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  1. Brian

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    That's fine if that is what people want to do. Just looking out for people.
  2. Brian

    Gun Violence in America

    Is anyone here even arguing that gun protection is bad? It's just the type of gun that should be allowed. The Jay Feely picture controversy was so fn stupid because people have been taking joke pics like that before, plus he had the type of gun most people would agree that he has the right to responsibly own.
  3. Brian

    2018 catch-all

    Bet they’ll link him to more since 86
  4. Brian

    2018 catch-all

    I'd bet money he never goes to jail. Either death or appeals or whatever. Sounds like he started screaming in court after verdict. Burn in hell, Bill
  5. Brian

    How To / Site Issues / Username Changes

    Was experimenting with spoiler tags for Infinity Wars chat and you just need the SPOILER inside the [ ] now, followed by the message. No more [/spoiler ]
  6. Brian

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    Do spoiler tags work on new board? Are we handling Infinity Wars a certain way as far as they are concerned to be nice to others?
  7. Brian

    2018 NFL Draft

    I'll probably be fine with whomever the Bears take at 8. Lots of options. Can't argue with any. Lattimore emergence last year in NO makes Ward appealing.
  8. Brian

    2018 NFL Draft

    Mo Hurst to Bears in round 2. Probably not but that's my input.
  9. Palka taking his first steps toward the Hall of Fame.
  10. Brian

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    That’s not Topher!
  11. Brian

    Earth Day!

    I wonder if we secretly work together cuz we have guys who won't flush the urinal.
  12. I just want to watch Giannis and AD play all day.
  13. I made a marijuana joke. Verlander vs Shields? 7:10pm first pitch
  14. Brian

    Site BackOnline

    It's got that new board smell!