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  1. Brian

    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    Yes! Build a big fire in the open or something to show you’re trying to get rescued! 😂 Some states have girls soccer in fall. Not sure if they ever specified in first couple of eps. This is why we need clarity on timeline. After e9, I feel it’s leading to the finale where they snap and Jackie is the first to be killed and…feasted. Either by the girls, or probably whatever possesses them. Her or the other boy.
  2. Brian

    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    I like Yellowjackets although I’d like to know how long they’ve been out there because they don’t seem to be as starving as they say. I think it’s a slow burn and sh*t will go down in finale.
  3. Brian

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Harbaugh isn’t leaving Michigan guys. if he does, I want a refund on my subscription of The Wolverine.
  4. Brian

    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    Station Eleven is great. Liked the first two eps of “Abbott Elementary”
  5. Brian

    Sports Media discussion

    Absolutely heartbreaking. Worked with Jeff for a year and he was awesome and down to earth and helpful. His poor kid lost both parents before the age of 10. Can’t even imagine.
  6. Brian

    **Spider-man: NWH-SpoilerVerse thread**

    Why do you think he’s the equivalent of Alex Jones? There’s live news on in Times Square when there’s a big story. It’s the Daily Bugle. Not infowars
  7. Brian

    **Spider-man: NWH-SpoilerVerse thread**

    Being petty but I do wish venom shows up at Statue of Liberty at least. Oh well
  8. Brian

    **Spider-man: NWH-SpoilerVerse thread**

    I never watched Amazing 2, but Jamie Fox made me want to.
  9. Brian

    **Spider-man: NWH-SpoilerVerse thread**

    They really stripped Spidey down didn’t they. Literally took everyone from him. I loved this movie so much. Top 5 Marvel for me.
  10. Brian

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    He’s not leaving so not worth the time to talk about.
  11. Brian

    **Spider-man: NWH-SpoilerVerse thread**

    In awe of what I just watched. Great moments, references, humor. Everything. I know this is a spoiler thread but I’ll wait til tomorrow night to be safe, in case anyone stumbles in by accident.
  12. Brian

    Marvel Entertainment Thread

    I started a separate Spoiler thread cuz I care! enter at your own risk!
  13. Reviews and some spoilers, looking at you Variety, are coming out. Read this thread at your own risk. I’m going Thursday afternoon.
  14. Brian

    Marvel Entertainment Thread

    Will it ever hit Disney+? It’s technically Sony and the others never did.
  15. Brian

    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    I binged over the summer. The series finale is incredible. Great series. Anyone watching Yellowjackets on Showtime? I dig it so far