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    Real Talk - Trading Kopech would be a big time mistake

    The bottom line, not just for Kopech, but for the entire off-season is this. If the Sox plug a couple holes by trading away their top 2-3 prospects, they are not being serious enough to legitimately compete for a World Series. Not saying they need to sign Bauer or Springer, but if they don't bring in 2-4 solid players this off-season, the same depth issues that plagued them last year will again this year.
  2. South Side Hit Men

    White Sox untouchables

    Never Robert Jiminez Child Please Giolito Anderson Moncada Abreu Needs to be a top 10 player package Kopech Vaughn Crochet
  3. South Side Hit Men

    MLB caught Cano. Why can't it catch Nelson Cruz

    That's silly, that would never happen. Oh wait, it already happened. https://www.mlb.com/news/welington-castillo-suspended-for-positive-test-c278113032 Wasn't on this board for this signing and suspension, didn't understand at the time why he was signed when they were "tanking", especially with a contract higher than McCann will likely see this off-season during the COVID plus Collusion 6.0 free agent period.
  4. South Side Hit Men

    Comparing Sox young guys to past players

    I just find it amusing his numbers are similar to Kenny Williams. Times were so tough last year, fans were begging for Engel over Mazara. Don't get me wrong, he is a valuable reserve player and love his defense, just not an everyday player. Would love for Robert and Jimenez to match their Jones/Belle comps. Tim Anderson was the hardest to match, if you back out Desmond's last few years his average oWAR would be similar. I believe Tim Anderson will age better / put up better numbers in his late 20s and early 30s than Desmond. So glad the Sox kept him at short, never ever wanted Machado based on the Sox' roster.
  5. South Side Hit Men

    Braves sign Morton: $15M/1 Year

    Can someone more familiar with Fan Graphs explain why Morton wasn't listed as a Top 50 Free Agent, or have a projected contract value, despite the fact his projected 2021 Projected WAR is 12th among free agents? https://www.fangraphs.com/roster-resource/free-agent-tracker Wonder if they will update their tracker and add projections after non-tenders are announced, assuming players with significant WAR projections may be dropped this year in significant numbers for the first time. Specific comment for this signing, it is $3.9M less than qualifying offers for Stroman (29) and Gausman (30), both with similar projected 2021 WAR. Assuming a somewhat reasonable market for Top 20 talent, it's a reasonable bargain for the Braves.
  6. South Side Hit Men

    Theo Epstein Resigns; Hoyer Stays

    Hahn would work for more stable ownership (expected duration and operationally), would have a significantly higher long term payroll to work with post COVID, and have no owner interference regarding the day to day within the set baseball ops budget. Hahn has a chance to grow beyond what he was allowed to oversee with the White Sox. Tony LaRussa is not formally above Hahn on the org chart, but likely has a higher influence with Jerry on any major decision. Also, a new ownership group will bring their own people within a year of taking ownership, and Jerry is a few years from 90. I expect Hahn to stay at this point, since he did not step down last month, likely for the opportunity to see things through despite what occurred. I also don't see Jerry granting Hahn permission to interview with the Cubs. COVID & industry job cuts slows down a front office mass exodus in spite of the disgust Jerry sowed across the entire organization.
  7. South Side Hit Men

    Theo Epstein Resigns; Hoyer Stays

    Hoyer stated the Cubs GM position remains open, they are considering outside candidates. Could be a solid long term spot for Hahn after what has transpired this off-season.
  8. South Side Hit Men

    Comparing Sox young guys to past players

    Stats & WAR based on 162 Game Averages per season. C Yasmani Grandal (26/2 HR/SB; .240/.348/.445; 3.4 oWAR; 0.6 dWAR) vs. Mickey Tettleton (27/3 HR/SB; .241/.369/.449; 3.8 oWAR; -0.4 dWAR) 1B Jose Abreu (33/2 HR/SB; .294/.350/.520; 4.3 oWAR; -1.3 dWAR) vs. Travis Hafner (29/2 HR/SB; .273/.376/.498; 3.5 oWAR; -1.3 dWAR) 2B Nick Madrigal (0/11 HR/SB; .340/.376/.369; 1.7 oWAR; 1.1 dWAR) vs. Placido Polanco (9/7 HR/SB; .297/.343/.397; 2.3 oWAR; 1.7 dWAR) SS Tim Anderson (21/21 HR/SB; .281/.308/.443; 3.7 oWAR; 0.4 dWAR) vs. Ian Desmond (20/20 HR/SB; .263/.315/.427; 2.3 oWAR; -0.2 dWAR) 3B Yoan Moncada (23/10 HR/SB; .260/.335/.448; 3.6 oWAR 0.0 dWAR) vs. Howard Johnson (24/24 HR/SB; .249/.340/.446; 3.4 oWAR; -0.8 dWAR) RF Adam Engel (9/12 HR/SB; .222/.276/.343; 0.3 oWAR 0.5 dWAR) vs. GM Kenny Williams (10/18 HR/SB; .218/.269/.339; -0.8 oWAR; 0.5 dWAR) CF Luis Robert (32/26 HR/SB; .233/.302/.436; 2.3 oWAR 2.9 dWAR) vs. Andruw Jones (32/11 HR/SB; .254/.337/.486; 2.9 oWAR 1.8 dWAR) LF Eloy Jimenez (41/0 HR/SB; .276/.321/.527; 3.5 oWAR -1.8 dWAR) vs. Albert Belle (40/9 HR/SB; .295/.369/.564; 4.9 oWAR; -1.3 dWAR)
  9. South Side Hit Men

    La Russa arrested for DUI in Feb; charged day before hire

    Paul Sullivan was on with Laurence Holmes and shared my opinion that Jerry was going to hire "his guy" regardless of what the Sox did in Oakland, and that it was made before the Cleveland series. I don't think Rick or Kenny had a say in the firing or hiring, and think Rick Renteria would have returned in 2021 if Jerry didn't intercede. 32:45-35:25 mark for discussion regarding the entire debacle. https://www.radio.com/670thescore/podcasts/laurence-holmes-on-670-the-score-61/holmes-paul-sullivan-interview-hour-1-350531224
  10. South Side Hit Men

    Offseason Targets

    It would depend on what was given up for Musgrove. Would personally prefer Bradley Jr for his defense / ability to play CF as needed. Quintana the only FA in this class less likely to come with Cooper gone. I don't see the White Sox signing any top tier FAs, perhaps Colome and a SP and/or RF at a Collusion 4.0 / COVID market discount. Jerry is more concerned with COVID and crushing the Players Union / CBA than winning anything.. An additional component is whether fans can even attend, or if the owners I planning to knock off 80-100 games off the schedule once again. I don't pay attention to what Portillo's, Al's Beef, SuperDawg, Maxwell Street Polish, Au Cheval, Mr. Beef, Tastee-Freez, Maxwell Street Polish, Red Hot Ranch or Wiener Circle are tweeting. .
  11. South Side Hit Men

    Sox claim Emilio Vargas

    Didn't matter, because the Sox haven't done much with the draft during that period. The Cubs picked directly behind the Sox in 2015 and 2016, when the Sox were "trying" but sucking anyway. The Sox picked Rodon and Fulmer, the Cubs following took Schwarber and Happ. The changes in the scouting / drafting area have improved the last three years (Madrigal, Vaughn and Crochet), not sure the White Sox would have done better finishing any worse than they did, Not sure if they will regress once again with the scouting cuts Jerry implemented.
  12. South Side Hit Men

    Offseason Targets

    Bill Veeck owned the White Sox for seven years, winning the AL Pennant (one of the two they have won in the past 100 years), and saving the team from moving to Seattle. He also loved fans and players, and left the White Sox with a great young core and excellent management with his hire of Roland Hemond. In forty years, Jerry Reinsdorf won a single pennant and threatened to move to Tampa if he didn't get hundreds of millions of dollars for his capital costs, and he detests fans and most players. Jerry Reinsdorf fired Roland Hemond, despite his 1983 Division title, with "his guy" Hawk Harrelson. Hawk's season was a complete mess. The one move Hawk did that was correct, shit-canning Tony LaRussa, was undone by Jerry this off-season. He was the main reason 1994 was cancelled, the White Sox' second best team in 40 years.
  13. South Side Hit Men

    Sox claim Emilio Vargas

    Baseball Prospectus Scouting Report: Arizona Fall League Scouting Report from October 2019. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/prospects/article/54685/notes-from-the-field-still-live-in-arizona-spencer-howard-more/ Emilio Vargas, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks Vargas’ slider looked a lot more polished than it did when I last saw him at Visalia over the summer. Shifting shapes from 77 to 84, the pitch fooled many hitters, and he messed with timing with impressive finesse. His command has improved, as well, and he threw a 92-93 fastball mostly for strikes. The way the fastball leaves his hand is deceptive to hitters, as it has a lot of life to it and it moves more than it looks like it’s going to. Encouraging look. – Jen Mac Ramos
  14. South Side Hit Men

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    It's been a long time since long suffering Mets fans like myself (the Montreal Expos are my second favorite team, Mets third) can say that. While Paul Konerko is one of Jerry Reinsdorf's favorite players, his all time favorite, and the reason Jerry celebrates March 15th more than his birthday, is Adam LaRoche.
  15. South Side Hit Men

    2021 Ticket Prices Increasing?

    Highly doubtful fans will be allowed in at anywhere close to capacity, if at all, to start the season. Perhaps by the Summer or Fall. I can see the owners stalling / chopping off a significant number of games from the schedule again next season.
  16. South Side Hit Men

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Pete Rose is fifth all time among Left Fielders in WAR and JAWS (Ricky third in both). RH OPS .820 vs. PR .784 (36 points). Picking a better HOFer, and saying the other is just average is similar to saying Frank Thomas (8th in WAR / 9th in JAWS) played rotten defense at 1B, with an OPS of .974 when compared to Jimmy Foxx 1.038 (4th WAR / 3rd JAWS).
  17. South Side Hit Men

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Yep, several inner ring / first ballot hall of famers are among Pete's similar batters, and he is merely "good". Similar Batters Paul Molitor (678.8) * Tris Speaker (645.2) * Ty Cobb (629.8) * Robin Yount (611.9) * Paul Waner (596.1) * George Brett (591.3) * Cap Anson (576.5) * Derek Jeter (574.5) * Lou Brock (569.2) * Johnny Damon (560.1)
  18. South Side Hit Men

    Judge Tony LaRussa by results, not process

    It will get much worse, Tony addresses his coaching staff after the 2021 season. https://captiongenerator.com/2042452/Tony-LaRussa
  19. South Side Hit Men

    La Russa arrested for DUI in Feb; charged day before hire

    He stated it shouldn't have been public, not for the content of what he said. He never retracted anything he said. "I said what was on my mind," Gant said. "I said some things that I shouldn't have. I apologize, and let's move on. We both have a job to do."
  20. South Side Hit Men

    Offseason Targets

    The Sox aren't taking on that much salary in the best of times, and we are in the worst of times, a legitimate once in a century black swan event. The Dodgers and possibly the Mets are the only two teams which may consider taking on both of those salaries this off-season
  21. South Side Hit Men

    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

    Miguel Cairo has a good background. Walt Jocketty obtained him a few times and transitioned him to a coaching role in Cincinnati. He then moved on to the Yankees, a solid organization. Perhaps some Sox fans will feel better since he can also be seen as an "Ozzie Guy". @OzzieGuillen 3h: great guy good baseball man and great friend hope help and i think he will He might even call it a "Grand Slam". https://www.facebook.com/daviidveliz17/videos/miguel-cairo-cincinnati-reds-vs-chicago-cubs-grand-slam/2688541378089702/
  22. South Side Hit Men

    Judge Tony LaRussa by results, not process

    Yep, was there though don't remember the exact game. Still have two of them, our weekend season tickets were down the left field line, too far to hit LaRussa with.
  23. South Side Hit Men

    Theo Epstein Resigns; Hoyer Stays

    Before I address, thanks @Harry Chappas , I forgot Ted (and I’m am assuming RP goes). You are confusing two aspects of ownership. One is who is elected Managing Partner by all ownership interests. JR is the managing partner, elected by the other partners to run the day to day business on their behalf. There very well may have been owners with equal or more shares / percentage of ownership at the time of the purchase. However, Jerry was elected to manage the day to day affairs, and receive separate compensation for his labor, in addition to shared profits enjoyed by all minority owners on a pro-rata share basis. Theo would likely be an owner with limited capital, but would earn substantial compensation in addition to his passive partnership profit participation. JR used total compensation across both entities to buy out other owners over the past four decades. The other is the term “profits” or gains. There are three types of gains or losses all owners share while owning a ball club. Net Profits / Losses owners claim as baseball revenue: These include a substantial portion of revenue, and all expense, including expenses not subject to cash outlays such as depreciation on capital assets such as players, stadiums, etc. This is the information owners may disclose, typically in a manner most advantageous to them (we lose barely make money). It also includes the depreciation losses that they use to reduce their taxes paid, though they are not depleting their cash. Profits owners do not claim as baseball revenue, but are still real: For example, MLB media, auxiliary revenue such as parking lot income, television revenues (for team owned networks and the MLB network), and other revenue. Owners owned equal share in profits of MLB media at an equal 1/30 share. They are required to pay taxes on realized income. However, for the sake of what they communicate to players and fans, this is revenue they do not “count” when declaring whether they “lost” money. Another good example is the Cubs (Marquis) or Sox (1/3 NBCSC) counting a contractural payment to the club for broadcast rights as the sole revenue for the ball club, but realizing profits on both the ball club and the television stations they own. To summarize these two sets of profit, for the sake of what they disclose and pay tax on, owners overstate losses and understate income whenever it suits them (player negotiations, IRS filings, media disclosures). Forbes does the best they can with information available and projections of what is not available, to provide the best information they can of total profits realized by baseball owners. Capital Gains: This is the overall net increase or decrease in the value of the club. These gains are tax deferred and not realized until a minority owner sells. This is similar to increases you may experience as an individual for ownership of your home, stocks or mutual funds. Prices go up and down, but you don’t receive cash, or pay tax, until you sell. You can borrow on these assets to an extent, but otherwise you can’t receive cash (unless you rent your house, and one also received interest and dividends from investments) until you sell. This is an extra component owners do not “share” with players when they talk “revenue sharing”, but yet another example of profits they do realize and benefit on when they sell, and that they can also leverage when borrowing while they own the team. Hope this helps explain why owners can cry poor and say they lose money, but are in reality totally full of shit in nearly all cases. Even during COVID / no fan seasons, they didn’t earn what they typically do across the board, but they did not lose anywhere close to what they are crying, and in some cases, still may have profited.
  24. South Side Hit Men

    White Sox Zips 2021

    They are about the same based on near exact same playing time and performance last year. Baseball Reference has a higher OBP projected for Madrigal by 42 points. fWAR - Fan Graphs 2020: Mendick 0.3 (114 PA) vs. Madrigal 0.1 (109 PA) 2021: Madrigal 1.7 (500) vs. Mendick 1.6 (532 PA) bWAR - Baseball Reference (2021 bWAR not available, used OPS) 2020: Mendick 0.6 (114 PA) vs. Madrigal 0.4 (109 PA) 2021 Mendick .720 (261 PA) vs. Madrigal .762 (255 PA) Baseball Prospectus WARP (2021 based on 2019 projections 2021 on legacy card (2021 from 2020 not available) 2020: Mendick 0.4 (114 PA) vs. Madrigal 0.4 (109 PA). 2021: Mendick -0.2 (453 PA) vs. Madrigal -0.4 (425 PA).
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    MLB Free Agents (Prediction Thread)

    It’s good we don’t have a manager with a lifetime history of provoking beanball wars. Oh snap, well we did have a decent human being last season.