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    ***Official 2020 Offseason Dynasty League

    24 kept on major roster and you can keep up to your 15 on minors
  2. TheCommish

    2021 White Sox Team Builder Tool

    I listened to Garfiens Soxtalk podcast with their 3 FA Signings they want, they discussed potentially signing Jackie Bradley Jr for RF. I kind of like this idea. He would for sure take a 1 year deal. He would provide GREAT defense in RF and let's be honest we don't NEED huge production out of RF because they will be batting 8th! I'd rather trade defense since we have Eloy in LF. Robert and Bradley patrolling 4/5ths of our OF would be great. I think it takes more than 23M to get Bauer, but I think we should pay WHATEVER it takes, and even over pay if he would be willing to sign a 1 year deal. That way we have no long high contract on a pitcher and if he fails, it's not hurting our salary for 2022 and beyond. I would even go as far as 35M for 2021 and even put a team option of 35M for 2022. That way if he's great, we keep him and pay him a crazy salary and we have a chance to win the WS. No doubt in my mind if we just added Bauer, we would be favorites in the AL Central and potentially WS with our offense.
  3. TheCommish

    ***Official 2020 Offseason Dynasty League

    Another trade to announce: RC sends Renato Nunez (bal) & his 2nd Round Minor Pick to JT JT sends Dylan Cease (chw) & his last Minor Pick depending on how many I keep. Hoping the same thing happens to Cease like Giolito… the year after trading Giolito he became an ACE... if Cease becomes an ACE this year, I PROMISE I'll trade Kopech next off season!!!!
  4. TheCommish

    ***Official 2020 Offseason Dynasty League

    Got some pitching available to trade for some young hitters: Dylan Cease (chw) Julio Urias (la) (for the right deal) Pablo Lopez (mia) Deivi Garcia (nyy) Veterans for the right price: Stephen Strasburg (was) James Paxton (nyy)
  5. TheCommish

    Abreu & TA named Sporting News AL All Stars

    Lindor, Bogaerts, Correa, Bichette, Torres... obviously TA had a better year than all of them. But, SS is a loaded position across all of MLB and to be a unanimous selection is pretty high praise! At 1B, Luke Voit? Surprised he didn't at least garner 1 vote.
  6. TheCommish

    ***Official 2020 Offseason Dynasty League

    Anyone interested in being on a phone list for this league? That way trade offers can be delivered through text message? If you want to be on the list, shoot me a PM with your phone number and I'll put together a list. We may also consider moving to Fantrax for this league, they have a much better chat feature, tons more minor leaguers in their database that we could potentially transition to having our minor leaguers on our minor league team in the league instead of having to put them on waivers and the such.
  7. TheCommish

    ***Official 2020 Offseason Dynasty League

    First trade of the season to announce: TheCommish sends Austin Riley (atl) & Evan White (sea) to RCWHITESOX RCWHITESOX sends Randy Arozarena (tb) & Lucas Weaver (ari) to TheCommish
  8. TheCommish

    Offseason Targets

    Short term deals because they are all on the opposite side of 30. Why lock in older guys when we will need to lock up our own stars?
  9. TheCommish

    Offseason Targets

    I haven't read all 23 pages, so I'm sorry if I'm posting something that has already been said. It would be silly to trade off any decent prospect right now, with the cap space that we currently have for the next 3-4 years. We will be roughly at 100M in 2021 and 85M in 2022. That is plenty of room to spend at least 40M in each of those 2 years at minimum for Free Agents, and also room to sign Giolito to an extension as well, with the first few years of his extension at a reduced rate. Though I would argue to front load him a bit so that it leaves room for extensions for the hitters in 5-6 years when we want to re-lock up Eloy/Moncada/TA. My plan would be the following: (in a perfect world) 1: Starting Pitching: Bauer at 2/$45M, if he has a better offer or goes elsewhere Stroman at 1/$15M - give him a rebound chance and if you lose out on Bauer, I think you need a 2nd SP with Stroman so... Robbie Ray at 1/$12M - he has a bit of experience now out of the bullpen for Toronto, so worse case he's a bullpen guy that helps in the rotation if there is an injury 2: Outfield depth Springer at 2/$40M - he can play LF, CF, RF if he's not willing to sign a short term deal move on to... Joc Pederson at 1/$15 - he can also play all 3 OF positions, probably only plays vs RHP but that's 70% of the games anyways I would still keep Mazara, and use a 4 man rotation in the OF. Mainly Eloy, Robert, Springer in the OF with Mazara at DH against RHP. I would have Vaughn up in the bigs after his service time passes in April and he can also rotate through the DH spot (against LHP) and play a little 1B. We could give Eloy some time at DH and have Springer play LF, Robert CF, Mazara RF. This gives us a ton of flexibility in our line up to keep guys fresh. Having Springer being able to give Robert a day off every few weeks would be a huge help, same with Eloy. Plus it would strengthen our bench by having 1 of Mazara, Vaughn almost always able to PH off the bench. 3: Bullpen depth Brandon Workman - 1/$2M Trevor May - 1/$1M 4: Catcher back up James McCann - 2/$15 - if he wants to be a starter, that's understandable but at least give him the option. at 32 he can still get a decent contract after he wins 2 WS with the Sox if McCann says he wants to start elsewhere go to... Tyler Flowers - 1/$3 - he's a great defensive C and won't hurt our pitchers at all That's what my offseason plan would look like. If everything goes right you spend $52.5M in 2021 and still have $47.5 on books in 2022. Still well under a $150M yearly salary. Our target after making the playoffs in 2020, 2021, 2022 should be at least $175M payroll going forward until our window looks to be closing.
  10. TheCommish

    An honest question about Vaughn

    I agree with no RF, Vaughn is a 1B and that's where he should be. While Jose is physically able to play 1B, then Vaughn should be the primary DH. I don't like the idea to platoon 50% Vaughn and Abreu. Abreu has earned the start in 85% of the games at 1B. Give him a few days off and play at DH. It's not like Vaughn isn't going to get reps at 1B and that should be a position that he transitions well to once Jose is not able to play good defense.
  11. TheCommish

    ***Official 2020 Offseason Dynasty League

    Based on the votes so far it's looking like the following: 1. n/a players will remain in tact how the current rules work. There are 8 votes in favor of leaving it, and if there isn't a majority, we won't change rules. I think the key take away is when owners have many n/a players, I think we know exactly what they are doing and they are trying to be competitive. 2. PUP list - 9 are in favor of adding a 3 PUP position and allowing players to be moved to the PUP list during the year in the event of season ending injury, suspension, and opt out for health reasons 3. IL List - IL list will stay at 3 as it is today with a majority of votes in. 4. Not enough votes yet, since I added it to this post instead of on the e-mail thread. Please vote to see if you want to leave as is or go to the old way of 16 teams in 1 division! Right now the vote is to abolish the divisions.
  12. TheCommish

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Start Dunning, any sign of trouble, follow him with Heuer, Foster, Marshall, Bummer, Crochet, Colome… those 6 relievers honestly could fill all 9 innings, so if Dunning doesn't look good in first, pull him for Foster. And keep going as if you have a 1 run lead in the 8th. Should be able to get this one if we score 3-4 runs!
  13. TheCommish

    ***Official 2020 Offseason Dynasty League

    Also, I'm assuming 100% is coming back in 2021??? Please confirm that you are returning as well, honestly a vote pretty much says that too! So far I find 14 of 16 teams registered on this site, everyone's name pretty much stayed the same, waiting for El Prospectos and Roadkill to register: "Over By There" is now "over by dere" "JohnTucker0814" is now "TheCommish" "Rocky Soprano" is now "Rocky" "The Vulture" is now "Vulture"
  14. What a good season, I can't believe we actually had a season, I thought MLB would start, and then get shut down by the Corona! Congrats to Rocky for his first victory in this league! I just didn't have enough to knock him off. While it was a shortened season, your team was great all year! Congrats! There are a few house cleaning items to discuss. Some have already posted their thoughts on the below items via e-mail, but wanted to post them in here as well. 1. Usage of N/A players on your MLB Roster Option A: Do nothing Option B: Make adjustments that only a certain # of N/A players can be your MLB Roster 2. PUP List Option A: Increase PUP to 3 - can move players to PUP in season (if suspended, out for remainder of year, opt out because of health concerns) Option B: Increase PUP to 3 - but same rules, only use during off season Option 😄 Leave as is 3. IL List Option A: Increase IL from 3 to 4 if we leave PUP alone to help with the above mentioned issues Option B: Leave as is 4. Divisions Option A: Leave as is Option B: Abolish divisions and go back to 16 team standard league If you all could weigh in on the above that would be great. My feelings are: 1 - A 2 - A 3 - B 4 - B Attached you'll find the final 2020 rosters, please verify I have them correctly, especially the minor and PUP guys. I left the people on PUP, they may not be eligible this next year there, but was easiest way to fill out the roster. Please verify your e-mail address that I have listed for you as we want a secondary option to get a hold of you! As always... let the trading begin!!!! Vote Count: (TheCommish, Rocky, ma-gaga, JamesC35,Kroozah,102605,Marqhead,Moochpuppy,cws05champ,roadkill,ma-gaga,getonbckthr,RCWHITESOX) - some votes cast on e-mail 1. A = 10 B = 5 2. A = 12 B = 1 C = 1 3. A = 4 B = 10 4. A = 2 B = 5 Dynasty 2020 Offseason Roster.pdf
  15. Bumping this thread a bit for visual!