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  1. TheCommish

    And That's a White Sox Winner !!

    What a start from Keuchel... he looked great! Big win for sure, with the amount of injuries and Moncada, our best hitter so far, out of the lineup again. If we are able to grab tomorrows game with Giolito pitching, this team is unreal!
  2. TheCommish

    And That's a White Sox Winner !!

    Yeah I wasn't counting on this win tonight, after losing yesterday I kind of thought it was a series loss. Keuchel really pitched well, 8 K's has to be a high for him over the past several years, right? I kind of like Yermin in the 2 hole with Grandal / Vaughn at 5/6. It puts our best 6 hitters at the top. No more Lamb in the 2 hole against RHP. Let's hit our best 6 in the top 6 in the order.
  3. TheCommish

    5/26 Cardinals vs. White Sox

    And Giolito's as well...
  4. Hello everyone, fairly new user here, but long time member at WSI, don't hold it against me. I have 2 season ticket seats in section 124, row 17, seats 6/7 (actually row 12 behind the visitor dugout) Face value for the games below, I would prefer someone to go so shoot me your best offer: Thursday - 2 tickets - value $110 Friday - 2 tickets - value $122 PM Me and I can deliver the tickets ASAP. You can pay via Venmo or Paypal, I have both.
  5. TheCommish

    Texas @ Sox

    We just had 2 straight off days, 100% of the bullpen will be available all weekend, unless we have a starter only go 3 innings. I'd much rather have a good OF because we need the potential defense late in a game.
  6. TheCommish

    Pritzker: 60% capacity is close

    I thought I read that someone was doing sections of vaccinated people with no social distancing. If you buy tickets in that section then you have to prove vaccination. I think this is a decent compromise. Maybe every other section or something can be full capacity vs social distancing. Therefore still giving good seats and all locations to both parties. Might help increase the capacity under the current guidelines?
  7. TheCommish

    4-5 GT: CWS @ SEA (9:10 PM CT)

    You don't think if Robert could do that, he would? He should also stop swinging at sliders low and outside in the dirt... I just don't think it's in his mindset. Sometimes, it looks as if he's up there to swing 3 times, and it doesn't matter what pitch comes in, he's going to swing. It's kind of weird, and frustrating!
  8. TheCommish

    Andrew Vaughn Article - 3B/OF and Opening Day considerations

    I completely agree with this, especially in baseball when prospects take a minimum of 2 years to develop anyways, and who the hell really knows where you're needs are going to be over that span. Get the best talent and you can structure your team around that talent as they develop. Same thing in the 16 draft when Kyle Lewis was picked right after the Sox took Collins. No way Collins was a better prospect, but we picked for need. And now Lewis and Robert in the OF would be hella good! But... in the baseball draft it's FULL of what if's..,
  9. TheCommish

    Andrew Vaughn Article - 3B/OF and Opening Day considerations

    I agree, hypotheticals are never air tight, just saying the potential with Kelenic as opposed to Madrigal. It's fun to think about.
  10. TheCommish

    Andrew Vaughn Article - 3B/OF and Opening Day considerations

    What's crazy is the Tatis trade really affected what the Sox might have done in the 18 draft.. if we have Tatis, we have Anderson/Tatis up the middle and no need to draft Madrigal, and would have likely taken Kelenic, who went 2 spots after Madrigal. An OF of Eloy, Robert, Kelenic, Infield of Moncada, Tatis, Anderson, Abreu... Not saying we aren't set up very nice offensively already, but wow... that would have been some kind of show in 2021, 2022.
  11. TheCommish

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    That would be very fun to watch, the problem would be that would put 6 pitchers in a starting rotation as far as being able to pitch between starts. So essentially it takes 1 guy out of the bullpen rotation. I think Crochet would be more valuable as a reliever that could pitch 2-3 times a week rather than just 1 3 inning stint. I think the same thing for Kopech. If we have both of them going 2 innings per outing in relief, you could get them at least 4 innings per week. Then use Rodon/Lopez/etc for the 5th starter spot. Skipping that spot when days off warrant it.
  12. TheCommish

    Spring Training thread

    Got my tickets to spring training today! going to the following games: Sox @ LA - March 8 SD @ Sox - March 9 Ari @ LA - March 10 Sox @ Cin - March 11 Going to try and grab Cin @ Sea for March 12, they go on sale this week. Interested to see all the great young talent on Sox, LA, SD, Sea. Obviously looking forward to seeing the Sox play 3 games!
  13. TheCommish

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    I have a framed picture of the team celebrating on the mound in Houston and I spent 2 years going to card shows and autograph signings to get everyone to sign it. I even have Reisdorf and Gene Honda on there. The only autograph I do not have is John Rooney, and he's said he will sign it if I come to St. Louis, just haven't had the foresight to do it yet.
  14. TheCommish

    Predict the Lineup

    It's harder for him to get on consistenly getting shitty pitches hitting ahead of Eaton than it would be hitting in front of Anderson/Moncada/Abreu. In the lead off spot last year while Anderson was out with an injury was his best few weeks, if I remember correctly. That's all I'm saying.
  15. TheCommish

    Predict the Lineup

    I actually see a huge advantage to Anderson moving down to 2, TBH. His ability to hit runners in and allow Robert at the top to steal 2nd and 3rd base is better than Robert hitting 7th ahead of a light hitting Eaton/Madrigal. It makes this line-up 3x stronger with Robert ahead of Anderson. I like Moncada at 3 because of switch hitter, but I wouldn't argue with Abrue 3 and Moncada 5. Just don't really want Grandal and Moncada B2B.