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  1. Brian

    STAR WARS Everything

    I need to rewatch it so I can catch all the secret cameos
  2. Brian

    NCAA football thread 2019-2020

    Oh sure. Comeback just before OSU trucks Michigan again. Troll.
  3. That would suck. They did that years ago and upset Edwardsville on a last second FG.
  4. 😀 Hope they can make semis because I think it will be a home game. Would be a big deal around here.
  5. Brian

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Boomerang taught me everything I know about women.
  6. Brian

    STAR WARS Everything

    I did this as well. Funny to get email saying my subscription will renew Nov 12 2022. And you’re welcome @Kyyle23
  7. Brian

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Noticed Coby wasn't on the floor the last few minutes. I already would rather see him with the ball down then stretch then Zach.
  8. Brian

    NCAA football thread 2019-2020

    Nights like last night are when I miss HickoryHuskers. Just slightly though.
  9. Brian

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    Need to re-watch ZombieLand because I may have enjoyed Double Tap more by a smidge.
  10. Brian

    STAR WARS Everything

    All bets are off since Leia flew through space
  11. Brian

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Which is why you have to at least try and run the ball, even if it's a struggle. Keep the defense honest. Never know when you are going to break a big run off.
  12. Warren coming for it all this year
  13. Allen putting up back to back stinkiers so I need 12 from GB defense. If I had just played PITT D, I would've already won. I hate fantasy. Why do I do this?
  14. I need Keenan Allen and GB D to out score Ekeler by 12.5. Boyd and Kupp WOOF
  15. How does Bray ever lose a match? Thrown off a cliff? Shot to the head? They really backed themselves in a corner with him. If he wasn't winning the title last night, why even book that match. Would be cool if AEW was on Monday Nights. I can't associate NXT with what happened last night.