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  1. I’m up 13 with Ndjoku and Browns D tonight but he has Landry and Laveon. Gulp
  2. Brian

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    Finally. AMC already had their own service, now Regal as well. Writing on the wall for awhile.
  3. I hate have my top guys play on Thurs after a Sunday game. IE Run CMC. Ughs
  4. Brian

    Sports Media discussion

    Preach Danny Mac! Easily one of the most overrated movies.
  5. Scored most pts in my league! I''m on top of the world! For now...
  6. Mahomes McCaffrey Tarik Keenan Boyd Njoku Lockett Browns Gould Bench: Kupp, Breiba, Barber, Jags D, Singletary, Brady, Hooper, Jakobi Meyers
  7. Brian

    Fantasy Baseball

    In semi starting yesterday so of course my opponents offense goes off with 5 HRs
  8. Brian

    Fantasy Baseball

    Our first round is this week. I'm 3 seed but haven't lost a week in 2 months. Means I'll probably lose this week.
  9. Out of curiosity, where is Zeke falling to in your drafts?
  10. Brian

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    Let mine expire back in Jan. F that service.
  11. Guy picking first ahead of me is acting like he's taking Kamara. If Saquon falls in my lap at #2, that'd be cool
  12. Because a win for buddy does more for him than a loss hurts DB? Buddy is shining the past few weeks.
  13. I have 2nd pick. Leaning Kamara over McCaffery but NO bringing in Murray to vulture scares me. Am I overthinking or what?
  14. Brian

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    Where did you see that? Wouldn’t mind only 1 or 2 more seasons then end
  15. Brian

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    It's so good. This and Buffy were two shows I knew were on but had no real interest in watching. I binged Buffy a few summers ago in like 2 months and I'm breezing through Veronica Mars. Will probably watch the movie just in case after I'm done with s3