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  1. Nothing gets me more pumped for a title than this cringy Hendriks video
  2. This guy sucks I haven't disliked a player this much in a long time
  3. Marqhead

    traffic for Sox playoffs

    Sox are going to get swept in 2 - yes, the first two losses will be so lopsided that MLB will make them forfeit the 3rd - so I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Marqhead

    The demise of the 2021 White Sox

    Mine was just a general statement. Screw that guy.
  5. Marqhead

    The demise of the 2021 White Sox

    I disagree. There has been plenty of excitement amongst the disappointment. Nothing is lost, it’s just more precarious.
  6. Marqhead

    The demise of the 2021 White Sox

    I think it’s fair to be both excited by the team’s second playoff appearance in two years and beginning of their competitive window and very disappointed and concerned about their recent performance over the last two months and how that projects into the playoffs. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.
  7. Marqhead

    2021 Catch-All

    Bob Benson!
  8. Marqhead

    9/20/21 White Sox @ Tigers 5:40pm

    Hey look an MLB team doing the smart thing to avoid rain.