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  1. 3 hours ago, 35thstreetswarm said:

    I agree with the general sentiment and cautious optimism about spending.  But re #1, I have to note that four of the top five payroll teams are already long out of the picture, and the fifth -- the #1 payroll team -- is down 2-0 in its series (though admittedly may still be the odds-on favorite to win it all).  Thankfully I still don't think you can easily and predictably buy a title in MLB (thank god, because the White Sox will never have the resources to do so).

    A 1/4 of the Dodgers payroll was gone entering the playoffs between the rapist/domestic violence guy and then Kershaw's late injury. The AL is down to two of the top three AL payrolls (the Yankees being the other). Mets and Phillies money is historically stupid money, which skews things a bit as well in terms of discussing top payrolls being out of it with 4 teams left.

    In terms of Sox predictions, between the CBA, Tony, Hahn, and whether Jerry will spend the same or increase (a bit or a lot), it is the year that nobody can form an educated guess, at least until there is a new CBA in place. I don't have a lot of confidence they will spend the amount needed to reach the Top 10, or even if JR does authorize a significant increase that Hahn/Tony (whoever is in charge) will spend it wisely. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

  2. 15 hours ago, Jack Parkman said:

    Did they not have an EOS presser? 

    If not, what are they hiding from? 

    They haven't yet, Hahn was waiting for your return to ST. :D

    Meetings with the players, manager and coaching staff should have concluded. Hopefully, Hahn will make himself available for media before the World Series. I'm monitoring James Fegan's twitter account.

  3. Quote

    Most Minor Leaguers make less than $15,000 per year and won't receive their next paycheck until April," Marino said. "For the next six months, they will spend hours each day training -- as required by contract -- while trying to balance second and third jobs to make ends meet. Like housing six players in a two-bedroom apartment, this is a broken model from a bygone era. Minor leaguers will not rest until they receive the livable annual salary they deserve."

    Minor league players were exempted from federal minimum-wage and overtime rules after the Save America's Pastime Act, a House bill that failed amid widespread criticism in 2016 but was written into law nearly 2,000 pages into a 2018 omnibus spending bill. A class-action lawsuit filed by players alleging they were underpaid and not provided overtime remains in the court system after the United States Supreme Court denied MLB's attempt to dismiss the case.


  4. 3 hours ago, A-Train to 35th said:

    Wow... I remember this and I always felt sorry Hahn didn't get to choose his man after architecting the rebuild, but he clearly didn't agree with Jerry's hire.  Only 4 minutes in but it's painful to watch.  Not sure Hinch was the man which is who I believe Hahn was going to hire which may be why Jerry stepped in.  Only problem instead of a cheater we ended up with Tony and his DUI's which can be argued is worse than the cheating.  Bruce Bochy was my choice but after reading he turned down the Padres he may not have been an option which could be why Hahn turned to Hinch.   As much as the faithful didn't want Tony, I don't think we wanted a cheater either.  So I ask if not Tony, Hinch, or Bochy then who?

    Bochy turned down the Padres, because it was reported Bruce had (and still has) no interest in dealing with Preller, an issue the Padres will continue to have while seeking their next manager.

    The White Sox did not explore any other options. Jerry called Tony, Tony called the BBHOF to ensure he couldn’t lose his ring, before accepting Reinsdorf’s offer. A sham “Selig Rule” interview with Willie Harris was conducted, and that was that.

    The SoxTalk Poll conducted last year resulted in just over 90% equally split in wanting Hinch or a non Hinch/Tony option, and the remaining 9% wanting Tony.

  5. On 10/14/2021 at 8:44 AM, Balta1701 said:

    His position with the White Sox has certainly changed in the last 12 months after he was not allowed to hire his own coach. What that means for how the front office is functioning or for his career I will not guess here, but it could certainly be a factor in a decision like that. There could be actual personal conflicts here affecting his daily existence for the first time in his tenure.

    Hahn has not had the authority to conduct and act on a managerial search in his 9 seasons as GM. Hahn inherited Ventura, promoted Ricky within 24 hours of Ventura stepping down, extended Ricky in October 2019, and then was bypassed when JR big-timed both Hahn and Kenny.

    There is a good possibility Hahn never reaches that level of authority/autonomy with the White Sox, beyond say a sudden La Russa health episode sometime within the next eleven seasons, though Tony will need more if the Sox end up tanking again.

    Current Standings

    1. Connie Mack 3,731
    2. Tony La Russa 2,821

  6. 42 minutes ago, hi8is said:

    And their missing their ace. I believe we beat them if they didn’t have McCullers.

    Their Ace was Verlander, until injury cost him and the Astros the entire season. They were also missing Zach Greinke, their number 3 behind Verlander and McCuller, and they were also without him in the playoffs beyond a couple of relief innings.

    Heading into 2022, both Verlander and Greinke are FAs. Astros have more flexibility than the White Sox ($92M vs. $109M) heading into this off-season, and an owner willing to consistently finish in the Top 9 of baseball in payroll.

  7. 3 minutes ago, South Sider said:

    I still cant believe that I'm the only person only moderately suspicious that the Astros are cheating still.

    All the credit everyone is giving them here, the fact that none of our really good SPs could make it deep into a game before the Astros figured them out, maybe they do deserve the credit. ..

    But at 5 LCS in a row and one of the most dominant performances I have ever seen vs the White Sox... I really cant trust that they are legit now considering the players received zero repercussion. Their history simply dictates that I cannot trust that any of this is legitimate. 

    There are five players left, and one owner left, from "when they cheated". Everyone else is gone.

    • Lance Lynn dropped off significantly since his knee issues came to light, sadly right after he signed an extension which perhaps should have not happened until the off-season, if at all.
    • Carlos Rodon's arm has also been shot the past few months, and truth be told should not have started if that was the best his current health would allow.
    • Dylan Cease has had issues against good teams all year, all career, and there is nowhere to hide in the playoffs.
    • Lucas Giolito was their best pitcher, and left with a 4-2 lead. He also has sucked in early games, and he should have started Game 1 (both because it was a few hours later, and second he is the Sox Ace, especially when you look at Lynn's current ability with his knee.

    Lynn got the nod, because he is Tony's guy, every move the past year has been spending all funds and sacrificing top prospects and high roster restraining contracts to acquire mid-30s guys Tony likes. So we enter Year 3 of the "Multi-Championship Window" with limited resources to plug a hole in RF that's existed since the tanking years, and a hole in 2B that Madrigal (health) and Cesar (performance) failed to close, and a hole in the rotation (Keuchel) because of performance, and Kopech's inning restrictions due to the fact he is working off of a 69 inning base.

    Fans need to stop grasping at straws and confront the fact their team wasn't good enough, has not been good enough, and with the same management and roster construction will not be good enough. The 4-3 series win over Boston was the only playoff team the Sox had a winning season series record against this season (Houston 3-8; Milwaukee 1-2; New York 1-5; Tampa Bay 3-3; Overall 11-18 in season, 1-3 postseason). There was no magic switch (either in Tony's brain or with the team) to flip when "games counted" or when "the big six were healthy", despite JR's media hacks instances that there would be. They are what their record says they are.

  8. 3 minutes ago, poppysox said:

    I hope we don't solve the logjam by trading the young guys while we keep the old guys.  

    I agree on that front, not necessarily looking for older guys in return. Dave Dunning, Codi Heuer and Nick Madrigal  have been traded, and not looking for continued prospects for mid 30s players. Eloy is still young (25 next season), will hopefully bounce back after his latest injury.

    Also not looking to "sell low". Just saying if you are considering trading one of the core, and can get a great offer, Eloy is the only one I'd consider over the other three position players. Longer term, I'm not sure if he has it in him to embrace the DH role he is best suited to play. Also, Robert (3.6), Anderson (4.6), and the much maligned (by SoxTalk and SteveStone) Yoan Moncada (4.0) have left Eloy in the dust (3.4 bWAR over three seasons) in terms of development. Eloy needs to return committed to making significant improvements with his offensive approach.

  9. I'd add Eloy to the list, and Grandal would be best used with significant playing time at 1B and DH to keep his bat and legs fresh.

    The problem is Eloy and Vaughn have not hit well in the DH hole, Eloy is adamant he isn't a DH, and makes poor decisions in LF (both strategic and in terms of health). If they could get a significant return on Eloy with a potential NL DH spot next season, I'd consider it. 

    Sheets can hit in the DH role. The problem is Jerry/Tony will keep Abreu around for however many years possible, and he could be taking at bats away from more productive players 2023 and beyond, similar to Konerko's final contract with the Sox (4 seasons, 0.7 bWAR per season, just under $10M per season).

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  10. 2 hours ago, Chimpton said:

    Just a quick (maybe silly) question, but when normally does anything happen in the off season regards player transactions? Obviously I know the WS has to be over first but after that when do moves really begin to happen? 

    First step will be the Sox making decisions on who they will tender contracts to in terms of players under control and arbitration eligible, and free agents.

    • Will they make a qualifying offer on Carlos Rodon.
    • Will they pick up team options on Craig Kimbrel and or Cesar Hernandez

    Below is the league calendar, though arbitration and other deadlines may be in limbo after the expiration of the CBA on 12/1. There could be much lower free agency activity than usual in November due to the expiring CBA.

    • Day after 2021 World Series - Trading resumes, eligible players become free agents
    • Fifth day after end of 2021 World Series (tentative)Deadline for clubs to make qualifying offers to their eligible former players who became free agents
    • Sixth day after end of 2021 World Series - First day free agents may sign contracts with a club other than their former club.
    • 15th day after end of 2021 World Series - Last date for Article XX (B) free agents to accept a qualifying offer from a former club.
    • November 20, 2021 - Day to file reserve lists for all Major and Minor League levels.
    • December 1, 2021 - 2017-21 Collective Bargaining Agreement expires.
    • December 2, 2021 - Last date for clubs to offer 2022 contracts to unsigned players.
    • December, 2021 - Winter Meetings.
    • December, 2021 - Rule 5 Draft
    • December 15, 2021 - International amateur signing period closes.
    • January, 2022 - Salary arbitration filing. CBA, Article VI (E)(2).
    • January, 2022 - Exchange of salary arbitration figures between MLB Labor Relations Department and MLB Players Association. CBA, Article VI (E) (2).
    • February, 2022 - Salary arbitration hearings.
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  11. 4 hours ago, MexSoxFan#1 said:

    Only these Sox can actually put up runs really fast. 

    Pretty much just Kike Hernandez, aka First Name Last Name on Fox.

    Smart teams pick up guys like him, 29. 4.9 bWAR. True gamer. Sox too worried about platoon splits, so they went with Adam Eaton, who was near universally scorned at the time of the acquisition for lack of both health and production the past four seasons, for more $ this season. 

  12. 1 hour ago, caulfield12 said:

    By the way, are we supposed to root for the Astros to win it all now to make the Sox look better, or for Sale despite being on the Red Sox but coming off an injury?  Challenging to find anything compelling to root for now, Just tepidly for ATL I guess.

    Astros are the last team I have one reason to hope they win (a ring for Dusty). It may push Tony over the edge, either this offseason or next season.

    I hate Atlanta, hate the Dodgers more, hate Boston the most. I am not wasting a second on the NLCS, or the WS if Boston advances.

  13. 39 minutes ago, 35thstreetswarm said:

    Damn -- that's the kind of thinking that could get a team to the League Divisional Series...

    29 teams would take Zaidi as the GM or President over KW and RH. About the same ratio as teams (29 against, 1 for) who would ever even be remotely interested in TLR.

    The lone White Sox coach or manager worth a damn came from Zaidi's organization.

  14. 15 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

    Ok, got it.  Baseball savant team stats. They were bottom 5 in launch angle in 2019, bottom 3 in 2020, bottom 10 in 2015-2018. While this is something to work on, it does predate Menechino and there’s no drop off with him starting. It does suggest that as a team, they don’t care about launch angles, across multiple coaching staffs.

    Stop your fussing about nerds and their new fangled arithmetic. TWTW and "decisions from the gut" are what are prized in this bumpkin organization powered by lifetime cronyism. 

    Marco Paddy and Getz/ scouts can bring in talent, but the crony instructional and ML coaches over the decades have done little to nothing with this talent compared to organizations light years ahead of us. Ethan Katz is the only modern coach brought in, and the staff was lightyears ahead of where they were under Cooper (including Giolito having to leave the organization to get quality instruction).

    The Giants brought in a bunch of new coaches and they won 107 with mostly retreads. What do the Sox do? Bring in La Russa, a bunch of his cronies, Dave Duncan's son, Calligraphy Guy Narron.

    And there you have it.

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  15. 6 hours ago, pettie4sox said:

    Mookie beating up on the Red Sox would be pretty hilarious ending to the season.  Two WC teams making it to the WS, crazy.

    Proves the worth of the season is absolute garbage, and owners are plotting to make it completely irrelevant.

    There should be no Wild Cards. Drop the two teams without a fan base (Tampa and Miami), return to four seven team divisions, and restore integrity to the season.

    Wild Card "World" Champions (aka teams not good enough to win a 5 team division)

    • 1997 Florida Marlins
    • 2002 Anaheim Angels
    • 2003 Florida Marlins (2 WS, 0 Division Titles in their existence)
    • 2004 Boston Red Sox
    • 2006 Saint Louis Cardinals (The all time shittiest qualifier, .515 winning percentage)
    • 2011 Saint Louis Cardinals
    • 2014 San Francisco Giants
    • 2019 Washington Nationals

    If Boston or Los Angeles win this year, wild cards will have won 1/3 or .333 of all World Series during this era, despite the fact they are .250 or the teams in the playoffs, and weren't good enough to beat four teams in the regular season. MLB's solution, have 10 wild card teams and make the regular season completely irrelevant.


  16. 7 hours ago, wegner said:

    Ok so you are fine with a player getting thrown at head high? I'm not.  Alleged intent my ass.  Why are you standing up for a lying, cheating organization?

    Once again, fuck the Astros....I did not change their name, happy?

    Boston is as bad or worse, and the thread title is "poop".

  17. 7 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

    Would much rather have a +140 game sample size than 3 or 4  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    140 Sample Size = a majority of games against Tanking Teams. The Sox offense looked like shit most games against the playoff teams, second series against the injury/COVID decimated Yankees (which they still lost two of three, the non La Russa game the only victory) the outlier. Grandal or Eloy playing anywhere close to 140 games only happens in a video game.

    Bottom line is Benetti's Hyped numbers were just as small of a sample size, and were compiled against the shittiest teams in baseball.

    • at Boston (4.0 Runs Per Game)
    • at New York AL 1.7
    • vs. Saint Louis 4.3
    • vs. Tampa Bay 4.3
    • at Houston 2.0
    • vs. Houston 5.0
    • at Milwaukee 1.7
    • vs. New York AL 5.6
    • at Tampa Bay 3.7
    • vs. Boston 4.7
    • ALDS Houston 4.5

    Average: 3.77 runs per game.