    I’ve got a good feeling about this guy, I predict he’s in the bigs by 2022.
  11. Johno

    Opening Day 2nd Basemen

    I believe it’s time for the White Sox to name Nick Madrigal as there starting second basemen. All indications point to him being mature beyond his years, so why throw him out there. I just can’t see him being on the roster and being a backup and possibly playing every third day. Let the future start now for this young man!!
  12. Thoughts from all on why Adolfo and Rutherford were not invited to the “Summer” Camp? Shouldn’t these two young talents at least have been given a chance to compete versus the regular big leaguers? Having them sit around will not Help develop their skills.
  13. Johno

    Jake Burger Thread

    Just saw his hitting video on Twitter, he’s looking Really Good. It would be very disappointing if Jake has to wait until next year to play.
  14. Johno

    Jake Burger Thread

    Looking good, wish White Sox we’re inviting him to the up coming camp. This kid can play.
  15. Johno

    Amateur Draft Signings

    So is this a case we don’t want “to spend the money” or are these kids deciding to go with another team? We all know the signing bonus is only 20K.