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    Soxtalk needs to banish the term "punting games" in 2022. For the whole second half of the season every time someone had an issue with one of La Russa's decisions they would say we are "punting" the game. Come on, I'm not a La Russa defender but starting Lynn over Giolito was NOT basically punting game one. Sheesh! Even if you are a believer that we rested guys too often, the same usually applied in regular season games.
  2. KipWellsFan

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    It's most of the league. It is hard to lay off good sliders on two strike counts. If it was easy everyone would hit .350. Almost by definition, a good slider starts out looking like a fastball that's a strike. It's everything between that allows you to succeed as a hitter including taking advantage when you do get a good fastball to hit, taking sliders that aren't quite good enough to fool you, and hammering sliders when they hang over the plate. If a pitcher is throwing perfect sliders, and getting strike calls an inch or two off the plate (like last night) it will always be exceptionally difficult for the hitter.
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    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Sorry I got mixed up and had to edit my post. My bad!
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    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Leury's number are not better right handed than left this year. Left-handed OPS - 717 Right-handed OPS - 698 Over his career Leury is better right-handed.
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    Abreu not with the team in Houston????

    Okay, so he might actually have the latter. But he's still gonna play.
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    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    But here are some rumors...
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    Marshall/Rodon info coming soon

    Not going to lie, a little bit worried about all the fly outs Rodon converted in his last start. Do some of those turn into liners and homeruns against a stronger offense?
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    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

  9. I find it a bit wild that Liam Hendriks is our top guy. But these lists are always weird.
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    9/28 Reds @ Sox 7:10PM CT

    Knowing him, he will absolutely want to play today. And ya gotta love him for it!
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    9/27 Sox @ Tigers 12:10PM CT

    Someone want to help a brother out who doesn't have the game on tv today?
  12. KipWellsFan

    A White Sox Winner

    Oh absolutely! It's just amazing that he was essentially okay after that.
  13. KipWellsFan

    A White Sox Winner

    He went down like he had been shot last night!
  14. KipWellsFan

    Lynn currently Cy Young favorite

  15. KipWellsFan

    King/Amin to call Friday night Sox game

    For non-Chicago resident fans of the White Sox, this doesn't have a lot of appeal. So expectations are low!
  16. KipWellsFan

    In Defense of Leury

    He's walking at a higher clip this year leading to the best OBP of his career. And that glove was slick last night.
  17. This was a good article. I think I had heard the story about his demonstration day on a Future Sox podcast already.
  18. KipWellsFan

    TA out next two days, according to Stone

    I take back my eye roll at least partly. I looked into it a bit, and Mangameslost.com does suggest that the White Sox have been one of the worst teams in terms of wins lost due to injury. Now I don't know for sure if that has anything to do the training staff. But I'm a little more open to your line of thinking.
  19. KipWellsFan

    TA out next two days, according to Stone

    *eye roll*
  20. KipWellsFan

    Winner, winner, poutine dinner!

    Hey now
  21. KipWellsFan

    Dodgers City Connects

    Yeah I never quite came around to the pants. Jose Abreu out in the field looks like he is wearing golf pants or something. Dodger version may have the same issue.
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    Carlos Rodon Activated, Danny Mendick optioned to AAA Charlotte

    I remember him about as much as Kip Wells! Mostly both busts. It amazes me how people complain about our draft picks nowadays when you look back at how poorly our picks in the past turned out. Look at this period: 1995 - Jeff Liefer -2.9 WAR 1996 - Bobby Seay 3.0 WAR 1997 - Jason Dellaero -0.9 WAR 1998 - Kip Wells 8.0 WAR 1999 - Jason Stumm No Majors 2000 - Joe Borchard -1.5 WAR 2001 - Kris Honel No Majors 2002 - Royce Ring -0.9 WAR 2003 - Brian Anderson -0.2 WAR 2004 - Josh Fields -1.1 WAR 2005 - Lance Broadway 0.3 WAR, became an actor
  23. KipWellsFan

    September Call Ups

    SS2K5, what is the motivation for carrying 3 catchers?