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  1. TheCommish

    Offseason Trade Proposal Thread

    Here are my proposals... totally unrealistic for this franchise: Send Mercedes/Crochet to SD for Abrams/Hosmer (we pick up money for Hosmer) Padres said they would be willing to move Abrams to get rid of Hosmer and Crochet is a great add to their bullpen and Mercedes for the inevitable NL DH. Send Kimbrel/Burger/Minor Leaguer to Mariners for Kyle Lewis (Burger could be a potential replacement for Seager if he leaves) Use Hosmer to give Abreu a break and a decent lefty off the bench in the playoffs with experience Lewis in RF full time Abrams in at 2B Rotate Vaughn/Eloy/Sheets/Abreu/Hosmer in at DH/LF/1B Nice thing about Abrams is if TA get injured or is out, we have a much better replacement level player in Abrams to move to SS and have a less guy fill in at 2B.
  2. TheCommish

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Is there any chance that Rocker falls down into the Sox range? I don't really care if he has to have Tommy John surgery... if he's available he would be tremendous value mid 20's.
  3. TheCommish

    Offseason Thread

    Honestly, I think their #1 Target should be trying to acquire C.J. Abrams from the Padres. They will be desperate to win next year. They really don't have room for C.J. with Cronenworth, Frazier on their roster, they have Grisham in CF, so I think they might be tempted in moving him. I honestly think that we could package Kimbrel/Crochet to SD and send some money to them and they may return C.J. He could fill the immediate need at 2B for us right now and be cost effective, a la Madrigal, for the next 6 years. The next target needs to be a legitimate #1 SP. I don't know who that is, but that should be the target and I'd even be interested in moving Vaughn for this to happen. The 3rd target needs to be a legitimate RFer, I'm done playing whoever out there, I was okay with it at first, but that critical missed fly ball in game 2 was the final straw. There are plenty of OFer's that we can grab, we need to pay the piper and get an actual good RFer for a year or two until Cespedes is ready.
  4. I think the Grandal non rank is the biggest error on our team. Kimbrel as well, though he hasn't been as dominant with the Sox, he was the best closer in the NL outside of Hader, so the Sox have the next 2 after Hader IMO. Grandal has carried the Sox the last month, he should certainly be in the top 50.
  5. TheCommish

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    I don't understand why MLB has to make sure each game has it's own audience. Don't you think they would get better ratings putting all the games between 5-9 pm. So what if there are 2 games being played at 7:00. I would think there are enough fans of each team that the low viewership at noon, will be less than having 2 games at the same time. How many fan bases will watch if their team isn't on anyways? Plus wouldn't advertisers rather see a higher viewership at primetime, even if it's on FS1 instead of ESPN or Fox?
  6. TheCommish

    ALDS Playoff Roster Discussion

    I would rather have Yermin as our 26th guy over a guy like Goodwin. I have more belief that we will need a PHer late in a game rather than a guy to play a position for multiple innings. I think Yermin gives us the best hitter to come off the bench of all our bench guys. I like Hamilton on the team to be a pinch runner late in a game that we desperately need a run. Then you have your starters: Grandal, Abreu, Hernandez, Moncada, Anderson, Eloy, Robert, Garcia, Sheets, Giolito, Lynn, Rodon, Cease, Hendricks, Kimbrel, Bummer, Kopech, Tapera, Crochet. That puts me at 21. Collins, Vaughn for sure. Keuchel as a long guy out of the pen, only letting him go through the line up 1 time... that leaves me 2 spots: Lopez should easily have a spot, then you could make the 26th man Romy Gonzalez for the versatility of playing everywhere. c - Grandal 1b - Abreu 2b - Hernandez 3b - Moncada ss - TA lf - Eloy cf - Robert rf - Garcia dh - Sheets bench - Yermin, Romy, Collins, Hamilton, Engel sp - Giolito, Lynn, Rodon, Cease mr - keuchel, lopez, tapera, crochet rp - hendricks, kimbrel, kopech, bummer, That gives you 8 solid relief pitchers, which should be more than enough for a 5 game series, plus 5 hitters off the bench in an AL series is more than enough!
  7. TheCommish

    Blackout is Back for Soxtober

    Yeah us STH probably grabbed up the last remaining tickets. I might have some available through some groups if you don't get any when the tickets go on sale. PM me if interested.
  8. TheCommish

    Rodon may need extra rest in the postseason

    You do realize he hasn't exactly pitched a ton of innings the last 2 years. The amount of innings he has put up this year, it is inevitable that he has a tired arm. Normally we would be shutting a guy down at this point and letting him rest for the following year and hoping he can add 20% IP. I'm find with resting him, and hoping that he can pitch 1 game per series as long as the Sox stay in the playoffs. We shouldn't need more from him than that. Let Giolito and Lynn pitch 2 games in a series if we need it. Worst case let Keuchel, Kopech, Lopez pitch a game if we need it. Our pitching is not going to be the downfall of this team, it's going to be if the offense stays stagnant.
  9. TheCommish

    The Athletic's Expansion Draft

    I seriously think Baseball could use a contraction, not expansion. Look at the ratings that the Dodgers/Padres get. Look at the number of people watching the Sox/Yankees. When 2 good teams play, the ratings and attendance increase x10. So why not have 20 MLB teams, and then have 10 AAAA teams that still play in the major league parks that were contracted. However, all of those players are "Free Agents". So a team that has an injury, can either choose one of their players from AAA, or they can sign the Free Agent from 1 of the 10 teams in AAAA. There would certainly be 15 great teams and you'd get exceptional matchups on a nightly basis. More competitive games, and then you can expand the playoffs to include more teams, because there would be more talent on each team. Cities like TB, Miami, etc can keep the AAAA teams, because fans don't support those teams anyways.
  10. TheCommish

    Rodon Contract Value

    With his injury past I don't think he gets an AAV of $20M/year... however, if for some reason you want to dangle $20M/year to him, it has to be a short term deal, like 2 years $40M or 3 and 60. No way you give him AAV of $20 and go longer than 3 years. NO WAY. If he wants a long term deal, he's going to have to lower his AAV, in my opinion. So I see him going 3/55 or 5/70.
  11. TheCommish

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    Any lineups posted yet? Guessing - TA, Moncada, Abreu, Eloy, Robert, Grandal, Vaughn, Goodwin, Hernandez... finally a full strength lineup???
  12. TheCommish

    8/26 Chicago White Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays 2:07 PM CDT

    Probably a case of having 2 really bad back up catchers. Coin flip maybe?
  13. TheCommish

    8/26 Chicago White Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays 2:07 PM CDT

    Really think in the next year or two it's going to be Robert hitting 3rd ahead of Eloy... he's that talented! And if they extend Jose, or Jose extends himself, then he can hit behind Eloy in 2023.
  14. Players salaries are not too high right now... however, if the owners get what they want and stop the increase in salary then they better lower ticket costs for the fans, otherwise I'd rather see the owners money going to the players. If they just pocket the extra revenue then that's wrong.
  15. If he's pitching like he has, he's certainly one of the best 5-6 pitchers to bring into the post season for the bullpen. Who's better than him: Hendricks, Kimbrel, Kopech, Bummer, Crochet... he's #6 right now unless I'm missing someone.