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  1. South Side Hit Men

    Royals vs Sox Sunday Matinee...1:10 pm CST First Pitch

    Not his fault, shouldn't be starting against a left hander when you have Grandal and Mercedes on the team.
  2. South Side Hit Men

    Old Sox Games on Youtube

    Typical idiotic garbage rant from you with no basis in fact. Harry Caray was signed in 1971, five years prior to Veeck's arrival saving the White Sox, and was kept on by Jerry Reinsdorf. Three owners. All wanted him. Very popular. Your massa Reinsdorf wanted to keep Caray after the switch to his failed PPV scheme. Harry told him to go fuck himself, and changed Chicago baseball forever, changing the fan base from 50/50 to 70/30 Cubs. Promoting Drinking? You mean the Goose Island Section? The Revolution Fan Cave? Goose Island White Sox Beer? Hope you don't watch White Sox baseball, if they aren't pimping drinking, they are pimping gambling and penis pills. You approve of recidivist criminal activity from your management. You're a sad tool Oh yeah, your criminal friend pimped beer too for Jerry Reinsdorf. GTFOH with your garbage, you sad troll.
  3. South Side Hit Men

    Royals vs Sox Sunday Matinee...1:10 pm CST First Pitch

    Tony sticks with the same plan Sunday as he drew up Friday, regardless of what happened on Saturday.
  4. South Side Hit Men

    Royals vs Sox Sunday Matinee...1:10 pm CST First Pitch

    Do I also get to hand out 50,000 steroid filled syringes? The pinnacle of Tony’s success in Chicago. Game 4 of the 1983 playoffs. Perhaps Tony’s pal Mark is sending Yermin care packages. Father Time claims everyone.
  5. South Side Hit Men

    Royals vs Sox Sunday Matinee...1:10 pm CST First Pitch

    This is exactly the version we had before. He was a mediocre (.506) stubborn manager, who was pwned by a rookie manager in the one playoff he managed to make. You need to be flexible with rainouts. Your top hitter is out the season and you have four would be starters out (Anderson, Engel and Grandal). You don’t have the luxury of continuing to play Collins against LHP (and sitting him vs. righties) because you came up with some plan days ago, before a rainout, and jackass 19th-20th century baseball “gut” decisions like batting Garcia lead off.
  6. South Side Hit Men

    Royals vs Sox Sunday Matinee...1:10 pm CST First Pitch

    Even with injuries, and assuming these are the only nine players available, Leury should be batting 7-9. Robert should bat lead off among those nine, but I’d be fine with Madrigal or even Mendick over Garcia batting first. This is Delmonico clean up bad.
  7. South Side Hit Men

    Royals vs Sox Sunday Matinee...1:10 pm CST First Pitch

    Has Tony moved from wine to crack? On what planet does Leury, bat lead off? And why is “Everyday” Grandal off again, after two off days and Collins catches again against a LHP? CF Robert C Grandal # 1B Abreu 3B Moncada # DH Mercedes LF Vaughn RF Garcia # SS Mendick 2B Madrigal
  8. South Side Hit Men

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    I don’t agree a one year rental is needed. Vaughn needs to learn to play LF, can be sent down to AAA for 3-6 weeks to play everyday, and then return as part of a four man OF rotation, with additional starts at DH with Eloy out. Eloy should be banned from ever wearing a glove for the White Sox again.
  9. South Side Hit Men

    Take Me To Your Leader

    Houston has been caught by Joe Maddon's Angels, losing their League and Division lead. Minnesota is clinging to a half game lead after their loss yesterday. They host Seattle to close out their series this afternoon. Boston claimed their first division lead since 2018. They retain it if they win on getaway day in Baltimore. Cincinnati held onto the National League lead for one day, though still hold the NL Central lead. Philadelphia retains their division lead with a win in Atlanta, a loss will leave the two teams tied for first. Los Angeles has reclaimed the National League lead with their win yesterday. They are expected to hold that spot for most of the season. Scherzer vs. Kershaw matchuo in a meeting of Cy Young winners this afternoon. Division Lead - The last time each team has led their Division (ties don’t count). (AL #1) 4/9/21 Houston (Dusty Baker) (AL #2) 4/7/21 Baltimore (Brandon Hyde) (AL #3) 4/6/21 Kansas City (Mike Matheny) (NL #1) 4/3/21 San Diego (Jayce Tingler) (AL #4) 4/2/21 Tampa Bay (Kevin Cash) (NL #2) 9/27/20 Atlanta (Brian Snitker) (NL #2) 9/27/20 Chicago (David Ross) (NL #2) 9/27/20 Los Angeles (Dave Roberts) - 4/11 vs. Washington (AL #5) 9/27/20 Minnesota (Rocco Baldelli) - 4/11 vs. Seattle (AL #6) 9/27/20 Oakland (Bob Melvin) (AL #7) 9/22/20 Chicago (Ricky Renteria) (AL #8) 9/2/20 Cleveland (Terry Francona) (AL #9) 8/19/20 New York (Aaron Boone) (NL #5) 8/15/20 Miami (Don Mattingly) (NL #6) 8/12/20 Colorado (Bud Black) (NL #7) 7/25/20 Saint Louis (Mike Shildt) (NL #8) 7/5/19 Milwaukee (Craig Counsell) (NL #9) 6/9/19 Philadelphia (Gabe Kapler) - Current Manager Joe Girardi - 4/11 @ Atlanta (AL #10) 4/27/19 Seattle (Scott Servais) (NL #10) 4/23/19 New York (Mickey Callaway) (NL #11) 4/21/19 Pittsburgh (Clint Hurdle) (AL #11) 4/10/19 Detroit (Ron Gardenhire) (AL #12) 9/30/18 Boston (Alex Cora) - 4/11 @ Baltimore (NL #12) 8/31/18 Arizona (Torey Lovullo) (NL #13) 6/10/18 Washington (Dave Martinez) (AL #13) 5/6/18 Los Angeles (Mike Scioscia) (NL #14) 5/7/17 Cincinnati (Bryan Price) - Current Manager David Bell - 4/11 @ Arizona (AL #14) 10/2/16 Texas (Jeff Banister) (AL #15) 9/5/16 Toronto (John Gibbons) (NL #15) 8/20/16 San Francisco (Bruce Bochy) This list contains the last date each team held the overall best record within their respective League, tied leads do not count: (NL #1) 4/9/21 Cincinnati (David Bell) (AL #1) 4/9/21 Houston (Dusty Baker) (NL #2) 4/6/21 Los Angeles (Dave Roberts) - 4/11 vs. Washington (NL #3) 4/5/21 Philadelphia (Joe Girardi) (NL #4) 4/3/21 San Diego (Jayce Tingler) (AL #2) 9/27/20 Tampa Bay (Kevin Cash) (AL #3) 9/17/20 Chicago (Rick Renteria) (AL #4) 8/28/20 Oakland (Bob Melvin) (AL #5) 8/18/20 New York (Aaron Boone) (NL #5) 8/14/20 Chicago (David Ross) (NL #6) 8/8/20 Colorado (Bud Black) (AL #6) 8/6/20 Minnesota (Rocco Baldelli) (NL #7) 5/2/19 Saint Louis (Mike Shildt) (AL #7) 4/21/19 Seattle (Scott Servais) (NL #8) 4/20/19 Colorado (Clint Hurdle) (NL #9) 4/16/19 Milwaukee (Craig Counsell) (AL #8) 9/30/18 Boston (Alex Cora) (NL #10) 7/2/18 Atlanta (Brian Snitker) (NL #11) 5/12/18 Arizona (Torey Lovullo) (NL #12) 4/20/18 New York Mets (Mickey Callaway) (AL #9) 10/1/17 Cleveland (Terry Francona) (NL #13) 6/8/17 Washington (Dusty Baker) (AL #10) 5/9/17 Baltimore (Buck Showalter) (AL #11) 4/12/17 Detroit (Brad Ausmus) (AL #12) 4/11/17 Los Angeles (Mike Scioscia) (AL #13) 10/2/16 Texas (Jeff Banister) (NL #14) 7/18/16 San Francisco (Bruce Bochy) (AL #14) 4/22/16 Kansas City (Ned Yost) (AL #15) 4/4/16 Toronto (John Gibbons) (NL #15) 4/23/09 Pittsburgh (Fredi Gonzalez)
  10. South Side Hit Men

    AL Central 2021

    Ozzie knew/knows. http://mlb.mlb.com/content/printer_friendly/min/y2006/m08/d19/c1618497.jsp
  11. South Side Hit Men

    Old Sox Games on Youtube

    By the look on his face, he may have been a Sox fan, and Cubsessed. If he did ask his dad to whack Gabby, it failed as he played for the reminder of the decade, including the historic “Homer in the gloamin’ “ game. Yes, definitely remember that goof. Also remember a fan falling out of the upper deck and dying at Comiskey the first evening I worked at the ballpark as an Andy Frain usher. I didn’t witness it first hand. Couldn’t find an online news story posted, but it’s listed in the link below (5/16/1986). https://deathattheballpark.wordpress.com/2015/09/08/fan-fatalities-from-falls/
  12. South Side Hit Men

    Old Sox Games on Youtube

    Al Capone had front row seats at Comiskey Park in 1931 for a Cubs vs. White Sox charity game. Pictured with Gabby "Homer in the Gloamin'" Hartnett. Today's game is a full broadcast of a game on Summer Solstice, June 21,1980 against Sparky Anderson and his Detroit Tigers. Sparky talks to Harry Caray about a brawl the previous evening, and praised Tony La Russa for his role in breaking up the fight.
  13. South Side Hit Men

    Fernando Tatis Jr. thread

    Tobacco companies have also been able to generate significant revenue and cash flows for decades, as their customers die, and demand for their product decreases by raising prices. Baseball has done the same, attendance declines offset by higher ticket prices, hanging on to RSNs and fleecing a dwindling customer base, not attracting the next two generations by shortsighted policies. Denying customers the chance to stream their product locally, ridiculous blackout policies across multiple states (Nevada, without a team, currently has six teams subject to blackout). Removal of all free broadcasts from TV, further ending exposure to all but a dwindling customer base. The other three sports leagues sought to play as many games as possible during COVID, baseball owners simultaneously sought to cancel as many games as possible. The Commissioner trashing the World Series as a fight for "A piece of metal". Just a few examples of how the "stewards" of the game are destroying short and long term interest in the game.