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    How long can we realistically keep this line-up together.

    TA - through 2024 Moncada - through 2025 Abreu - through 2022 Grandal - through 2023 Eloy - through 2026 Robert - through 2027 Madrigal - through 2026 (I think) Vaughn - will be through 2027 most likely That's a lot of long-term control
  2. CeaseAndExist

    Realistic trade candidates AKA The Lynnsanity Thread

    Trading Kopech to Cleveland would be a huge mistake. With their pitching development he'll probably win multiple Cy Young awards there. With how good Dunning has looked, I don't see a reason to make a trade where'd you give up a Kopech, Vaughn, or Dunning. Just sign a FA pitcher in the offseason and keep the prospects
  3. CeaseAndExist

    8.30.20 GT | Royals @ Sox | 1:10PM CT

    Madrigal making the haters furious. Love it, glad he's our 2B for the next 6 years
  4. CeaseAndExist

    Sox vs KC 8/28 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    Remember when you thought Yermin was actually good? good call on that one
  5. CeaseAndExist

    Sox vs KC 8/28 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    Yeah they should cut him, right? How do people not realize the vast majority of hitters who dealt with covid in camp/early in the season have struggled. Moncada is not 100% this year. That he can be a league average hitter and good 3B is impressive in itself. We won't get a healthy, in-shape Moncada until next year
  6. CeaseAndExist

    Why would Colas and/or Y.Cespedes sign anywhere else?

    Neither Colas nor Cespedes is some sort of surefire future MLB player. Colas especially seems to be considered the equivalent of a 2nd rd MLB pick. Good prospect and obviously much further along than a typical int signing but not a guy you can just assume will take over a future starting spot. Fangraphs says Colas is a FV 35. So he'd rank as a borderline top 40 prospect in our organization alone. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/eric-longenhagen-chat-2-21-20/.
  7. CeaseAndExist

    2021 Free Agent Pitchers

    Ray has been awful this year, and was pretty mediocre in 2019. He's declining at a remarkable rate since his great 2017, and his fastball velo was down over 2mph in 2019 from where it was in 2017. Hard pass, especially with how bad he looks this year (1-3, 8.33 ERA, 2.00 WHIP). He'd be our 7th best starter right now, and I'm sure AZ would have him in the bullpen if they had any other options. JR won't pay for Bauer, but maybe if Hahn turns down the options on Cishek, Encarnacion, and Gio, they could make signing Stroman a possibility. Especially if they moved ReyLo in a trade. Giolito, Keuchel, Cease, Stroman, Rodon/Dunning/Kopech would be a good a really solid roation imo
  8. CeaseAndExist

    Sox vs Pittsburgh 8/26 game thread 1:10 first pitch

    I guess Eloy is fine. Good news
  9. CeaseAndExist

    Sox vs Pittsburgh 8/25 game thread 7:10 first pitch

    It's okay to admit you said something proven wrong. That was a great play by TA and Jose. And TA has been much improved in the field this year, but I'm sure your opinion will never change
  10. CeaseAndExist

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    Players get paid salaries during the post-season, and for most guys it's a significant amount. The $ just comes from MLB directly rather than teams. But that's still the owners money, it's just a pre-determined amount spread across all the owners. Players don't play for free in the post-season, I really hope you didn't actually think that
  11. CeaseAndExist

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Mazara having covid and missing all of camp clearly has a negative impact. I'm not sure what you expect. It's also a very small sample size. I mean Sox fans love Joc Pedetson, and look at his season. He's been awful, should we judge him based on that? And Steele Walker probably will never even make MLB. Getting anything for him is a win. Drafting him over Alek Thomas was a really bad decision. This board called both Anderson and Moncada busts a couple years ago, maybe let things play out first
  12. CeaseAndExist

    Do we see Vaughn this year?

    Unless he gets hurt, there's ZERO chance we dont see him next year. He'd probably get called up this year if they didnt already have EE/play service time games. But no way Reinsdorf is picking up EE's option, so we'll see Vaughn either after the service time deadline in 2021 or by June/July at the latest. I'd love to place money against someone who thinks it will be until 2022. He'd probably be our 5th or 6th best hitter right now
  13. CeaseAndExist

    Tim Anderson Trade Value (Fangraphs Trade Value Series)

    This year's "trade value" rankings is the worst by far Fangraphs has done. Mainly because they don't have Kiley McDaniel anymore to do it. Instead it's Cubs fan Craig Edwards, who is just awful and spends more time complaining the season wasn't canceled than he does actually doing his homework on guys. Eloy and TA both should have been in the 30-50 range. Wouldn't be surprised to see him leave off Robert and Moncada too. He's an awful writer and it's painful to read his analysis
  14. CeaseAndExist

    8-18 GT: Tigers at Sox

    Cease easily has #3 starter ability, and he'd be the #3 starter or better on half the MLB teams right now. And the Sox really aren't relying on him to be a #3. The ideal rotation in 2021-2023 is Giolito, Keuchel, Kopech (you forgot about him), Cease, and Dunning/Crochet/Rodon. Kopech opting out hurt their plan, but there's zero way they could have predicted that. This board melts down every time a pitcher allows a run or a hitter Ks. It's not representative of rational thought
  15. CeaseAndExist

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    There's no chance they just use last year's draft order. And MLB is at least attempting to make up all games if you look at the revised schedule. But you can't really believe they'd just give the Tigers the #1 pick again, right? Using order of finish in 2020 is most likely, but a random draw as a backup would make a lot more sense
  16. CeaseAndExist

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    Sox have an option on him for 2021. 100% chance it gets picked up
  17. CeaseAndExist

    The Bullpen

    Heuer is very impressive. I agree if Colome struggles he should get a shot.
  18. CeaseAndExist

    8/5 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Didn't Fangraphs originally have a 50/40 grade on Robert's speed? LOL that's easy 80 speed
  19. CeaseAndExist

    8/4 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Everyone wanted to see Yermin, now don't complain if he gets his shot
  20. CeaseAndExist

    8/4 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Good chance for McCann to get regular at bats now
  21. CeaseAndExist

    Rodon to IL, Basabe DFA’d, Lail called up

    If he's going to win the Cy Young this year Detweiler needs more innings. I say move him to the rotation
  22. CeaseAndExist


    Seriously, 40 WAR is a spectacular outcome for a #4 overall pick
  23. CeaseAndExist


    Madrigal has a lot more offensive potential than Yolmer. He's never going to hit 30 HR but Yolmer is a pretty low bar at the plate. Madrigal's baserunning and SB potential are something Yolmer never had. If Madrigal plays GG defense, gets you 25-30 SB, and puts up .750 OPS, that's a good outcome, especially in the context of our team
  24. CeaseAndExist

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    Remember yesterday when you said Madrigal had "serious issues" and couldn't play at the MLB level? LOL