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  1. Stinky Stanky

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    More than a germ of truth in there. The 2020 group may have been a bit better at advancing runners when needed.
  2. Stinky Stanky

    Rodon watch: Starting 9/29 vs Reds

    It would require divine intervention based on what I just saw.
  3. Stinky Stanky

    Rodon watch: Starting 9/29 vs Reds

    He's not getting that contract if any team, us included, looks at those fastball speed numbers. He can say what he wants. Didn't he say that he wants to come back here not that long ago? Knowing that Boras wouldn't have wanted him to say it? He'll get short years, hopefully not here.
  4. Stinky Stanky

    Dear Tony (regarding Cesar)

    Talent? In our minor league system? I'm not used to it yet, but I can learn.
  5. Stinky Stanky

    Dear Tony (regarding Cesar)

    I love his glove. Eclipses Nicky by far. His bat has to improve just a little to give them enough reason to sign him. Betcha they do.
  6. Stinky Stanky

    Tepera on 10 day IL; Fry recalled

    Questioning a theory for lack of direct evidence indicates tinfoil? Turn the mirror around, pal of mine
  7. Stinky Stanky

    Tepera on 10 day IL; Fry recalled

    There's been an "explosion" all season, including the time at the start of the season, where the longer season problem wouldn't have yet had an effect.
  8. Stinky Stanky

    Tepera on 10 day IL; Fry recalled

    Time to question the validity of this excuse which seems to have become The New Truth. Until I see more evidence, coincidence remains a strong possibility.
  9. Stinky Stanky

    What Should They Do with AV?

    It's not affecting him in the field. But he needs to sit some more. He's lost at bat.
  10. Stinky Stanky


    You nailed it on both points.
  11. Stinky Stanky

    9/3 game thread Sox @ KC *Rain Delay*

    He's reading stats off a paper the producer handed him. But he is an OK broadcaster. Stacey's a delight. He was handed a paper too. They had to sit through this game. We didn't, Lord bless us. G'night guys.
  12. Stinky Stanky

    Cubs 2021

    Zell's formula is to buy properties in decline and pump them up to flip or bleed the assets off and dump them. They call him "Grave Dancer." Did he foresee the decline of print media in general? Maybe not, but bet your life that he made money off it. Hey, somebody lower on the scale than him was willing to buy the paper.
  13. Stinky Stanky

    Cubs 2021

    Those long and repetitive stories about why the Cubs are bad are must reading for the devoted sports fan, just like detailed descriptions of Bears training camp minutiae by three, count 'em, writers keep your eyes riveted to the page. 😫
  14. Stinky Stanky

    Cubs 2021

    I had to check the name, but Scot Gregor has been on the Sox beat for the Herald for over 20 years and he knows what he is doing as a writer. This while the Tribune couldn't afford a regular Sox beat writer.
  15. Stinky Stanky

    Cubs 2021

    Joe Cowley? Sun-Times.