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  1. You have posted this same comment in about 5 threads lol.
  2. CeaseAndExist

    What's happening with incoming Cuban players?

    Fangraphs has Yoelqui as the 49th best Int FA, with a 35+ FV rating. I was surprised to see him that low given how he's talked about here and elsewhere
  3. What about TA + prospects for Burnes? Brewers need a SS. TA is great but Sox can fill his spot by bringing Semien back, or Madrigal to SS and sign Cesar Hernandez
  4. I do Kopech + Cease + Madrigal for Burnes easy. Throw in either Rutherford or Kelley too if need be
  5. CeaseAndExist

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    Nobody goes under their draft cap anymore. And I don't think the Sox ever have since they went to the bonus pool system. It doesn't even make sense what you suggested. Not spending a few hundred K on draft salaries is a drop in the bucket compared to MLB payroll
  6. CeaseAndExist

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Solid addition. We know he's an everyday RF and TLR will love him. I get people love Joc but Joc is a platoon player. Eaton can play everyday
  7. CeaseAndExist

    Sox acquire Lance Lynn for Dane Dunning and Avery Weems

    Power move by Hahn. Lynn is a horse, Dunning is expendable. Love the trade. Gio + Lynn + Keuchel is a post-season rotation you can win with
  8. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

    Colas should be a FV 90!
  9. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

    lol okay
  10. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

    Payroll cuts are going to be a reality for every MLB team though. Teams like the Indians and DBacks are looking at massive cutbacks. Proportionally, I don't see much changing with where the Sox payroll ranks.
  11. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

    Fangraphs says Colas will likely be FV 35. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/eric-longenhagen-chat-2-21-20/. He's a marginal MLB prospect, basically like a 2nd-3rd rd college draft pick
  12. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

    Why not both? We need a SP and RF. Trade Kopech, Vaughn, Madrigal for Harper + Wheeler. Then sign Cesar Hernandez or Kolten Wong to play 2B
  13. CeaseAndExist


    Vaughn is perfectly capable of playing 1B. He may not be great there but he's servicable, and he's more athletic than you think. If Pete Alonso can be a MLB 1B then Vaughn can as well.
  14. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

    Colas is a FV 35 on Fangraphs. He's not even considered at the level of guys like Basabe and Rutherford. No problem signing him but he might not even reach MLB, so I wouldn't make any plans around him
  15. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

  16. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

    Need 2 more good starters. We have Giolito and Keuchel. Maybe Kopech/Cease/Dunning can fill the #5 spot. Bauer and Stroman or trade for someone like Gallen/Bundy
  17. CeaseAndExist

    Offseason Targets

    Bauer, Stroman, Cesar Hernandez, and Castellanos. And bring back McCann. Get it done Hahn, no excuses after the embarassing finish this year.
  18. CeaseAndExist

    Sox just lost most embarrasing DH in 120 years of MLB

    lol. This aged well. Good call being the ringleader of the "Abreu extension is awful" brigade.
  19. CeaseAndExist

    AL MVP Race

    If TA hadn't missed those games he'd probably have the award almost locked up. Nice to have 2 candidates though. Just no Trout this year, he's the best player in the game but putting up big #s in meaningless ABs should knock his candidacy down a little bit
  20. CeaseAndExist

    Fry reinstated from IL, Flores to Schaumburg

    I'm fine with no Vaughn this year. We really should be covered at DH if Ricky just plays McCann and Grandal together. I want him on the opening roster next year, so hopefully he gets an extension. With him + the young pitching + a few more additions, I'm really starting to believe we could have the best team in the AL next year
  21. CeaseAndExist

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    Why? You'll just complain about whoever they bring in. This team is in 1st place in the toughest division in baseball and will be even better next year just by internal improvements. Haters already getting nervous, looking to grasp at whatever straws they can lol
  22. CeaseAndExist

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    As I've said, this fanbase would have cut Anderson, Moncada, Grandal, Giolito, etc at various different times. If you were GM, we'd be 0-162 I'm absolutely sure, because what you said there are zero GMs that would do. They should have cut Mazara after 15-20 games? Ya ok. It's too bad we have the most insane fans in baseball, because you can't even enjoy wins. Every single thread turns into a complaint-fest
  23. CeaseAndExist

    Should we be worried about the Tigers in the future?

    The team every other AL Central fanbase is worried about is the White Sox. At least for the next 3-4 years, we have easily the highest ceiling in the division. It's going to be a very strong division though.
  24. CeaseAndExist

    White Sox @ Royals - 9/6/20 - 1:05 CT

    Must suck that he's taking a huge dump all over you then
  25. CeaseAndExist

    Alex Colome

    He might be back, but I can't see the Sox matching his current salary to keep him. There's going to be a glut of bullpen arms on the market so I wouldn't rule out Hahn bringing him back on a team friendly deal