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  1. Playoff appearances are a poor way to judge success. Advancing in playoff series (beyond the WC coin flip game)  is a more legitimate standard. How your team stacked up against the 4-10 best teams in the playoffs.

    The Sox have only advanced a single season (thankfully they won all three series) since the Division/Wild Card era (1969-2021). Colorado, which started playing thirty years later, are the only other team to have advanced in the playoffs a single season in the Division/Wild Card era.

  2. 46 minutes ago, Dick Allen said:

    Mark Konkol is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist , so i think he was told was he claimed by a really reliable source. i don't know why, if you have made the decision, you keep him on the sideline another day. I also got a chuckle out of the "fire Nagy" chant at the Bulls game last night, although, the same chant at his son's HS football game was just wrong. 

    I've only read the Chicago Reader in terms of ink / paper newspapers since Mike Royko left Murdoch's Sun Times.

    While Mark may have an accurate source, he has a controversial background beyond "Pulitzer Prize" winning journalist, lasting a whole two weeks as managing editor at the paper before getting shitcanned for multiple reasons.



  3. 1 minute ago, 35thstreetswarm said:

    Kind of meaningless, though, when they just signed the other best player in the game (who happens to be a pitcher) a couple years ago.  I don't think anybody would ever accuse the Angels of shying away from big signings

    But none on pitching. Ohtani was signed primarily as a hitter, and his salary is ridiculously suppressed based on yet another owner salary suppression scheme.


    Largest contracts by team:

    Total Contract (Years Year SignedLast WS

    1. Los Angeles N.L.: Mookie Betts $365M (12 20202020
    2. Los Angeles A.L.: Mike Trout $360M (10 20192002
    3. New York N.L.: Francisco Lindor $341M (10 20211986
    4. San Diego: Fernando Tatis Jr. $340M (14 2021Expansion 1969 - N.L. Pennant 1998
    5. Philadelphia: Bryce Harper $330M (13 20192008
    6. Miami: Giancarlo Stanton $325M (13 20152003
    7. New York A.L.: Gerrit Cole $324M (9 20202009
    8. Texas: Alex Rodriguez $252M (10 2001Expansion 1961 - A.L. Pennant 2011
    9. Detroit: Miguel Cabrera $248M (8 20141984
    10. Washington: Steven Strausburg $245M (7 20202019
    11. Seattle: Robinson Cano $240M (10 2014) Expansion 1977 - A.L. West 2001
    12. Colorado: Nolan Arenado $234M (7 2019Expansion 1993 - N.L. Pennant 2007
    13. Cincinnati: Joey Votto $225M (10 20121990
    14. Boston: David Price $217M (7 20162018
    15. Arizona: Zack Greinke $206.5M (6 20162001
    16. Milwaukee: Christian Yelich $188.5M (7 2020Expansion Seattle Pilots 1969 - A.L. Pennant 1982 
    17. Tampa Bay: Wander Franco $185M (11 2022Expansion 1998 - A.L. Pennant 2020 (Evan Longoria $100M (6 2013) previous highest
    18. Minnesota: Joe Mauer $184M (8 20101991
    19. Chicago N.L.: Jason Heyward $184M (8 20162016
    20. San Francisco: Buster Posey $167M (8 20132014
    21. Baltimore: Chris Davis $161M (7 20161983
    22. Houston: Jose Altuve $151M (5 20182017
    23. Toronto: George Springer $150M (6 20211993
    24. Atlanta: Freddie Freeman $135M (8 20142021
    25. Saint Louis: Paul Goldschmidt $130M (5 20192011
    26. Kansas City: Salvador Perez $82M (4 20212015
    27. Chicago A.L.: Yasmani Grandal $73M (4 20202005
    28. Oakland: Eric Chavez $66M (6 20041989
    29. Cleveland: Edwin Encarnacion $60M (3 20171948
    30. Pittsburgh: Andrew McCutchen $51.5M (6 20121979


  5. 17 minutes ago, SonofaRoache said:

    If they are going to trade Vaughn then now is the time to do it. If he has another mediocre season his value will become non existent on the trade market. If you believe in Vaughn you don't trade him because that bat can be special. If you are offered a superstar with a few years remaining on their deal, you consider it. 



    Don't ever give up!


  6. 49 minutes ago, Leonard Zelig said:

    Then why are you hiding behind an alias?  Use your real name like I do. 

    I'm not "hiding" behind anything. My user name is White Sox appropriate (and the same I used on White Sox Interactive).

    I used my "real name" for social gatherings organized on WSI, and would do the same on this board when interacting with others in person.

  7. Outside of Robert, there is no player I would consider untouchable on the Sox. That said, it seems as though people are vastly underselling Vaughn's worth to the team today and tomorrow.

    I would only consider trading either Eloy or Vaughn for a package that included outstanding cost controlled talent which could help the Sox win now and the next few years, the same worth that Eloy and Vaughn currently provide the Sox. with the primary benefit clearing the glut of 1B/DH and RHHs Hahn has accumulated.

    The reason I selected Eloy for the poll is based on the fact the return package would be far greater, and Vaughn's contract status is much more beneficial over the next five years. He is my first choice if trading the primary young elite core (Robert, Moncada, Kopech, Vaughn).

  8. 7 hours ago, Leonard Zelig said:

    I have a feeling that we are going to see much fewer reactions now. 

    Is this change retroactive to all reactions given in the past?

    Perhaps, but not sure how cowardly one must be to be concerned with someone reviewing their reaction, especially on an anonymous message board. 

    People should be all for transparency, and should be able to stand by what they post and also their reactions.

  9. 2 hours ago, kleedawg said:

    What does that have to with batting leadoff?

    It doesn’t, Tim should remain at leadoff, assuming Marcus and no one else major is brought in, because Tim consistently has a better OBP, whereas Marcus consistently has a better OPS, and can drive him home.

    3 hours ago, Balta1701 said:

    If that's going to be the attitude, then the White Sox's roster is on the field. 

    I agree with Fathom, wouldn’t consider a 6-7 year deal for Semien, which he is also likely to sign as a SS. Don’t see the Sox offering that to him.

    The Sox can get multiple quality players for multiple holes spending those funds wisely, assuming that is even what Hahn had to work with, and they don’t screw over the future with Heyward type contracts. Now can Hahn do it like Kenny did with his 2004-2005 offseason moves is another story, though that’s beyond the scope of this discussion.

  10. What strikes me most watching games from the 1980s is the relatively normal size of the players (and let's be frank, also many of the fans) compared to today. Watching the Mets Red Sox WS, Sox games from this era or other games with players were on average a 3-6 inches taller than the average person (most in the 6 foot to 6 foot 3 inch range) but at an average build (175-200 lbs).

    Today, players are close height wise, perhaps an inch or two taller, but the weight is on average 20-30 lbs + heavier. The smallest players last year (Danny Mendick or Cesar Hernandez (listed as 5 10 195 lbs), would be in the top half in terms of weight on the 1988 team. Ozzie was listed at 5 11 150, Lance Johnson 5 10 160. Billy Hamilton was the only White Sox under 185 lbs last season (160), and he looked like a twig compared to everyone else.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, pcq said:

    RIP Doug Jones guardian of the bullpen.

    Sad news, he was a solid pitcher, and closed out his career in his 40s stronger than most relievers in their peak (3.0, 2.4 and 1.3 bWAR ages 40, 42, 43). 

    He pwned the Sox (61 1/3 IP, 3 HRs, 2.79 ERA, 5-4, 21 Saves).

    10 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

    2 years 17M with a club option for year 3 feels like it'll be right around what it takes to sign Tepera.

    Hard pass for those terms.

  12. Solid projections as usual by FanGraphs.

    • Keuchel, Cease and Kimbrel were working behind the eight ball last year greatly exceeding their 2021 IP count vs. 2019/2020.
    • Nice to see Giolito's projection, he has the stuff and focus to hit that number.
    • Also expect regression with Lynn. If he can somehow strengthen his stamina, it is not inevitable.
    • Rodon should also be stronger longer next year, still holding longshot hope they can make something work with him again.

    For hitting:

    • I see Robert as the most likely to exceed his projection.
    • Time will tell regarding whether Grandal can catch more than 90 games, will likely get another 20-30 if healthy at 1B and DH. The less he catches, the more negative fWAR plays (Zavala, Collins). A few of the potential veterans have already signed.
    • Eloy's defense will continue to drag down his value if he continues in LF, assuming he can pull a miracle and stay healthy out there. Really hoping they explore external interest as you may get someone to overpay (still hoping for a Pablo Lopez for Eloy/Mercedes trade) which will greatly enhance the staff, and remove one less DH from the half dozen the Sox are carrying.
    • Resigning Garcia and getting a starting 2B is the key priority overall. if they get a stronger fielding shortstop than Tim (Semien), would be interesting if they ask Tim to shift, may be a better fit there if he starts working on the position early.

    Some may say "these projections are too pessimistic", but they take into account likelihoods of injuries (missed time and reduced production), slumps / regression applied across the entire league. Young players may have potential and talent, but they must prove it over the grind of an 162 game season. Vaughn (127 Games) slowed down toward the end, and Eloy (122, 55, 55 Games) and Robert (56 and 68 Games) will also face inevitable slumps / tired if they are fortunate to be healthy enough to play 140-150 games in a season.

  13. 38 minutes ago, kleedawg said:

    He is a much better fit batting leadoff with Anderson 2nd. 

    Marcus Semien is a better defensive SS than Tim Anderson. He sucked it up and played 2B on his one year collusion restrained late Toronto signing last off-season.

    His preference is likely to return to SS, and he'll likely receive at least one offer allowing him to do that at terms similar to an offer to remain at 2B.

  14. 2022: 1B Todd Helton; 3B Scott Rolen; SS Alex Rodriguez; LF Barry Bonds; LF Pete Rose (Write-in); CF Andruw Jones; SP Roger Clemens; SP Curt Schilling.

    2022 Early Era Committee: SS Bill Dahlen.

    2022 Golden Days Committee:  1B Dick Allen; 3B Ken Boyer; LF Minnie Minoso.

    Future Ballots through 2025: C Joe Mauer; 3B Adrian Beltre; RF Ichiro Suzuki; CF Carlos Beltran; SP C. C. Sabathia.

  15. And Hahn has found his OD Starting Second Baseman, perhaps also an OF.

    Jerry: “$600,000, a LH hitter, such a deal. Much better than that bum from Cleveland. Sign Frazier as well, he can play the corners, all on the Yankees dime. What a country!

    Hey, can we begin trading our international bonus money again? Isn’t this great!”



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  16. 9 minutes ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

    They had to have the name Guardians so they could have the subliminal Indians in the logo. Some things never die.

    Yes, it is similar the Southern states scrambling to incorporate the Confederate flag into their state flags after the Civil War.

    Not the only instance of MLB catering to their dwindling target audience.


    "We don't market our game on a nationwide basis. Ours is an everyday game, we gotta sell tickets every single day to the fans in that market and there are all sorts of differences among the clubs, among the regions, as to how the game is marketed."

    - Rob Manfred

    Located 15 Miles Outside of Atlanta is Stone Mountain, The park was officially opened to the public to honor the Confederacy and celebrate the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, 100 years to the day, on April 14, 1965.