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  1. superchops70

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    When is Anderson expected back?
  2. superchops70

    9/9 Sox at A's game thread 2:37 first pitch

    Oh so that’s what a profession hitter looks like.
  3. superchops70

    9/9 Sox at A's game thread 2:37 first pitch

    3–1 has never felt more insurmountable. If this team doesn’t score early and often, then they just don’t score all game. 99% chance we have one run at the end of this game.
  4. superchops70

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    God dammit you put in a full day at work with the expectation in your mind to get to watch a baseball game and then it’s over in two minutes.
  5. superchops70

    8/26 Chicago White Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays 2:07 PM CDT

    If you thought 9-2 was going to be a comfortable win, you thought wrong.
  6. JFC how do our players not know the basic rules of the game?!
  7. superchops70

    8/1 Game Thread Sox vs Guardians 1:10

    Extra inning loss headed our way.
  8. superchops70

    8/1 Game Thread Sox vs Guardians 1:10

    Fantastic swings from Goodwin and Garcia
  9. superchops70

    7/30 CWS v CLE 7:10 PM CDT

    Weak ground ball, he fits right in with this team!
  10. superchops70

    Sox @ Royals, 7/26, 7:10, Game Thread

    My god, lets just swing at every gd pitch no matter where it is.
  11. superchops70

    7/19- Twins at Sox Gm 1, 4:10

    Do we know who’s pitching the 2nd game today?
  12. superchops70

    GT 6/27 G2: Mariners @ SOX

    Anyone notice the cute little moment between your Mercedes and Larussa as they were walking off the field about 10 seconds before the end of the broadcast? Seems like there’s no bad blood going on there.
  13. Losses happen. Bad losses happen. But the injury to Madrigal is by far the most concerning thing.
  14. superchops70

    5/24 Cardinals vs. White Sox

    Crappy base running by Eaton. Look at the dam 3rd base coach and run!!
  15. superchops70

    5/18 White Sox @ Twins 6:40 PM

    Yes. Definitely. Or they go after Anderson to get it over with right away. What do they have to lose at this point?