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  1. At least one National League team is assured of setting the National League record for the most pitchers used in League history. Several teams in MLB have a chance to beat the all time record of 42 pitchers used. Barring a change in roster composition, and assuming implementation of the DH in the NL next season, this is the final year NL teams have a chance at breaking the all time record for batters in a season. National League (53) / All Time Record (53 - Tie) for Hitters Used in a Season Contenders: New York Mets 50; Los Angeles Dodgers 49 ; American League Pitcher Used Record (42) Contenders: Toronto 37 ; Tampa Bay 36 Current / Previous Records - National League Pitchers Used in a Season (Previous record 37): New York Mets 39 (Current NL Record Holder); Arizona Diamondbacks 38; Chicago Cubs 37; Milwaukee Brewers 36; Los Angeles Dodgers 35 National (1876 - 2021) & American (1901 - 2021) Team Record Holders: Hitters (NL & AL - 1 or more plate appearances in a season) 53 Philadelphia Athletics (Philadelphia 1901-1954; Kansas City 1955-1967; Oakland 1968-Current) (AL 1915 43-109-2) 53 Washington Nationals (Montreal Expos 1969-2004; Washington Nationals 2005-Current) (NL 2006 71-91) 51 New York Mets (1962-Current) (NL 1967 61-101) 50 Detroit Tigers (1901-Current) (AL 1912 69-84-1) 49 Brooklyn Dodgers (Brooklyn 1884-1957; Los Angeles 1958-Current) (NL 1944 63-91-1) 46 Pittsburgh Alleghenys (Pirates 1882-Current) (NL 1890 23-113-2) 46 Philadelphia Phillies (1883-Current) (NL 1939 45-106-1) 45 Saint Louis Browns (Milwaukee Brewers 1901; Saint Louis Browns 1902-1953; Baltimore Orioles 1954-Current) (AL 1911 45-107-0) 43 Washington Senators (Washington Senators 1901-1960 & Minnesota Twins 1961-Current) (AL 1909 42-110-4) 39 Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902) (AL 1902 50-88-3) 36 Washington Nationals (1886-1889) (NL 1886 28-92-5) 35 Cleveland Blues (Guardians 1901-Current) (AL 1901 54-82-2) 31 Philadelphia Quakers (Phillies 1883-Current) (NL 1884 39-73-1) 29 Philadelphia Quakers (Phillies 1883-Current) (NL 1883 17-81-1) 26 Detroit Wolverines (1881-1888) (NL 1881 41-43) 24 New York Mutuals (1876) (NL 1876 21-35) Pitchers (NL & AL - 1 or more batters faced in a season) 42 Seattle Mariners (1977-Current) (AL 2019 68-94) 40 Texas Rangers (Washington Senators 1961-1971; Texas Rangers 1972-Current) (AL 2014 67-95) 40 Seattle Mariners (1977-Current) (AL 2017 78-84) 37 San Diego Padres (1969-Current) (NL 2002 66-96) 37 Atlanta Braves (Boston 1876-1952; Milwaukee 1953-1965; Atlanta 1966-Current) (NL 2015 67-95) 37 Miami Marlins (Florida Marlins 1993-2011; Miami Marlins 2012-Current) (NL 2020 31-29) 34 Toronto Blue Jays (1977-Current) (AL 2012 73-89) 32 Cleveland Indians (Guardians 1901-Current) (AL 2000 90-72) 29 California Angels (Los Angeles 1961-1964 & 2016-Current; California 1965-1996; Anaheim 1997-2004; Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2005-2015) (AL 1996 70-91) 29 San Diego Padres (1969-Current) (NL 2000 76-86) 27 Philadelphia Athletics (Philadelphia 1901-1954; Kansas City 1955--1967; Oakland 1968-Current) (AL 1915 43-109-2) 27 New York Mets (1962-Current) (NL 1967 61-101) 27 Florida Marlins (Florida Marlins 1993-2011; Miami Marlins 2012-Current) (NL 1995 67-76) 24 Cincinnati Reds (1882-Current) (NL 1912 75-78-2) 24 Philadelphia (1883-Current) (NL 1946 69-85-1) 23 Washington Senators (Washington Senators 1901-1960 & Minnesota Twins 1961-Current) (AL 1913 90-64-1) 22 Pittsburgh Alleghenys (Pirates 1882-Current) (NL 1890 23-113-2) 20 Saint Louis Browns (Milwaukee Brewers 1901; Saint Louis Browns 1902-1953; Baltimore Orioles 1954-Current) (AL 1910 47-107-4) 20 Detroit Tigers (1901-Current) (AL 1912 69-84-1) 19 Boston Red Sox (1901-Current) (AL 1909 88-63-1) 17 Cleveland Bronchos (Guardians 1901-Current) (AL 1902 69-67-1) 17 New York Highlanders (Yankees 1903-Current) (AL 1907 70-78-4) 15 Washington Nationals (1886-1889) (NL 1886 28-92-5) 14 Cleveland Blues (Guardians 1901-Current) (AL 1901 54-82-2) 14 Chicago White Stockings (Cubs 1876-Current) (NL 1884 62-50-1) 9 Buffalo Bisons (1879-1885) (NL 1883 52-45-1) 9 Philadelphia Quakers (Phillies 1883-Current) (NL 1883 17-81-1) 8 Providence Grays (1878-1885) (NL 1878 33-27-2) 7 Cincinnati Reds (1882-Current) (NL 1876 9-56) All Other Professional Leagues Hitters 51 Kansas City Cowboys (Union Association 1884 (16-63-3)) & 51 Washington Nationals (Union Association 1884 (47-65-2)) 35 Brooklyn Atlantics (National Association 1875 (2-42)) 26 Brooklyn Eckfords (National Association 1872 (3-26)) 18 Fort Wayne Kekiongas (National Association 1871 (7-12)) Pitchers 24 Kansas City Cowboys (Union Association 1884 (16-63-3)) 10 Saint Louis Brown Stockings (American Association 1882 (37-43)) 8 Brooklyn Atlantics (National Association (1875 (2-42)) 6 Brooklyn Eckfords (National Association (1872 (3-26)) 3 New York Mutuals (National Association (1871 (16-17)) & 3 Philadelphia Athletics (National Association (1871 (21-7)) Source Baseball Reference
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    On September 24, 2021, the Baltimore Orioles tied the 2019 Seattle Mariners by playing their 42nd pitcher during a single season, tying the American League and Major League records. The Orioles claimed Joey Krehbiel on waivers off of the Tampa Bay Rays, and called him up before the game last night. Joey entered the game in the bottom of the seventh, with the Orioles clinging to a 4-3 lead. Joey gave up a single to right field by Isiah Kiner-Falefa before retiring Andy Ibanez to end the inning. Joey retired Adolis Garcia on a ground out to third to start the eighth inning before being replaced by Cole Sulser, earning a hold for the evening, The Orioles ended up scoring one in the eighth for a 5-3 lead, before giving up 5 runs in the top of the 9th to lose 8-5. The Los Angeles Angels and Chicago Cubs crept one game closer to the record. Joe Madden brought in AJ Ramos for his first Major League appearance of the season., AJ was called up on Thursday, and pitched the final two innings of the Angels 6-5 loss, recording a strikeout and not allowing a baserunner during his 18 pitch outing. Meanwhile, Joe's former player David Ross brought in shortstop Sergio Alcantara to record the Cubs final out in their 12-4 Game 2 loss to the Cardinals. Those are the three updates since Wednesday. Number of Hitters used (1 + plate appearance) 53 MLB Record - Tied (Current NL Record 53 (2006 Washington Nationals) & Current AL Record 53 (1915 Philadelphia Athletics)) (50) Four way 2021 Tie: Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers Pitching Standings through September 24th (All teams 2021 except for the 2019 Seattle Mariners): (42) 2021 Baltimore Orioles & 2019 Seattle Mariners (All time MLB and AL record) (41) Arizona Diamondbacks & New York Mets (Co-Current NL Recordholders) & Tampa Bay Rays (40) Los Angeles Angels (39) Chicago Cubs & Los Angeles Dodgers (38) Toronto Blue Jays
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    2021 MLB Catch-all Thread

    Longest Winning Streaks in MLB history Current 30 franchises - most recent listed for multiple occurrences Highest Championship Level - Division, League or World Series): 26 - San Francisco Giants (New York Giants September 7-30, 1916) 22 - Cleveland Indians (August 24 - September 14, 2017 AL Central) 21 - Chicago Cubs ((2) September 4-27, 1935 National League) 20 - Oakland Athletics (August 13 - September 4, 2002 AL West) 19 - Chicago White Sox (August 2-23, 1906 World Series); New York Yankees (June 29 - July 17, 1947 World Series) 18 - Atlanta Braves (Boston Beaneaters September 16 - October 2, 1891 National League) 17 - Minnesota Twins (Washington Senators May 30 - June 18, 1912); Saint Louis Cardinals (Saint Louis Browns May 5 - June 1, 1885 American Association) 16 - Kansas City Royals (August 31 - September 15, 1977 AL West); Philadelphia Phillies (Philadelphia Quakers September 15 - October 8, 1887); Pittsburgh Pirates (September 9-27, 1909 World Series) 15 - Boston Red Sox (April 25 - May 10, 1946 American League); Los Angeles Dodgers (Brooklyn Robins August 25 - September 6, 1924); Seattle Mariners (May 23 - June 8, 2001 AL West) 14 - Baltimore Orioles ((2) August 12-27, 1973 AL East); Cincinnati Reds (July 26 - August 12, 1899); Detroit Tigers ((2) July 31 - August 14, 1934 American League); San Diego Padres (June 18 - July 2, 1999); Texas Rangers (May 12-27, 1991) 13 - Arizona Diamondbacks (August 24 - September 6, 2017); Milwaukee Brewers (April 6-20, 1987) 12 - Houston Astros ((3) - June 6-18, 2018 AL West); Tampa Bay Rays (Tampa Bay Devil Rays June 9-22, 2004) 11 - Colorado Rockies ((2) June 4-14, 2009); Los Angeles Angels (June 16-26, 1964); New York Mets ((5) April 12-23, 2015 National League); Toronto Blue Jays ((5) August 2-13, 2015 AL East) 10 - Washington Nationals ((5) August 12-21, 2014 NL East) 9 - Miami Marlins ((5) Florida Marlins September 9-19, 2008) Records above for all time, not just the "modern era". Saint Louis currently has 14 consecutive wins, tied for most during the "modern era" in franchise history, but 3 behind the franchise's all time streak.
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    The Jarred Kelenic Appreciation Thread

    It’s much too early to speak definitively on either career, but jumping on player promoted at age 21 (post service time manipulation), when most of his peers are in college or low minors, is a bit short sighted. Kelenic’s OPS the past 28 days (baseball reference default split date (also 7, 14 days) is .809. Jarred is 2 1/2 years younger than Madrigal, still a huge difference / factor at this stage of their respective development. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/split.fcgi?id=kelenja01&year=2021&t=b
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    Cubs 2021

    Cardinals tied their all time consecutive win streak at fourteen today, after their doubleheader sweep of the Cubs at Wrigley Field. The Cardinals will attempt their 15th straight win tomorrow at 1:20 PM.
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    Sox vs Guardians 9/24 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    Terry Boers should have stayed, Dan Bernstein and Leila Rahimi should be the two off of the Score. Terr
  7. South Side Hit Men

    Cease leaves game after comebacker hits pitching arm

    A right triceps bruise, X-rays negative, listed as day to day per Len Kasper.
  8. South Side Hit Men

    Engel hurt again, Tepera progressing

    Hope they don't try to coax Nick Markakis out of retirement this offseason.
  9. South Side Hit Men

    Sox vs Guardians 9/24 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    After 3 innings I'm Gone!
  10. South Side Hit Men

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    I felt disappointed Kopech will likely not hit 80-100 innings, but felt the team managed him (and Crochet) well. Hoped the Kimbrel trade would allow Kopech to pitch 2-3 inning outings in August, and possibly 3-5 innings in September / October (weekly), but that did not come to fruition. That said, as long as he is healthy at year-end, I'll be satisfied. While I want the Sox to succeed, I rather lose the playoffs this year than end up injuring a pitcher for going over a reasonable threshold (same with pulling Crochet last year), or even a pending FA like Rodon. The Cubs may have been "smart" to burn Chapman in 2016, but it's not the "right" thing to do, whether the player is high profile like Chapman, or an end of the bench guy like Cordero last season. With Katz here, and Tony appearing to heed his guidance, I feel the Sox have managed their staff as best as possible during this unprecedented season. The one area they could have sought to improve was to add one or two long or short guys in July, not high priced / cost guys like Kimbrel, but additional insurance. They really needed to do that last year, but they ended up with no approved budget to do anything beyond Jarrod Dyson at the ML minimum.
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    Jim Thome or Dave Duncan.
  12. South Side Hit Men

    White Sox Garage Sale - Tomorrow 10AM-1PM

    I'm considering a trip to Comiskey tomorrow. Tailgating (parking opens at 7 am, doors open at 10 am)? Or do people lineup like Black Friday to shove their way through to get to "high profile" items? Perhaps folks can chime in on prior experiences for folks like me who haven't attended in some time, or perhaps never.
  13. South Side Hit Men

    White Sox Garage Sale - Tomorrow 10AM-1PM

    Thanks. IIRC, I went to an event available for season ticket holders a long time ago, but was/am more interested in the old promo stuff they sell (shirts, hats, bobbleheads, etc. for kids), or at least I believe did in the past. Looks like a lot of people in line from the WGN video from 2019, during the "tanking years", likely much more demand now, especially pent up COVID demand. https://wgntv.com/sports/white-sox/white-sox-host-annual-garage-sale-for-charity/ Wonder how the Madrigal stuff will go, since he went to the Cubs (as opposed to a neutral or less hated team by much of the fanbase). I like that all proceeds go to the White Sox charities, which is why I'm considering going tomorrow (as well as nice weather). https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/charities/about/about-us Form 990 (Charitable Organizations revenue is spent on can be found pages 33-43): https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/display_990/363719918/04_2021_prefixes_36-37%2F363719918_201912_990_2021040517878782
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    Kopech Starting Game 2

    Teams use pitch count more than inning, and also track bullpen sessions, including relievers warming up. Katz is maniacal about tracking everything he can during and after the game. The other factor not discussed is the difference between high stress innings (in terms of pitches within innings and also the effort required, max velocity, baserunners, game situation) and innings in a normal game or low stress situation. The stress of pitching in a high leverage playoff situation will take more out of a pitcher than a regular appearance. Higher adrenalin can push athletes through it, but sometimes that backfires as they lose command by throwing too hard.
  15. South Side Hit Men

    Blackout is Back for Soxtober

    The purpose of Brooks' announcement is to sell shit, not give out shit. Any AC DC is too much AC DC (Back in Black, Thunderstruck, etc.).
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    Playoff odds

    Yep, they lost most of their rotation, and that doesn’t include Mike Clevinger who was lost last September. Padre starters: Lamet (Limited to 9 starts) Snell (IL early September) Paddack (3 starts since July) They turned to 2018 First Round pick Ryan Weathers, who has not pitched well (5.12 ERA), picked up Jake Arrieta (10.95 ERA) out if desperation to pitch key games down the stretch, and their Ace Yu Darvish (.797 OPS, 6.28 ERA) has pitched almost as bad as Dallas Keuchel (.922 OPS, 6.71 ERA) since the ASB. Joe Musgrove has been their only solid consistent starter. Manny was right, it’s not about you (Tatis), it’s more about Yu.
  17. South Side Hit Men

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Tony would never do this, the shift is unsportsmanlike. 😀 Romy “No respect” Dangerfield
  18. South Side Hit Men

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Key remaining games: NL East Atlanta is the home team tonight in San Diego to finish their game suspended in July, down 5-4 in the bottom of the fifth, before the regularly scheduled game. Atlanta (Up 2 @ 80-71): “4” in SD (F F S S) 3 v. Phil (T W Th) 3 v Mets (F S S) 1 vs. Colorado (if necessary M 10/4) Philadelphia (79-74): 3 v. Pittsburgh (F S S) 3 @ Atlanta (T W Th) 3 @ Miami (F S S) NL West: San Francisco (Up 1 99-54): 3 @ Colorado (F S S) 3 v. Arizona (T W Th) 3 v. San Diego (F S S) Los Angeles Dodgers (98-55): 3 @ Arizona (F S S) 3 v. San Diego (T W Th) 3 v. Milwaukee (F S S)
  19. South Side Hit Men

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Sure beats the 2022 version (16 teams , say 1st and 2nd in each division and two additional teams). AL Race #1 TB v #8 (Cle or Det) #2 Houston v #7 (Sea or Oak) #3 Chicago v #6 (AL East 4th Pl) #4 AL East (2nd) v #5 AL East (3rd) Still “alive”: LA (73-80) & KC (69-83) NL Race #1 SF or LA v #8 Cin or SD #2 Milw v #7 Cin or SD #3 Atl or Phil v. #6 Atl or Phi #4 LA or SF v. #5 Stl ”Incredible” race for three seeds: Atl (80-71) / Phil (79-74) loser Cincinnati (78-75) San Diego (77-75) Still “alive”: Mets (73-79) & Col (71-81) You’re still alive she said Oh do I deserve to be Is that the question…..
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    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    Yes, he is a potential game changer as a pinch runner and on defense. Makes sense to have three "Long" guys with Rodon's status and otherwise weak short options among those eligible on the 40 man roster. Position Players (13): C: YG, ZC. INF: JA, TA, CH, YM, GS. OF/DH: AE, LG, BH, EJ, LR, AV. (Can see Leury also playing 2B at times) Pitchers: SP (12): DC, LG, LL, CR. Long: DK, MK, RL, Short: AB, DC, KH, CK, RT. Bubble: BG vs. EM (barring Rodon out or a new injury). Likely hinges on Evan's health, or lack thereof.
  21. South Side Hit Men

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    Key takeaways: Kopech looks healthy and sharp, hopefully can go 2-3 either as an opener (if Rodon can't go) or the second man in if he does in the playoffs. Andrew Vaughn looks solid in yet another position (CF, SS and C are left on his to do list), and more importantly healthy. Nice to see him come through late. Engel continues to look solid at the plate since his return, hopefully he can play back to back games in the playoffs to solidify RF. The back of the bullpen is battling for the last man spot on the playoff roster. Wright may have been the best of the bunch today. If someone does/does not emerge the final week plus, may mean the difference between a 12 or 13 pitcher staff for the opening series.
  22. South Side Hit Men

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    They also matter in terms of keeping hitters timing and pitchers sharp. I thought Lucas might have gone Game 1, but it looks like the rotation will line up like this: Lynn: 9/25, 10/1, 10/7 G1, 10/13 G5 Giolito: 9/26, 10/2, 10/8 G2 Rodon: 9/29, 10/10 G3 Cease: 9/24, 10/3, 10/11 G4 Keuchel: 9/27, (likely scheduled 2-3 innings out of the bullpen vs. Detroit), Playoff Bullpen Lopez: 9/28, Playoff Bullpen
  23. South Side Hit Men

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    Len said he warmed up once the Sox tied it. He would likely have come in if it was a lead. And there it is , Ruiz streak ends at 10 scoreless appearances.
  24. South Side Hit Men

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    Hendriks warmed but wonder what Tony does if a runner or two reaches, let Hendriks rest or leave Ruiz in.