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  1. You last won the day on March 9

    Congratulations, you had the most liked content


  2. Burning the Hot Stove, waiting for more pitching for Christmas and the 2021 New Year!

  3. Getting ready for Christmas and hopefully a Happy New Year of White Sox Baseball in 2021!

  4. I updated my favorite White Sox player(s) from Tim Anderson (Hitter) and Lucas Giolito (Pitcher) to Billy Hamilton.

    Tim Anderson, Lucas Giolito and the Chicago White Sox approve of this change.

  5. If this is it, please let me know I WANT TO KNOW


  6. Nice outing by Kopech today, glad I was able to watch him for the first time since attending his final game in 2018.

    Cheers to better days!

  7. Thanks for the Foster Innings catch, I updated the post. I was sleeping at that point, but it probably felt like 33 innings for those who watched or listened.

    Go Sox!