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    Diagnosing the heart of the problem

    100% Agree. I noted Tampa's strengths is patience / bargains for FAs & smart trades, player development and prioritizing players on pre-arb contracts. The Sox are struggling due to the the lack of player development / poor selection of not only their first round picks beyond 3 Vaughn (Busts - 8 Fulmer, 26 Burdi, 10 Collins, 4 Madrigal; 11 Burger a DH/reserve 3B, 11 Crochet an injured reliever), but the lower rounds as well. The highly rated prospects obtained in the tanking trades have not developed as expected between injuries and non-optimal approach. The Core generally improved and played well under Ricky, but stalled or even regressed the past two seasons outside of Katz' work with Cease, Rodon, Lopez, Kopech. Player development and having 10-15 solid contributors in their year 0-3 seasons allow a small-mid market team compete at the highest levels. The Sox are on the opposite end, very top heavy in terms of payroll and fWAR production, and few players playing at $0.7M-$1.0M making a big impact. Failure to improve scouting and player development his is where Hahn has failed most the past decade, more so than the poor FAs he signed that most people focus on (Leury, Keuchel, etc.).
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    I believe @CaliSoxFanViaSWside made a keen observation of Moncada still feeling the impact at the plate of his oblique strain. Smart teams allow their players to recover fully so they don't go through a prolonged injury. The Sox have been rushing their players back all year, between not having depth and Tony's refusal to consider playing rookies brought up when players go on the IL.
  3. South Side Hit Men

    Diagnosing the heart of the problem

    TLDNR: You are tying to compare polar opposites when comparing Tampa and the White Sox. One team is run by Erik Neander, the other by Rick Hahn. Case closed. Details: Tampa has nine Batters with a 1+ fWAR, Chicago has five. Tampa has seven Pitchers with a 1+ fWAR. The White Sox have four. Tampa looks for bargains in free agency, makes smart trades, develops players and maximizes production for players on ML minimum contracts. The White Sox outbid themselves on players at/beyond retirement age. Their main priority is to wrap up market stupid free agent signings by early December to allow Hahn to enjoy a six week Christmas / New Years break. The White Sox make dumb ass trades during their "competitive window", are terrible at developing players, and look to pawn off their top draft picks for aging veterans because they are too cheap and stupid to acquire quality free agents when they are available. One team makes the postseason regularly despite being in a juggernaut division and having a bottom five payroll. The other team rarely makes the postseason and isn't competitive despite being a big market in baseball's worst division and having a top half to seven (this year) payroll.
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    8/7 GT: Sox @ Rangers - Giolito vs. Howard (135pmCT)

    Unless I'm color blind, La Russa lost 538-0. OK, Karen.
  5. South Side Hit Men

    8/7 GT: Sox @ Rangers - Giolito vs. Howard (135pmCT)

    If I had three White Sox wishes, one would be to flip Lenyn’s name with Tony’s in the first sentence.
  6. South Side Hit Men

    Worst Sox GM of all time

    I lost my optimism enjoyed in 2019 and 2020, when Jerry fired Ricky, and instead of conducting a legitimate manager search ended up hiring this drunken senile disgraceful buffoon. Sox fans were locked into a full porta-pot and rolled down an enormous hill on October 29, 2020, a date which will live in infamy. I get why some may have continued to share optimism the past two seasons, primarily due to their love of the core players, and hoping the team could succeed despite the shitshow management and ownership. The pathetic ownership and stewardship of the other four AL Central teams also gave fans legitimate hope that this team could finish as the tallest midget, or earn one of six farcical wild card births, and win a wild card series if everything worked out. Anything is possible until a team is eliminated, but any cause for optimism now is based on blind faith and hope against logic and what fans have witnessed the past two seasons. This is the burden Sox fans have carried since the day they were born, but it didn’t have to be this way.
  7. He was a finalist. Was Tony a finalist last year? Is he one his way this year? LOLz Fuck you Jerry.
  8. Barring a Blue Jays comeback, Sox down three in the Division and Wild Card, trailing two and three teams, respectively
  9. Who acquired these guys? Who is managing them? It all needs to be flushed down the toilet, by someone external who knows what they're doing and given free reign to clean up this mess from top to bottom, scouting, player development, major and minor league coaching and instruction. That's why the Sox have sucked for decades. They can't draft, they can't develop players, they can't coach or manage players.
  10. Fuck his arrogant ass. He's part of the organization changes planned for 2023. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  11. The money has already been lit, they should take it out of Hahn and Tony's final paychecks on the way out the door.
  12. In a few weeks if this continues, they should just shut down Kopech and Grandal for the season, DFA Pollock and Leury, bring in a FO that knows something about baseball and try in the final two years of this window.
  13. 2022 fWAR before today Dunning 0.8 $0.7M Kopech 0.8 $0.7M Giolito 0.8 $7.5M Steak 0.4 $19.0M Keuchel -0.4 $18.5M
  14. Never has, according to some. Never will either. 2013-2020 - Kenny had him on Training Wheels 2021-2022 - Tony! Toni! Tone!
  15. Sad but true. 2022 fWAR Lamb 0.2 Pollock -0.2 <= Starting CF Grandal -0.5 Sheets -0.6 <= Starting RF Leury -1.0
  16. June/July are looking more and more like the anomalies this season. Runs scored per game (17th in The MLB) April 3.2 May 4.0 June 5.0 July 4.9 August 3.6 1. New York Yankees 570 5. New York Mets 512 10. Boston 485 15. Texas 472 17. Chicago White Sox 458 (4.3 per game) 20. Arizona 447 25. Miami 412 30. Detroit 345
  17. April 4-6 (4-2) May 10-9 (5-2) June 5-4 (5-0) July 3-5 (9-3) August 1-1 (1-0) Starter 23-25 Substitute (24-7) Have to expect a drop off as starter for games he filled in for Robert. The problem with Tony's focus on 1-3 innings for defense is you're skipping the first 2/3 of the game, and guys like Sheets (OPS + 91) and Leury (OPS +45) are below (or Leury terrible) average offensive contributors. Engel is only 8 points behind Sheets playing against RHP and LHP, whereas Sheets' is inflated by facing RHP in 90% of his plate appearances (232 vs. 24). It's ludicrous that Sheets is still on this team, and Tony thinks he's a regular when he is terrible because he has a below average bat and plays atrocious defense.
  18. White Sox Record by pitcher apperances Starts Dylan Cease +12 (17-5) Vince Velasquez +2 (5-3) Injured List Lance Lynn +2 (6-4) Reynaldo Lopez +1 (1-0) Injured List Johnny Cueto 0 (7-7) Dallas Keuchel -2 (3-5) DFA Jimmy Lambert -2 (0-2) Relief Pitcher Michael Kopech -3 (8-11) Davis Martin -3 (0-3) Charlotte Lucas Giolito -5 (7-12) Relief Appearances Kendall Graveman +26 (36-10) Liam Hendriks +25 (31-6) Joe Kelly +10 (18-8) Aaron Bummer +4 (12-8) Injured List Davis Martin +2 (3-1) Charlotte Jake Diekman +2 (2-0) Reynaldo Lopez 0 (18-18) Injured List Johnny Cueto -1 (0-1) Starting Pitcher Josh Harrison -2 (0-2) Position Player Vince Velasquez -2 (2-4) Injured List Jimmy Lambert -3 (7-10) Ryan Burr -4 (2-6) DFA Bennett Sousa -5 (10-15) Charlotte Kyle Crick -6 (4-10) Injured List Anderson Severino -6 (0-6) Charlotte Jose Ruiz -7 (18-25) Tanner Banks -14 (7-21) Matt Foster -15 (14-29)
  19. White Sox record by player starts: Josh Harrison +11 (40-29) Luis Robert +8 (42-34) Seby Zavala +7 (17-10) Yoan Moncada +7 (31-24) Tim Anderson +6 (42-36) Eloy Jimenez +5 (18-13) Jose Abreu +4 (54-50) Reese McGwire +1 (24-23) Carmines Andrew Vaughn +1 (41-40) Gavin Sheets 0 (33-33) Lenyn Sosa -1 (1-2) Charlotte Adam Engel -2 (23-25) Danny Mendick -2 (12-14) Injured List Yasmani Grandal -3 (28-31) AJ Pollock -5 (34-39) Adam Haseley -5 (0-5) Charlotte Jake Burger -6 (19-25) Injured List Leury Garcia -8 (28-36)