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  1. SouthSideGeorgia

    Offseason Thread

    Besides continuing to teach some of these younger arms how to pitch, the Sox have to invest some time in teaching them how to hold runners and slide step. Huge problem for us, and we didn't even get to see how bad it would have been against the Rays. Crochet’s kick in the full wind up is alright, but please… we don't have time for it with men on base. And he’s not the only one…
  2. SouthSideGeorgia

    MLB Trade Rumors Release 2022 Chicago White Sox Arbitration Projections

    Have to have Lopez back. Him logging starts and innings as the #5 starter keep Keuchel hopefully below the 160 innings threshold that kicks off another year on his contract (at $20 million). Unless he returns to Cy Young form which nobody expects, we need not add to his contract.
  3. SouthSideGeorgia

    The pressure is on the Astros

    The only trends to take from the regular season was how our starters performed against HOU, and Cease and Lynn had very bad performances there. Rodon had two great performances against the Astros and Giolito also had one great one at home. Also, the Astros starting pitching performed very well against the Sox, especially in HOU. However, we were down about a third of our current batting order. So hopefully, Robert, Jimenez, and a revitalized Grandal have a different outcome this time around.
  4. SouthSideGeorgia

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

  5. SouthSideGeorgia

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

    Looks like Zavala has struggled more lately and is batting 0.187 on the season. But Collins is even worse at Charlotte, batting 0.143. And it seemed like Tony prefers Zavala’s glove. (Although rumors of Seby’s better defense is at best, arguable).
  6. Any insight into the Seby and Collins decision? Is it as simple as lefty v. Righty or something more? I mean at the end of the day, we need to ride the hot bat of Grandal… Nice to have Giolito back. Just need Timmy and Engel.
  7. SouthSideGeorgia

    A White Sox Winner

    I really liked Lambert’s stuff for a start last night. Obviously, he has to build on it. Come next season, Lambert may have a future on the Sox if he continues to improve… although it may be from the bullpen. Same with Lopez.
  8. Does any one have a list of the White Sox players in the minors that are Rule 5 eligible going into the offseason? I guess Romy Gonzalez's promotion got me thinking about Rule 5 eligibility. I know Micker Adolfo is another player who would qualify for Rule 5 if he wasn't on the 40-man. Thanks for any help...
  9. I would imagine Burdi could get picked up as a 99-mph throwing lottery ticket from one of the basement MLB teams. Take a chance on a former first rounder while your team is bad.
  10. SouthSideGeorgia

    Collins Catching Complaints

    Looking at it, Mercedes probably doesn’t make sense since his DH spot or PH spot competes with the Eloy/Vaughn OF/DH spot, unless you want both of them in the field at the same time in LF and RF. Which would affect Adam Engel’s playing time. I think we all can probably agree we trust Engle over Mercedes offensively lately. And we definitely trust Engel and Vaughn more defensively than Mercedes and Jimenez. So you’re probably right, Mercedes doesn’t really makes sense, except as a PH which isn’t enough.
  11. SouthSideGeorgia

    Collins Catching Complaints

    It doesn’t appear that is likely to happen. Mercedes has been pretty bad in AAA behind the plate defensively.
  12. SouthSideGeorgia

    Collins Catching Complaints

    For the Playoffs, do you think TLR will go with Grandal, Zavala and Collins or try going with Mercedes as the third C over Collins? Obviously, the benefit to Collins was he was supposed to be a good bat but that has never transpired. Now compared to Mercedes, he’s a better defender but still poor at defense. And he’s a lefty to Zavala’s righty. Mercedes on the other hand carried this team offensively for a month. And now is hitting 0.292 with 10 home runs in AAA with a 0.898 OPS. I understand the risk with not having a viable third defensive catcher, but it seems like Mercedes could be a key DH or pinch hitter. Thoughts?
  13. SouthSideGeorgia

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    Reylo certainly did not deserve this call-up from his AAA season, but regardless is pitching very well for the Sox. All we can continue to do is try higher leverage situations for him over the remaining schedule to see if we found something in him this season. His velocity seems to be there and he looks way more confident then some of his starting days. Heck, I’ll admit I never wanted Rodon back after his bullpen games late last year, and I was completely wrong about him. Now, I’m not indicating the same turnaround for Lopez as Rodon, but let’s at least use this Central lead and put Lopez in some challenging situations for the remainder of the regular season.
  14. SouthSideGeorgia

    7/29/21 White Sox @ Royals @1:10

    Got to be sure to get that scheduled Anderson off day. Doesn’t matter that every other starter is out of the lineup practically, give him an off day!
  15. SouthSideGeorgia

    One Trade Chip for every team

    Eaton at this point is sure to get that $1 million opt out for next season. Sox need to cut bait on him at some point and find a solution. But we have had so many OF injuries, management probably doesn’t feel great about willingly giving away expensive depth at this point. Going into next season we lose Eaton (hopefully), Garcia (probably), Hamilton and Lamb. We return Robert, Vaughn, Engle and Jimenez. We also don’t need someone that blocks Cespedes rise. Therefore, a one season rental for the right price seems to be the answer. S Marte or Kris Bryant at the right price would be great since they leave the spots open going forward. But a price for either will be difficult.