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  1. YourWhatHurts

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    Sometimes. When Marshall is hitting his spots Marshall's off speed stuff is much better and much more consistent. Burr has a slider that looks pretty good on occasion. Foster with his command is a good enough MR as long as he's no more than 1 IP. All of these guys are more consistent in the zone and therefore better than Reylo IMO. What Reylo is doing is just a mirage. Ride it while it lasts ( in low leverage situations only and preferably against bad teams and the 7-8-9s). Reylo's stuff just isn't that great. The fastball looks good sometimes but he is still wild in the zone with it. Compared to the other guys he came up with Reylo is definitely the least impressive in terms of pure stuff.
  2. YourWhatHurts

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    Reylo's era keeps going down but he also keeps missing his spots and keeps getting away with hangers. This won't last IMO and he's absolutely a nontender after the year still. He just doesn't have anywhere the command to be a late inning reliever. And his stuff often lacks bite.
  3. YourWhatHurts

    Field of Dreams Game

    Also they showed the chainlink boundary fence on NBCSCH.... For all fucks sake keep Eloy away from that. He will tear his arm off. Players better come out of this thing healthy.
  4. YourWhatHurts

    Field of Dreams Game

    Is James Earl Jones going to be involved?
  5. YourWhatHurts

    The White Sox 3-5 year window

    He will collect more PAs than other UT types because he is one of the few rare **true** UT types. These days, you can be a shit backup 3B/1B/LF guy and someone will call you UT. You can have a noodle for an arm and get penciled into SS and people will call you a UT player. Leury is one of those few guys who can literally play everywhere except P and C, plus he can come in as a defensive sub, PR, and is a switch hitter with a high contact rate and a little bit of pop. He's definitely a rarity and his versatility theoretically allows a manager the roster flexibility to carry more limited types of players like Lamb, Sheets, or Hamilton for other roles.
  6. YourWhatHurts

    The White Sox 3-5 year window

    The biggest problem is the fans who forget that they are getting middling production constantly from the same 1 player who is playing all over the place instead of middling production from some combination of players who don't have the versatility of Leury which varies throughout the season. And the other big problem is that the Sox have had so many injuries. There's really nothing wrong with Leury. That $3M or whatever he is making to play all over the field is an excellent value and he's definitely a guy other teams would want to have. Bitching about Leury is just bitching for the sake of it IMO.
  7. YourWhatHurts

    The White Sox 3-5 year window

    Rodon's a lot like Kimbrel pre-2021 in terms of how his value went from nothing to extremely desirable, except as a #1 SP Rodon's value ceiling is way higher than Kimbrel's could ever be. In hindsight we should have traded the Cubs a bag of balls during the offseason and just taken on Kimbrel's contract. IMO 4/80 wouldn't do it and if it would, the Sox should offer it. Something more fair might be $25 in 2022 (the QO threat) with a mutual option for 2023 for like $30 or $35 with a $5M buyout or something like that if the team declines and the player accepts. Carlos on a 1 year deal while we are trying to win a title is still a great value at that price. If Bauer can turn 3/8 of a season into essentially something like 2 years $40M AAV under normal circumstances then Rodon is worth at least that much on that scale, given the LH and stuff upgrade over Bauer. I also like the idea of shopping Giolito as another poster mentioned. Of course dumping Keuchel's deal would be nice as well. But we would need to sign a FA starter for 2022 in that case. I wonder if the Padres would do Gio for Clevinger + Gore or something similar to that? Also the Dodgers might offer a real nice package of a short-term piece and a long-term piece. I would be in favor of this way of doing business generally in order to try to extend the playoff window out another couple of seasons. IMO, as long as you have a two-headed monster of TOR starters at the front of your rotation and a shut down back of the bullpen, you have a shot at doing damage in the playoffs. I would like to see our SP window get a little longer on the back side. Of course a Giolito extension should still be on the table anyway.
  8. YourWhatHurts

    All-time Soxtalk Whipping Boy

    I have never seen a very good to great player get as much shit on here as AJ. AJ is one of the 2 best all around players I have seen play here as starting catchers in my life time and the other is in the Hall of Fame. But my gosh reading SoxTalk you'd think he wasn't good at anything. I guess people have different meanings for the term whipping boy. In terms of getting saddled with undeserved complaints about production, it's AJ for me. Many of the players listed here we're wholly deserving of the criticism they received. Of course, it all belongs on the dorf first and his cronies in the office below him well before any of it deserves to fall upon the shoulders of a Jerry Owens or Darin Erstad or Mark Kotsay for example. Teams with championship aspirations should never have to rely on players like that and when they do and those players are inadequate, the blame all belongs on the shoulders of ownership and the front office. The biggest screwjob the Sox and their fans ever got was jerry. Some of the names listed in this thread should serve as a good reminder of that.
  9. YourWhatHurts

    White Sox @ Tigers - 7/4/21- Game Thread

    I'm hoping he's a #3 now. As 2005 proved, if you take a few #3s and a couple have some ace-level pure stuff, ala Freddy and Contreras, you can potentially get some really good years out of your guys all at once and win a championship.
  10. YourWhatHurts

    Gavin Sheets - STUD

    Gavin has shown me more ability with the bat than I thought he had. I'm impressed overall. I was thinking the other day how I usually like the profile if a guy like Gavin if he's on another team: LH bat, contact skills, doesn't K a lot, huge raw power potential that he hasn't tapped into yet, because that sounds like a guy who has the unteachable stuff mostly down and might be able to unlock his potential with coaching and experience. Maybe Gavin is one of those guys who will continue to progress and unlock some of that raw potential. Either way, right now he definitely doesn't look like a bad pick, and for a second rounder looks a lot better than the raw high bust rate HS players SoxTalk is always bitching about not taking more of at the top of the draft.
  11. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    Chicken blood. It was white before all of those santeria chicken sacrifice rituals he does.
  12. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    It's amazing how easy it is to get outs even against MLB hitters if you just throw strikes, get ahead of hitters, and keep your pitches especially your breaking balls out of the exact center of the plate. Marshall specifically is Chef Boyardee with the constant hanging breaking balls middle of the plate, falling behind everyone, showing all his pitches by time the second hitter he faces leaves the box. Just get the fucking ball and throw strikes. It works.
  13. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    I'm not looking at him to be a setup guy, just a garbage man MR. I'd like a vet who can mix things up and get the ball over the plate. Make the opposition put the ball in the play and keep things out of the heart of the plate mostly. I think he can do that. He has a lot more to work with than Foster does. And if not him, I would like someone else in that similar mold.
  14. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    You obviously haven't seen his good slider then.
  15. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    OK so not to be a dick or whatever but seriously, if Marshall goes on the IL we're a better team because of it.