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  1. I mean... it's more than a "We're sorry" that is needed. We need a "TLR has been relieved of his duties as White Sox manager. We wish him the best in his recovery from an addiction to alcohol."
  2. I understand that. I've blown in a breathalyzer three times in the field since I was 18, and all were to confirm I was not drinking. One was in Starved Rock State park where we were camping when like 20 years old. I had just ridden like 50 miles on my bike, and had not had a drink. Blew 0. The other two were random DUI checkpoints. I had not been drinking at either one, and blew 0's. The field breathalyzer is inadmissible in court, it just gives probable cause to arrest you, at which point you'll take the one at the station, or have a blood test done. If you had one glass of wine with dinner, you should not be afraid to blow. If you are, you did not have one glass of wine, and you're afraid you'll blow over.
  3. Jerry gonna have to fire his drinking buddy once again... or risk alienating his entire fanbase.
  4. The energy and focus will be on the players if we don't have TLR as manager. If he is still the manager, then odds are the focus will still be on TLR 100%, and for good reason.
  5. At this point, I imagine the players will be demanding the firing of TLR before they demand trades. If the organization refuses, then you'll start to see the trade requests or mutiny.
  6. I get the whole "never blow" thing when it comes to breathalyzers and DUIs... but... if I had a single glass of wine at dinner, I'd have no issues blowing. You don't blow because you know you're going to blow over, and know you're in the wrong, and the breathalyzer is irrefutable evidence that you broke the law.
  7. I actually got a response back from my rep. "Hey Nick, completely get where you're coming from, and we are taking all comments to share with upper management and leadership, so your thoughts will be heard. Best, Alexis.
  8. I already emailed my account rep that I had been talking to.
  9. Well I had plans to purchase a ST plan... and I'm not going to now. So...
  10. ChiHawks10

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Personally, I wanted Sandy Alomar Jr.
  11. ChiHawks10

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Someone disgruntled within the organization making it known? Lol. I can't believe that actually happened.
  12. ChiHawks10

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Lmao. Fuck that's funny. It has to be a photoshop.
  13. ChiHawks10

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    It was a question. He's 76 and we have Covid running rampant. It's not like I wish death upon the guy like some in here have, and are also doing with Jerry. I'm actually one of the few in here that haven't been ripping this hire to shreds.
  14. ChiHawks10

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    I'm not. But it's funny to see people b****ing about one guy for cheating, then in the next breath wanting another guy that cheated. Lol.
  15. ChiHawks10

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    As I said once already... everyone was cheating in the steroid era... singling out TLR as if he was the only coach is absurdly stupid.