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    2021 NHL Thread

    Well the four who took credit for winning 3 cups lucked into it, because it was Bill Wirtz and his guy Dale Tallon who acquired the core team responsible for the Hawks' on ice success. Rocky, John and the Bowmans took credit for the work of others, but when it came time to rectify their racist coach's behavior (Bill Peters) or report their serial rapist video coach to the authorities, they turned the other way. Stan approved demoting the black player subject to abused by Bill Peters. Rocky's organization not only condoned a culture of taunting the sexually abused players, but later recommended Aldrich for jobs with access to children, who Brad of course also raped until he was finally arrested, convicted and jailed. Bill Peters was fired by a responsible organization, for Bill's actions while he was with Rocky's organization. Then again, Rocky's team logo is also racist, so there is no evidence Rocky, John or the Bowmans consider rape or racism wrong, or that they are responsible for either at this juncture. John was finally purged to save Rocky ca$h during COVID and give his son a job. Rocky, Scotty and Stan need to go immediately, if not sooner, as well as anyone else still there in a position of authority who aided and abetted Aldrich either during his time in Chicago, or provided employment recommendations after his departure.
  2. South Side Hit Men

    What to do with the abreu/vaughn/sheets/burger logjam in 2022?

    Bet yet, why didn't Tony or Daryl work on this with Eloy? It's not the first La Russa led White Sox team called out for poor defensive fundamentals by their team paid announcers. Perhaps Tony will form another possy and physically confront Steve Stone in Arizona, or Tony himself will muster the courage to take a swing after "a glass or two" of wine.
  3. South Side Hit Men

    Cubs 2021

    In addition to hiring Cleveland FO Carter Hawkins for GM, the Cubs inked the Astros previous R & D and until now their senior director of player evaluation Ehsan Bokhari as assistant GM over the weekend. Bokhari worked in the Dodgers FO before moving to Houston. Sounds like two solid hires based on their respective backgrounds. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/10/cubs-hire-astros-ehsan-bokhari-assistant-general-manager-gm.html
  4. South Side Hit Men

    Offseason Thread

    Would love Willson Contreras. Would be a difference maker behind the plate, Grandal could catch Lynn and one more, DH/1B most other games. Both stay fresh. Thought Madrigal + Heuer for Contreras would have been a fair exchange in July, not sure if he was available. Sox should have been asking if he was. Young and healthy enough to extend for 2023.
  5. My understanding was they were/are buying shares for less than full market value (i.e. Jerry's price) for minority shareholders looking to cash out now for estate planning purposes. It could be for long-term post Jerry ownership, or for solid capital gains when it comes time to liquidate. Don't get me wrong, I like what Michael has done cleaning house with the Bulls, installing a solid FO and coaching staff, and would most certainly welcome that shift with the Sox, be it through Michael's efforts or someone else. Jerry loved taking on both organizations, it's a lot to take on (and they have other interests as well). It did take a few years before Gar/Pax were removed after Jerry stepped down, so I wouldn't expect with the Sox to rush through the process, going with the current group through their current "multi-championship" window.
  6. Just starting a thread for the expected press conference hopefully next week. Hoping we get the same managerial news that we received during the 2020 call. Video of 2020 End of Season Press Conference
  7. Michael already has the Bulls. Jerry stated he wants the family out of the baseball and olive oil business. With White Sox fans’ luck, Sonny will be whacked on the Skyway and we would be stuck with Fredo for four more decades.
  8. South Side Hit Men

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    Again, there is nobody "getting worked up" over the press conference or lack thereof. Just finding it odd it hasn't happened without something possibly important happening (Hahn not returning). Grandal's surgery could have been one reason to delay (to announce the results), but that news was learned vis Grandal's instagram, not the team.
  9. South Side Hit Men

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    Well, by him holding it means he is likely to return. Also can learn if there are any changes to the coaching staff, updates on the two surgeries, and a general direction or approach to the offseason. Karnisovas / The Bulls' new regime have been open with their process, and Hoyer has been available and candid on a regular basis.
  10. South Side Hit Men

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Not a good 24 hours for Matt Nagy.
  11. South Side Hit Men

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    I prefer hearing from the team as opposed to Portillo's Beef, Not Steve Cishek, Heavy Cheese Fries, Jimbo's Stale Beer, Garden on a Bun, and potential 2022 Rookie Leaker of the year candidate Abreu's Jalapeno Hard Sliders.
  12. South Side Hit Men

    2021 NHL Thread

    The top includes Rocky, he needs to step down and let Danny start from scratch, would be good to cleanse the entire organization in light of everything else that occurred.
  13. South Side Hit Men

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    Today would be a good day to hold it with most people focused on other more current Chicago Sports ineptitude. It’s today or not until after the World Series, if ever. How about a triple play counting a manager?
  14. South Side Hit Men

    World Series - Braves v. Trashtros

    Population has been shifting to the South and Southwest for decades, so it was a matter of time for professional sports to migrate and then start recruiting successful front offices and managers / teams over the past three generations. Most Southerners aren't really big on baseball, though the population in Houston and Atlanta are large enough to be clear leaders over the Rangers and two Florida teams, the latter despite baseball being culturally relevant in Miami. Like Los Angeles, there are plenty of other things to do besides sit in the stands for four hours, with the Lakers and Dodgers being the So Cal exceptions. For most non-transplants in the South, SEC Football, or lesser football (ACC) is the top sport going, followed by the NFL, with the NBA and then MLB far behind, Perhaps NASCAR is still relevant in certain areas, despite a subset of fans "losing their freedoms", with the NHL well behind even this low threshold. I do hope the television network would be responsible with what they show/amplify and respect human decency, regardless of whether the sad franchise chooses to do the same. I'll leave it at that.
  15. There is a difference between losing a well played, close series played to the limit like the 2-1 Game 5 Dodgers 2 Giants 1, as opposed to bowing out 10-1 blowout, and losing by 5 the other two games. The White Sox were not even close to competitive against Houston, the least competitive series of the six playoff series to date. The Sox were outplayed and outmanaged in every aspect, from the first portion of Game 1 with La Russa panicking and sending the infield in early in a 1-0 game, through the Game 4 postgame, where Tony's primary focus was crying about "intentional HBPs", the "unwritten rules" which was his primary focus all season, beyond Connie Mack. To chalk up playoff results to "it's just a coin flip", and not recognize several weaknesses in team play, management and approach (hitting, defense, pitch calling) is avoiding acknowledgment there is a lot of work and changes required to get to the point the Sox can be consistently competitive against the best teams in baseball, and in the best position to tilt the odds in their favor with each pitch, at bat, each contested 90 feet, every inning and game. Last year Hahn made Ricky the scapegoat, and ownership claimed Tony was the right man to "win now". Tony's Stan's here claimed Tony's switch would work in the post-season, and after defeat now claim it took Tony a year just to get to know people, and he and his staff will begin performing their jobs next season. We are still waiting to possibly hear from Hahn about his analysis of what went wrong against Houston, and what their plans are to rectify these shortcomings in 2022. Houston wasn't whining about being without Verlander or Greinke as a starter, and against Boston also playing without McCullers. They just went out there and took care of business. That's what a well managed team does, overcome adversity, and focus on the task at hand which is winning the game, not focusing on gamesmanship and unwritten rules Withholding the rotation and Game 1 lineup until the last minute Tepera whining about cheating. instead of talking about his team's performance, after the one game the Sox actually played well Tony stating Kopech was unavailable for Game 4, whereas he's the first man out of the bullpen La Russa whining about Dusty and unwritten rules after getting whupped by 9 runs in an embarrassing managed game
  16. Love the movie / quote. The bottom line is the Braves outfield was decimated by injuries and their FO acquired Adam Duvall (1.2 Atlanta bWAR), Eddie Rosario (0.5) and Jorge Solar (1.0), and did not overpay for any in terms of prospects or $s. The White Sox outfield was also decimated by injuries (much of it self-inflected by playing Eloy in LF, and the pathetic signing of the perennially injured Adam Eaton (-0.7)). Hahn acquired Nick Williams (-0.3 bWAR), Jake Lamb (-0.3) and Brian Goodwin (-0.5), and passed on adding anyone good at the deadline. Hahn added a single OFer last year at the deadline (Jarrod Dyson (-0.1)), and crap before it (Nomar Mazara (-0.1)) . Six guys, all Nicky Delmonico level (Rick Hahn’s 2020 Opening Day Right Fielder). One team’s FO worked hard to reach a World Series, the other pays lip service to the idea to sell tickets.
  17. South Side Hit Men

    things don't look so bad now

    A “HOF” manager should be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. If not, than don’t give fans a spiel that he was brought in to “win now”, or that the Sox have any intention of competing for “multi-chanpionships”, when they have advanced in the playoffs a single year in the 40 plus year Reinsdorf Carrot Era. Also, provide evidence that La Russa had a sense of urgency at any time during the season, beyond unwritten rules bullshit or beanball wars inside Tony’s head. He needs to focus on rest, permanently, and return back to his wine cave.
  18. The answer is to reward the two or four best teams in MLB, not to hand out 10, likely to increase to 14-16, and render the regular season a glorified 162 exhibition season. Contract Tampa and Miami due to a complete lack of fan interest, return to four seven team divisions, and hold a legitimate playoff format (ALCS and WS, both best of seven 2-3-2 Format). Wild card teams are garbage. Five game series are garbage. Expanded playoffs are absolute garbage. The added benefit would be baseball would complete their postseason by early October if they also switch to an 156 game season (12 games vs. 13 intra-league opponents), with the World Series and, if they “must” hold it, the silly ASG, serving as the lone “inter-league” contests. Opening Day April 1, 2022 Final Day September 18, 2022 (170 days) League Championship Series September 20-28, 2022 World Series October 1-9, 2022.
  19. South Side Hit Men

    World Series - Braves v. Trashtros

    This is the first World Series consisting of two Confederate State teams; the eighth ever across the “Big Four” leagues, and the first not featuring Florida vs. Texas. 2021 MLB Atlanta at Houston 2020 NHL Tampa Bay 4 Dallas 2 2014 NBA San Antonio 4 Miami 1 2013 NBA Miami 4 San Antonio 3 2011 NBA Dallas 4 Miami 2 2006 NBA Miami 4 Dallas 2 1995 NBA Houston 4 Orlando 0 1972 NFL Dallas 24 Miami 3 Manfred and Co. steaming their precious Dodgers and Red Sox didn’t advance. Glad the likely final World Series in the 10 team playoff era are contested by two division winners.
  20. South Side Hit Men

    2021 NHL Thread

    Too bad the NHL has Reinsdorf recommended hack Gary Bettman in charge. If Adam Silver was NHL commissioner, he’d remove Rocky and Stan, just as he removed Sterling and is set to remove Robert Sarver from the Suns. Hell, even the NFL had the balls to remove the Charlotte owner. MLB previously disciplined owners like Steinbrenner and the nazi widow sympathizer in Cincinnati back when they had the semblance of an independent commissioner. Now, the commissioners of MLB and NHL are there to whitewash any ownership involvement, be it the Astros or Blackhawks. The NHL leads the pack however, allowing Rocky Wirtz to investigate his own team, and whitewash their reprehensible activity over the years.
  21. South Side Hit Men

    things don't look so bad now

    La Russa doesn’t give a rats ass about anything beyond unwritten rules for the entire season, from the first day of spring training until after the final game when all he cried about beanballs and other crap that the game has moved on from. The team regressed year over year on defense, base-running and other fundamentals. Every Reinsdorf paid media hack and Tony’s Stans here and elsewhere have the same spiel, the team would always be prepared to play under Tony, Tony would usher in a new era. It was all complete and utter bullshit, and this will continue until they bring in a competent manager and staff who aren’t here to kiss veteran ass and whine about bullshit, but instead lead their team to kick opponents asses, with a focus of how to take advantage of the things like shifting, fundamentals, smart approaches in the batters box, and smart baseball which successful teams excel at daily.
  22. South Side Hit Men

    ALCS - BoSox / Ashoes

    I don't understand why the Dodgers aren't home field through the NLCS, but gain home field for the World Series. Either wild card teams should never get home field unless playing another wild card team, or they should go by best record throughout the playoffs. I know most wanted Houston to lose, and I'm not their biggest fan, but still like them over Boston (and their fan base + ESPN), and would be happy for Dusty Baker if he won a World Series, in possibly his final season. Hoping Atlanta advances to eliminate the other wild card team, don't like the existence of wild cards, especially in likely the final season where only 1 wild card is alive heading into the Division Series. Alex Cora handled the postgame press conference with class.
  23. South Side Hit Men

    ALCS - BoSox / Ashoes

    Heard someone whistling before the homer.
  24. South Side Hit Men

    MLB.com FA class rankings, Rodon/Conforto/Taylor

    Beyond QO to Rodon, love either Toronto option. The likely answer is the money has been spent. Glad Wainwright and Molina already signed.
  25. South Side Hit Men

    ALCS - BoSox / Ashoes

    Defense never rests.