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  1. Will be taking a break until the lockout is over.

    In the event owners destroy the sport further with an expansion of playoffs, my remaining interest will die off, and you won’t be seeing me here anymore.

    Expect the Sox and Owner and Front Office sycophants to tout playoff births, regardless of Hahn and Jerry’s pathetic record of playoff success.

    Until ownership is replaced, and a complete Front Office, Manager and Coaching Staff overhaul occurs, the Sox will continue to suck both on and off the field.

    Boycott this crap, and oppose any attempt to steal more money from Working Class Chicagoans by corrupt selfish scumbags like Jerry Reinsdorf.

    1. ron883


      How are we going to be able to tell right from wrong without you here? Please come back and save us. 

  2. South Side Hit Men

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    You all cray cray. Landing Carlos and filling 2B and a corner OF (though I'd prefer a Pederson who can play RF to Rosario) will put their payroll over $200M. If they are able to move Kimbrel, they would likely get a Kiermaier / Segura contract making the payroll savings a near wash. The top teams (Dodgers, Yankees, Boston, perhaps the Cubs) were sidelined until they knew what they were facing with a revised (or cancelled) "Luxury Tax". Expect these teams to spend aggressively if they know they aren't losing draft picks or heavy fines with the new CBA. Do you expect the Sox to increase their payroll by $100M from last year into the $220M-$240M range to land 2-3 guys of the highest projected AAVs left on the board beyond Rodon (Correa, Story, Kershaw, Castellanos, Bryant, Schawaber)?
  3. South Side Hit Men

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    2007 World Series Champion (1-0, 3.38 ERA) Daisuke Matsuzaka retired this weekend.
  4. Solid article by Jayson Stark linked in the tweet.
  5. South Side Hit Men

    You have $30m to complete the roster...

    Yes, this is the perimeters established in this thread, consistent with last years thread. Roster as is at the start of tehe lockout (Kimbrel, Graveman, Leury on the team), add Free Agent(s) remaining with $30M.
  6. Yep. Appreciated Tony Oliva and Jim Kaat as players. In addition to Dick Allen, John Donaldson was also worthy of induction with this HOF inductee class. John McGraw who managed for decades called John the greatest he'd ever seen. John Donaldson lived his post baseball career here, passed in Cook County Hospital, and is buried in Alsip (Burr Oak).
  7. South Side Hit Men

    2022 Hall of Fame ballot - Ortiz in; Bonds/Clemens NOT

    There are thirteen White Sox pitchers who have won 20 or more games in a season two to four times in a White Sox uniform. (4) Ed Walsh [40 (1908); 27 (1911, 1912); 24 (1907)] (4) Red Faber [25 (1921); 24 (1915); 23 (1920); 21 (1922)] (4) Wilbur Wood [24 (1972, 1973); 22 (1971); 20 (1974)] (3) Eddie Cicotte [29 (1919); 28 (1917); 21 (1920)] (3) Ted Lyons [22 (1927, 1930); 21 (1925)] (3) Frank Owen [22 (1906); 21 (1904, 1905)] (2) Frank Smith [25 (1909); 23 (1907)] (2) Jim Scott [24 (1915); 20 (1913)] (2) Nick Altrock [23 (1905); 20 (1906)] (2) Lefty Williams [23 (1919); 22 (1920)] (2) Jack McDowell [22 (1993); 20 (1992)] (2) Jim Kaat [21 (1974); 20 (1975)] (2) Billy Pierce [20 (1956, 1957)]
  8. Golden Era Inductees Minnie Minoso! Tony Oliva Gil Hodges Jim Katt Early Baseball Era Committee Buck O'Neil! Bud Fowler Dick Allen got screwed over by a single vote and didn't make it. WTF
  9. The Broadcast is live on MLB.com. https://www.mlb.com/video/hof-era-committee-results-show-3962
  10. South Side Hit Men

    2022 Hall of Fame ballot - Ortiz in; Bonds/Clemens NOT

    Jerry and likely others are on record as being opposed to Dick Allen’s induction, in part for his pro union/player advocacy positions more so than any lack of on field merit. https://deadspin.com/mlb-hall-of-fame-vets-inaction-failing-greats-of-the-ga-1845859656 My preference for HOF standards would be “inner ring” inductees (most of the BBWAA inductees, a few of the earlier veterans committee picks, the first Negro League class and a few more) with about 130, say 85 hitters and 45 pitchers. Today, there are more than twice that count (263). Based on the current actual standards, I agree with you there is a solid case for several of the nominees today and on the January BBWAA Ballot.
  11. South Side Hit Men

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    The primary issue for this negotiation is compensation, arbitration and free agency eligibility for players in their 0-6 years of MLB service. Changes to the minimum salary. Arbitration eligibility (2 vs. 3 years). Free agency eligibility (5 vs. 6 years or a set age (owners proposal). Elimination of compensatory draft picks for departing Free Agents. Reforming the amateur domestic draft & foreign free agent process. Changes to or elimination of “Luxury Taxes” (fines, draft picks). Players gained significant advantages the first few decades of the MLBPA, but owners have made significant strides the past twenty-five years (1996 forward). While younger fans are unable to recall the acrimony of the 1970s or 1980s, deals still were reached, it just took time and in some cases cost regular season games. The players are looking to regain some of their lost rights this round, and are prepared for an extended fight, with significant reserves to withstand an extended lockout. Time well tell whether they will remain unified longer than owners.
  12. South Side Hit Men

    2022 Hall of Fame ballot - Ortiz in; Bonds/Clemens NOT

    MLB created this special election today, and timed it to have SOMETHING positive to hawk on their website and cable channel at the start of the owner lockout. Announcement for any additions will occur at 5PM today. No word on whether any inductees will have their name and likeness appear, or whether they will be inducted with MLB's preferred mandated faceless plaque. https://baseballhall.org/news/golden-days-era-committee-early-baseball-era-committee-ballots-to-be-considered-dec-5 Really hope Dick Allen and Minnie Minoso are inducted tonight.
  13. South Side Hit Men

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    Judge KKK Landis would have a solid base of support here on Soxtalk, for multiple reasons.
  14. South Side Hit Men

    You have $30m to complete the roster...

    Comments: Good signings @Chicago White Sox. I agree with your assessment @TheFutureIsNear, I also suggested to broaden the trade net to try to open up flexibility across the high priced FA/extensions of the past two offseasons, and also agree the Schwarber would be one of the best high impact bats, he was the top consideration for me in terms of impact bats, but I only passed due to the overload of DH/LF options on the current roster. @Y2Jimmy0 - While I do agree it likely the Sox will at minimum attempt to flip Kimbrel and your moves make sense in that context. For the purposes of this thread, I tried to keep the parameters the same as last year (strictly an assessment of $30M for free agency). Introduction: My initial plan focused on three aspects. 1. Clearing some of the higher priced veterans for young talent which can win now. 2. Improving the team defensively. 3. Adding free agents to bring a TOR starter and improve defensively behind the plate (Contreras and Gomes, ironically the current two Cubs catchers). Robbie Ray, Yan Gomes and Leury Garcia were my three Free Agent targets in late October. The three came in at slightly over the $30M range we are using for this excercise. Leury returned as expected, Ray and Gomes signed solid deals which I wish the Sox were able to offer and secure. Matz was not an initial target, but his deal was also team friendly and something I wish the Sox were able to match / exceed and sign, almost as much as Cohen. My four current acquisition targets at this stage are: Carlos Rodon (Age 29 $19.0M AAV - $76M/3+1 KH terms) - Assuming his medicals check out, he is the top starting pitcher. Perhaps have a creative terms like the Hendriks deal, giving Carlos a higher guarantee with a flexible final year. Now that he is working off of a solid innnings base, a return to his form of last year will make him a formidable playoff starter able to help navigate the team through the postseason. Josh Harrison (Age 35 $5.0M 1 year + team option) - I preferred Lux or another solid trade acquisition, and while I wouldn't have renewed Kimbrel, I would prefer a trade for Segura at this stage, but for the purpose of this exercise, Harrison provides the best opportunity to provide a solid presence at 2B. Villar and Iglesias both have 2B listed in the Fangraphs Free Agent list, but their primary experience is other positions, and the Sox would be best served by a regular 2B, not converting one on the fly and hoping it works out. J Hey is an adequate fielder with a decent bat, providing a 1.5 fWAR last season / 1/2 projected for 2022. He will allow Leury to do what he does best, provide the team flexibility across many positions. Stephen Vogt (Age 37 $3.5M 1 year) - Of the remaining catchers, he is the best defensive option and will provide a solid veteran presence to help work with pitchers. He can work with Lucas and Carlos (Grandal can DH or play 1B those days) while Grandal can work with Lynn, Cease and Keuchel. Jake Diekman (Age 35 $2.5M 1 year) - While I considered a 5th OF with the remaining funds (Schwarber and Pederson far out of reach with the available budget), I believe adding one more reliever, in part to allow flexibility with Kimbrel, is the best use of the remaining budget. Signing him more for his October possibilities than to get the Sox through the regular season, as the can muddle through with Ruiz/Burr for the final spot. Has playoff experience and is another solid piece to the bullpen at a reasonable cost. Fan Graphs White Sox Roster 2022 Free Agent Tracker 2022 Offseason Take Two Final Roster: (Steamer Projected 2021 Games (or Innings for pitchers) / fWAR) Infield: C Grandal (127 / 4.5); 1B Abreu (150 / 2.1); 2B Harrison (118 / 1.2); SS Anderson (150 / 3.3); 3B Moncada (149 / 3.8). Outfield/DH: Robert (149 / 4.8) Jimenez (146 (HA!) / 2.5; Vaughn (115 / 1.5) & Sheets (110 / 1.0). Reserves: INF Garcia (112 / 1.1); OF Engel (87 / 0.5); C Vogt (45 / 0.2); INF/OF Mendick (39 / 0.3). Starters: Giolito (184 / 3.3); Rodon (154 / 3.8); Lynn (187 / 3.4); Kopech (145 / 2.7); Cease (170 / 3.0) Keuchel (161 / 1.2). Relievers: Hendriks (68 / 1.5); Bummer (64 / 0.9); Crochet (74 / 0.9); Kimbrel (66 / 0.7); Diekman (69 / 0.6); Graveman (62 / 0.4); Lopez (57 / 0.3). Minor League Standby: Lambert, Adolfo, Ruiz.