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  1. 13 hours ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    They won 93 games because of exactly what I laid out above; they acquired good assets during the rebuild. There is no argument from me there. Hahn, in general, hit a home run on all of those trades and acquisitions (Robert). The rest of it though? Just whatever...

    and I love Hendriks, but the guy is a closer. He's the last piece to the puzzle, and honestly the Sox are throwing huge money at relievers because they whiffed on their 1st round RP draft pick, and whiffed on development of their countless young guys coming up as RP's.

    I'm as excited as anyone, but my goodness if the water carrying for this ownership group isn't flat out exhausting every single off-season. We've heard this nonsense about the Sox playing with the big boys for three damn years now and the Rays are now lapping them in salary commitments to a single player. The Sox will earn the benefit of the doubt and the belief in these talking-head narratives that "we're gonna be happy and this off-season is different" when they actually prove that to fans ONE time in the entire existence of the organization.

    lol. The Sox could trade Kimbrel for Wander and you'd complain about it. If the front office is even half as bad as you claim, they'd have won 30 games last year.

    It's just exhausting at this point. ZERO other fanbases would be upset at signing a good reliever like Graveman. You seem like you will never be happy about anything the Sox do, so suggesting that is even possible is ridiculous.

    Would LOVE to see your Bears takes though haha

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  2. 19 hours ago, Soxsi75 said:

    I know we are White Sox fans on here, but we are also baseball fans. So since the Dodgers were clearly inferior to the Braves this year getting their asses handed to them in the playoffs, just like our White Sox were lambasted for being so inferior because we lost a playoff series, and I've heard all this talk about all that needs to be changed with this Sox team because we lost a playoff series, what do the Dodgers need to do to get themselves to be on the same level as the Braves?..............

    .........oh wait. The Dodgers were 18 games better than the Braves during the season? So they really were better? Well, they lost a playoff series to them. Which proves one thing boys and girls. THE PLAYOFFS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A CRAPSHOOT!!

    Now to begin with, I'm not ignorant enough to believe we don't have deficiencies to work on this off season. We don't have a right fielder, (actually we didn't have one before the season and didn't bother to get one,) we don't have a good every day second baseman and Kimbrel was a train wreck. But all I've heard since we lost the series to Houston is all that's wrong with us on here. I've even heard one idiotic comment on here that one of our problems is Abreu and Jimenez are too much alike so we need to get rid of one of them because of that. Now I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I can't let this ridiculously ignorant statement go. Maybe the Dodgers should get rid of Justin Turner, Max Muncy and Chris Taylor because they are all proponents of the "launch angle" theory, and therefore too much alike!! ( And yes, I know Muncy hits lefthanded so please, nobody comment on here that Muncy is different from Turner and Taylor being left handed. Because they all have something in common buying into the launch angle theory. ) But hey, they lost in the playoffs with these guys.....so I guess they aren't good enough.

    I said in another post on here that only one team will win it all and everyone else will end up a loser. And the fact is that the FIFTH best team in the NL this year won the pennant!!

    So let's here it everyone. We're number 5! We're number 5! We're number 5!! Is that a chant heard very often??

    I guess my main point on here is the White Sox had a good year and won their division. And they will continue to be a strong team with this nucleus. What I feel proves this is we won 93 games without even being REMOTELY healthy. Do we have some work to do in the off season? Of course, as I stated two paragraphs ago. But to barbecue this team because we lost a playoff series? That's ridiculous. And if you believe we should, then you better to make sure you rip on the Dodgers, Giants, Rays and Brewers, all teams that won more games than we did, and also lost in the playoffs.

    Playoffs are a crapshoot boys and girls. Pure and simple. If your team wins it, enjoy and celebrate it. If you don't, nowadays it doesn't prove a thing. 

    And maybe I'm being a bit sensitive because an analogy I've always liked to use, is your favorite baseball team is like your little brother. You can rip and pick on him all you want but nobody else better do it. So hearing the White Sox get ripped on here so heavily makes me defensive. Even if it is by other Sox fans. 

    And guess what? We may shore up all our weaknesses this off season, get back to the playoffs..........and possibly lose again in the playoffs next year. Because winning a championship is never promised and the playoffs are a crapshoot. If you don't believe me, than just ask the Dodgers. 







    well done, but don't worry, our fanbase holds the Sox to a completely different standards.

    Hell just imagine if we had won 107 games then lost in the DS. The internet might explode with our fans calling the season a massive failure as it is

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  3. 1 minute ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    Not at all. Were all die hard Sox fans on here. I hope I eat crow and Grandal goes out next year, his defense improves after his injury plagued season, he continues to mash offensively, and helps us win a World Series. 

    I can agree on that haha. Definitely a lot of passion in our fanbase and winning another WS needs to happen.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    You completely disregard most of what the post says, spin it around to a narrative that YOU want it to say, then post things like “I feel sorry for you”. 

    I feel sorry for you, this is a message board where we share opinions. Sorry not everyone on here thinks Grandal is a messiah at catcher. 


    lol you really take this personally, good to know

  5. On 10/22/2021 at 4:30 AM, vilehoopster said:

    Oh my God! Didn’t I start with stats? Sox LAST in baseball in passed balls and wild pitches. Sox LAST in baseball in throwing out runners. Those are stats!  

    You guys quote this stat or that stat as empirical proof. Isn’t often the difference between a hit and a error an “eye test”, an opinion. Doesn’t that opinion affect offensive and defensive war? Isn’t the weight given to offense vs. defensive stats in war, and how war was created based on the values attributed to this or that based completely on opinion.

    Quote any stat you want, You cannot watch Grandal catch a week’s worth of games and claim he is anywhere near the defensive catcher McCann was.

    You guys making fun of the “eye test” are like the guy standing in the rain while everyone else is under an umbrella insisting that the radar on your phone says it’s not raining.

    Now you're attributing passed balls from Sevala and Collins to Grandal.

    I mean, that's an impressive level and haterism. 

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  6. On 10/22/2021 at 8:42 AM, Eminor3rd said:


    Didn't say it wasn't; try reading closer.

    Yep, but it's a substantially smaller gap than it used to be. Here's one article, of dozens available, explaining this: https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2018/9/21/17885820/pitch-framing-strike-zone-jorge-alfaro-tyler-flowers

    Didn't say it was -- but it's a nearly universal consensus (and was at the time of the White Sox signing) that Grandal is/was elite at the former and terrible at the latter -- and that happens to be who we're talking about.

    It seems like you had a particular-shaped complaint that you wanted to fit my post into ahead of time. I don't even have a problem with Grandal on this team, lol.

    All of the teams that are employing specifically those players? The two teams in the ALCS are good examples, but you can find more.


    Imagine thinking Grandal is terrible, then trying to defend it. I actually feel bad for you

  7. 1 minute ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    Do you actually watch the games? Your cool with all the passed balls and 0-2 fastballs down the middle? 

    back it up with stats. You claim he's awful, let's see more than the "eye test".

    I've seen Realmuto, Molina, and every other C give up passed balls.

    And wtf even is 0-2 fastballs down the middle? How does that even relate to Grandal lol

  8. 8 hours ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    I think the issue was when he was signed, he was billed as being defensively a stud. I don’t care what stats people produce when you watch a game, he’s really bad behind the plate. 

    Thank you for summing up what is wrong with so much of our fanbase. You use the "eye test" to trash the entire roster. Catcher defense can be accurately measured by stats/analytics.

    Every MLB organization would laugh at what you're saying. It's not 1986 anymore, nobody outside of Sox fans apparently is using the "eye test" to measure performance

  9. 7 hours ago, Eminor3rd said:

    Yeah, well he WAS considered a defensive stud for a bit when catcher framing quickly became like the ONLY quantifiable part of catcher defense, and so everyone got obsessed with it. You never hear about it anymore because (1) it turns out it can be taught relatively easily, even to veterans, and pretty much every team does that now, so the difference between good and bad framers is way smaller than it was before, and (2) the teams that were on it quickly have pretty much de-emphasized it, because they've decided that game-calling and pitcher relationships seem to be even more valuable, especially given point #1.

    But it isn't unusual for the he White Sox to "catch up" to modern trends after there's little value left to be gained,


    There's zero truth to anything you said. Framing is incredibly important. Sure guys can get better at it but there's a massive gap between Realmuto's framing and someone like Collins. And it's not zero sum game between framing and game-calling.

    Really though, its amusing to see how even one of the best players at his position, Grandal, isn't good enough for half our fanbase, and gets shredded by the "eye test" crowd. It's also depressing though because the default position seems to be:

    Any Sox player = terrible

    Any non-Sox player = amazing 


  10. 8 minutes ago, caulfield12 said:

    Once again, last 2-3 years.

    I mean, we'd also love to have 2014-15 Jose Abreu back, right?

    Or Adam Eaton?


    I mean, if we go back another 5 years, we'd have HoFer Albert Pujols and not the broken down versions of him or Miguel Cabrera.


    I did since 2019, now try again

  11. 4 minutes ago, caulfield12 said:

    Yeah, assessing much further back than a 2-3 year time frame of statistics (just because 2020 was truncated) makes almost no sense, especially for a catcher closing in on his mid 30's and leaving the early 30's in the rearview mirror.

    The only ones who seemingly beat that prior trendline were Sal Perez and Buster Posey.

    Ok. Since 2019, Grandal ranks:

    WAR: 2nd

    Defensive Rating: 7th

    GP: 4th

    You and Rob might want to find a different player to me statistically wrong criticisms about


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  12. 4 minutes ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    Did I ever say we should trade him? Cool with the stats from 2015. Let’s talk about the last two years when he’s been on OUR team. has he been injured both years? When you watch him play does he look like a gold glove catcher to you? I’m ignoring the throwing runners out, cause that’s just as much as the pitching staff fault. 

    lol. He had a knee injury this year. Nobody disputes that.

  13. Just now, ShoeLessRob said:

    Sure that’s your OPINION, just like mine was mine. I watch the games the same as you. I’m just sharing why other fans think he’s not as “good” as you say he is in your original post 🤙🏼

    Your OPINION runs contrary to basic stats. Since 2015, Grandal ranks among MLB C

    WAR: 1st

    Defensive Rating (Fangraphs): 1st

    Games Played: 3rd

    Yeah that definitely sounds like the injury prone, horrible defensive catcher we should trade away, lol

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  14. 14 minutes ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    Cause he’s injured a lot, can’t block pitches in the dirt, calls a mediocre game (partially due to his inability to block in the dirt), and his framing is overrated. I don’t think anyone hates on his ability on the offensive side of things. 

    I'm still in awe. Let me guess, you think Moncada sucks too, right?

  15. 5 minutes ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    Cause he’s injured a lot, can’t block pitches in the dirt, calls a mediocre game (partially due to his inability to block in the dirt), and his framing is overrated. I don’t think anyone hates on his ability on the offensive side of things. 

    If posters like you were GM we'd be 0-162 every season.

    I mean wow, what a terrible take

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  16. On 10/18/2021 at 8:41 PM, joesaiditstrue said:

    Abreu (and TA) will retire here, these threads are dumb

    Guys I would look at possibly moving would be Grandal (I didn't know he was this bad defensively) and possibly Eloy or Vaughn, use them to upgrade at spots like RF and SP

    I'm not saying trade all 3 guys, but I would definitely look at moving one of them if the return was decent

    lol at complaining about these threads then suggesting trading Grandal.

    Grandal has played 139 games since 2020 and put up 5.3 fWAR. That's elite production, and obviously he was playing hurt for most of the year.

    How do so many of our fans not understand how good Grandal is?

  17. The always hilarious 1st offseason meltdown thread from the worst fanbase in all of sports.

    This thread is already embarassing. The #1 offseason priority needs to be for 75% of Soxtalk to become Cubs fans.

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  18. 8 hours ago, Colome's Hat said:

    I would love Semien.  I think it's too early to tell with him.  They also did just draft a Shortstop who can likely be groomed as a second baseman as well.

    Everyone would love Semien. He leads MLB in WAR since 2019. He'll get something like 6 yrs $180 million most likely

  19. 3 hours ago, pcq said:

    Baseball needs 30 man rosters very clearly but too ******** cheep. It will only get worse as pitch counts go down. 

    No it doesn't. 26 expanding to 28 is pretty ideal.

    Not everything requires a dumb "the cheap owners won't allow it" comment. Especially when the difference for most teams would only be a few million dollars