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    What the hell is wrong with Giolito?

    I don’t understand why Ethan Katz is on staff and Giolito looks so damn bad these days. I definitely don’t consider extending Giolito, and may consider moving him in the offseason for the right deal. Obviously, we would have to resign Cueto to another year and probably another starter or two. we could permanently bring up Davis Martin in ‘23. I do wonder if they would consider Reynaldo Lopez as a starter in his final year. Yeah, I know been there, done that… but his stuff looks much different. Would weaken our bullpen losing Lopez, but it’s just a thought for 2023. Cease, Kopech, Cueto, Lynn, Martin, Lopez, (Giolito)
  2. SouthSideGeorgia


    Ride out this season and don’t trade away future pieces on a marginal team. If we streak to the playoffs this year, we probably are not setup to take it the distance at this point. Either don’t resign Jose Abreu, or sign him to a one-year deal only. He is arguably our best hitter still, so it’s hard to not try another year. But I kind of want Vaughn to get to his natural position at first. And Eloy should be our DH for now and not in the field. Basically, I could give or take Abreu. Try to resign Cueto for a one year contract next year, and not multiyear. If Giolito recovers decently in 2022, attempt to trade him for prospects, preferably with a young MLB starting arm or a AAA arm that is ready. If Giolito recovers amazing in 2022, I guess roll with him in 2023 and try to resign him. I don’t know how comfortable I feel on a multiyear deal with him, but he’s going to command it. If there is a good trade out there for him with a projectable arm, I would consider it. Deny option on Harrison and promote Lenyn Sosa. Go with him as starter. We need some position starters that give us a discount. Vince Velasquez walks. Heck, I would possibly try to build up Reynaldo Lopez to starter in his last arbitration year. Maybe extend him before doing that. If it doesn’t work, he’s a good bullpen arm moving forward. Cease, Kopech, Giolito, Lynn and Lopez/Cueto…. not too bad. I assume Pollock is back since he has underperformed $10 million for next year. Look into lefty outfielders in offseason.
  3. SouthSideGeorgia

    If the White Sox trade for Carlos Rodon they have a chance

    Get Rodon and a lefty outfielder from Giants… how about Luis Gonzalez too. Zing…
  4. SouthSideGeorgia

    Blue Jays fire Manager Montoyo

    Could the Blue Jays hire LaRussa away from the Sox…. Please?!?
  5. SouthSideGeorgia

    Grandal starts Rehab tomorrow

    I guess Zavala is the obvious choice to go down since he has options and McGwire does not, but Seby has shown a little more this time that gives you pause. Yes, it was a small sample size, but even his defense behind the plate which was his weakest point last year improved a lot. Mcgwire has thrown out the most base runners I’ve seen from a Sox catcher in awhile and the bat is coming around slowly. We’d have to DFA McGwire if we wanted to keep Zavala on the MLB squad, I think Its Seby to AAA… right?
  6. SouthSideGeorgia

    Dallas Keuchel DFA

    So this makes Harrison the player on roster with the hottest seat? Disappointments in Grandal, Garcia, Pollock, and Moncada all have extra years on contract. So it has to be Harrison. Especially with 2-3 viable minor leaguers excelling at 2b right now.
  7. SouthSideGeorgia


    Let’s count it out to 13: Cease, Giolito, Lynn, Kopech, Cueto (5) Hendriks, Graveman, Kelly, Bummer, Banks, Lopez, Ruiz, Velasquez, Foster, Sousa, Keuchel (11) Sousa and Foster at least have options, but Foster working his way to almost an essential piece in bullpen these days. Sousa would be dropped (down to 15). I don’t see how you justify Dallas in the bullpen with this lineup. Velasquez and Lopez become long relievers. Banks and Bummer your lefties. It may be Keuchel and Ruiz (or Foster). Not sure. But certainly Dallas is pitching on a hot seat these days, especially with Cueto pitching lights out so far.
  8. SouthSideGeorgia


    With Cueto dealing across two games, we seem to be closer to DFAing Keuchel. Once Lynn returns, we’ll have 7 starters with no options. Unless they want to bullpen both Velasquez AND Keuchel it seems like they will have to DFA one of the starters.
  9. SouthSideGeorgia

    Roster Moves 5/18

    Nice to finally see a starting pitcher from deep in the Draft, come up and actually perform very well. It was better than anything from Stiever or Lambert. About on par with Dunning in his initial games pitched (Of course Dunning was a first rounder). I hope we see Martin spot start here and there and maybe get a shot as fifth starter next year after Keuchel and Velasquez are gone.
  10. SouthSideGeorgia

    Yolbert Promoted to Charlotte

    If Harrison and Garcia continue to underperform, I have no issue them testing this kid out this year. If it happens at all, I guess we’d be looking after the AS Break. Also, it’s nice knowing we also have 2b Lenyn Sosa raking in AA behind him (soon to be promoted to AAA I assume sometime). Also, Jose Rodriguez played very well through five levels of minor league ball. Obviously, he’s struggling at his newest stop in AA, but I’m hoping he will come around. And this doesn’t even mention Romy as a possibility. Lots of (cheaper) solutions for 2b in the minors that may help us in MLB very soon. I think they may even make up for the Madrigal trade… maybe.
  11. SouthSideGeorgia

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

    Giolito needs to get the Cubs monkey off his back tonight. Career 8.71 ERA against the Flubbies…
  12. SouthSideGeorgia

    Old Sock Drawer, ex Sox player discussion

    Another Quality start for Rodon
  13. Should Sox push Tanner Banks to high leverage Left arm over Bummer? Aaron doesn’t have much control this year so far.
  14. SouthSideGeorgia

    GT 4/16: Rays at Sox, 1:10 CT

    Kopech pitch count coming inline with innings now.
  15. SouthSideGeorgia

    GT 4/16: Rays at Sox, 1:10 CT

    Let’s jump on Kluber early here…