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  1. BRDSR

    Cease leaves game after comebacker hits pitching arm

    I only watched the condensed game, but he looked filthy from what I saw. Seems like he’s okay. Fingers crossed.
  2. BRDSR


    Madrigal can’t seem to separate himself from the IL for more than 40 games at a time. He’s going to have a decent career if he can stay healthy, but that’s a big if and he’d still be only a middle third tier type of second baseman. What he brings to the table can be found in quite a few other players. I’m not even sold on the trade…I just don’t think Madrigal is nearly the cost that others seem to.
  3. Six should be in it often, but of course not always. Like how certain teams often play on Thanksgiving, t no always.
  4. Gotta compare it to regular season games. not sure MB’s perfect game will ever be topped for me, but I’d put TA7’s walk off lat night ahead of the no-hitters of my lifetime.
  5. BRDSR

    The White Sox 3-5 year window

    I don’t know if I’m being a jerk or not, but the suggestion that Leury wouldn’t be on a tanking team’s roster is absurd. The argument about how many games per week he should be starting on the Sox is certainly a valid one. An argument that he shouldn’t be on a bad MLB roster is terribly misguided.
  6. BRDSR

    And that’s a white sox winner

    I feel like the thread title needs a question mark on it, lol. the epitome of the phrase “a win is a win”.
  7. BRDSR

    Sox at Cubs, 1:20

    Just turned on the game, as I work in a secure area and can’t watch afternoon games on weekdays. Thanks Cubs. Frustrating game, but at least our uniforms aren’t criminally ugly like the Cubs’ are.
  8. BRDSR

    The Cleveland Guardians

    Eh, I also would have preferred Spiders. Would have kept the name a little more low-key, as baseball names have tended to be. I agree with a previous poster that Guardians evokes a space theme, based on the new Space Force and Guardians of the Galaxy. But it comes with some tie to the city. I don’t hate it. (As a child of the 90s, still hate the team. So many crushed dreams by those 95-99 Cleveland Indians-turned-Guardians teams.)
  9. BRDSR

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    Fair take. But yeah, Collins and Zavala in the same lineup is something of an eyesore. No way around it.
  10. BRDSR

    White Sox Winner!!!

    I think heaven is watching Gavin Sheets walk off Jose Berrios on an endless loop for eternity. That was awesome. I am fully aware that both Sheets and Burger are a bit expendable and could be traded within the next 10 days. If it’s for the right return, I’ll get on board. But man, both have been such great pieces of this team so far!
  11. Obviously he’s not going to leave tons of money on the table, but I can absolutely see Carlos giving the Sox a bit of a hometown discount given the faith they’ve put into him and how they’ve helped him reach his potential rather than giving up on him (as most/all of us did, admittedly). I’d put it at less than a 50% chance he returns to the Sox, but I don’t think the likelihood is negligible either.
  12. BRDSR

    GT 7/16: HOU @ SOX, 7:10

    I’ve been plugging Goodwin, but it still feels very strange to see him at cleanup. Would prefer Anderson, Goodwin, Moncada, Abreu in the top four spots. Other than that, it’s probably the best lineup TLR can run out there right now.
  13. Ummm…the first sentence of my post that you quoted literally says that Hahn and his crew deserve a TON of credit. Reading comprehension, man.
  14. Hahn and his crew get a TON of credit for putting together a team that could weather the injuries this team has experienced. But pull me a lineup from the last four weeks that any baseball fan, let alone analyst, would call “immensely talented” as of 1 April 2021 and you’ll either be lying or delusional. The win/loss record that TLR has been able to achieve with the talent he’s been given is remarkable. (The players themselves have of course been remarkable too, but you can’t discount TLR’s role of putting them in positions to succeed.)
  15. BRDSR

    GT 7/11: SOX @BAL, 12:05

    I would nearly guarantee that nobody in the Sox FO has given any honest consideration to trading AV. That’s the stuff of Soxtalk, not reality.