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  1. Brian

    Zipper Merge or Get to the Back of the Line?

    There's two lanes there for a reason. I won't floor it to get in front of as many cars as I can but I will use it to respectfully move up.
  2. Brian

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    Excited for "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" so I complied my Quentin Tarantino Power Rankings because I'm sure everyone here is curious. 1. Pulp Fiction 2. Inglorious Basterds 3. Kill Bill Vol 2 4. Reservoir Dogs 5. Kill Bill Vol 1 6. Jackie Brown 7. Death Proof* 8. Django Unchained 9. Hateful Eight I included Death Proof even if he doesn't count it as a stand alone for him. Hope OUATIH makes my Top 5.
  3. I remember like 10 years ago after Wimbledon, everyone thought he was retiring. Oops
  4. Brian

    Job Thread

    Stop masturbating at work.
  5. Brian

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

  6. Brian

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    I'd agree with this. This season was great and the finale was top notch.
  7. Brian

    MARVEL Universe Thread

  8. Brian

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    Thought it was good not great. I can try and answer but I'm cloudy as well. Was gonna wait for @Kyyle23 to see it to ask
  9. Brian

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    Stranger Things s3...LFG
  10. Brian

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    Far from Home at 91%. And I was afraid there'd be a Phase 3 hangover post Endgame.
  11. Brian

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    And Bill and Ted 3 is coming!!!
  12. Brian

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    Of course they did. Not sure about any of these people. Hopefully some surprise me but this cast could end up being awful. I love the 6 starting an alliance week 1, cuz that NEVER works, yet players do it every season. Jackson won't last long.
  13. Brian

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I'll accept my fine. lol That is how much the Nets mean to me. I'd take D'Angelo Russell over Kyrie though.