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  1. Rey21

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    I remember when gun to head Machado was coming to the Sox too. The only base to this he has is because Sox need pitching and have money probably nothing more. Id love to be proven wrong though
  2. Rey21

    George Springer Thread

    It sounds like most believe he’s gonna wait for the Mets to get their front office set so until that’s done Sox are probably gonna have to overpay some to get a deal done ASAP so this is likely gonna drag out some...
  3. Rey21

    Sox/Pederson speculation via CSN

    Brother, check my other posts, if the Sox fail to sign Springer and end up with Joc I’m cool with it if it means Ozuna is here also. Trade Vaughn for controllable SPs
  4. Rey21

    Sox/Pederson speculation via CSN

    Guys... Marcell Ozuna almost won the MVP award Andrew Vaughn hasn’t had an at bat above High A ball. I understand the excitement and the idea of him hitting some blasts but he needs time to develop.
  5. Rey21

    Sox/Pederson speculation via CSN

    If he was anything like last year it definitely wouldn’t be a poor use of resources, again this is assuming they’re not signing Springer. Signing Ozuna makes, or should make Vaughn expendable in search for pitching.
  6. Rey21

    Sox/Pederson speculation via CSN

    I’m fine with Brantley as long as it means Springer is here as well. I know I sound like a unrealistic jag bag but Jerry has to spend. I’ll be fine with a platoon in RF as long as they have Ozuna. They just again need a another big bopper in the lineup.
  7. Rey21

    Sox/Pederson speculation via CSN

    Right now I’d rather have Ozuna because he’s already proven. Vaughn may be a superstar and hell sign Ozuna and keep Vaughn, you could never have enough hitting.
  8. Rey21

    Offseason Targets

    Assuming Springer signs with the Mets next steps: Sign Marcell Ozuna 4 Years/$100 mil Sign Garret Richards 1 Year/$8 mil Sign Keone Kela 1 Year / $4 mil Trade: Vaughn and Kopech for Snell Trade: Cease, Heuer, and Bryce Bush for Conforto (Mets will probably hold onto him but whatever)
  9. Rey21

    Sox/Pederson speculation via CSN

    I’d only be okay with Joc if it means they signed Ozuna to DH. They need a big bat at one of the 2 spots. Joc is nothing more than a band aid in my opinion. They need to be prepared for an Abreu regression and Joc doesn’t make up for that.
  10. Rey21

    Real Talk - Trading Kopech would be a big time mistake

    And let’s say Dunning’s hit his ceiling or Vaughn ends up being White Sox Mark Kotsay. Look at the past World Series winners, they all took risks at the deadline or in the offseason and gave away talent to get talent and Snell in all honesty is the perfect fit for the Sox and fits the exact player Rick Hahn looks for in trades.
  11. Rey21

    Real Talk - Trading Kopech would be a big time mistake

    I think Hahn is going to do everything in his power to hold onto Kopech, Dunning, and Vaughn but if an offer comes along for a top of the rotation arm - we have to remember their window to win a title is now open. Kopech, Dunning, Vaughn may be good or great but give me the sure thing over a possibility 9 times out of 10.
  12. Rey21

    Reds-Rox Trade A-Brewin

    Would be shocked, SHOCKED if it doesn’t include Trevor Story!!!
  13. Rey21

    George Springer Thread

    They don’t have and haven’t had a natural CF since Carlos Beltran.
  14. Rey21

    George Springer Thread

    Springer would be smart to just wait on the Mets. That’s his best case scenario, they have the money, offer him the chance to play his natural position, a chance to win (yes the Mets have a chance to win). I just don’t see Jerry doing everything it takes to secure Springer. He’s gonna go to the Mets, makes too much sense for him.