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  1. jaws7575

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    is this 1983 again-turn back the year clock
  2. jaws7575

    Tony La Russa

    where is our leader kyyle 23 should be kicked out-he is breaking all the rules
  3. jaws7575

    Tony La Russa

    kyyle23 your a hypercrite --thought we were not allowed to post negative or insulting things about other posters-nice if you lived by your own lmao -and secondly I was the first one to come up with a post about Tony- clean your glasses
  4. jaws7575

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Bruce Bochy might be taking a run at the job-you know the sox are being well thought about when all these are hoping into the fray.I dont want to see Konerko, AJ , Baines, Rains or any other former sox player being named the manager.
  5. jaws7575

    Tony La Russa

    The sox are finally thankfully in great shape for the most part, why would he fire Hann? I think he wants to give his friend a good shot at the brass ring. Jerry is 84 so he thinks 76 is young. If they did La Russa for a year or to teach a very good and upcoming young manager maybe I could live with that, but I think I would rather go with HInch
  6. jaws7575

    Tony La Russa

    not bad idea but I dont think thats what jerry had in mind
  7. jaws7575

    Tony La Russa

    One of my all-time favorite sox teams is the 83 white sox, makes me feel old. If it was not that goof messing up on the base path the sox would won and Hoyt pitching next game they win and are world series bound ughhhhhhh. I am one of Tony's fan . If this was ten years I would say yes. I have a lot of reservations if this is a real option. One he has not managed in 9 years-the game has changed. His age is my real concern would he up with all the travel this year and beyond? This team has a good 5 year window and I do not want a lot of with the manager spot. My honest question is tony a viable option? My first pick I think is Hinch .My heart is with Tony but common sense says no.
  8. Is this a signal that Jerry has given up control of the team? Jerry in the past was too loyal. This sounds as if someone else has their hands on the wheel 1000 percent. What does that mean for the off season if there has been change in control? Is Hahn now in complete control or a combination of him and Kenny in control?
  9. jaws7575

    Don Cooper appreciation thread

    I appreciate 2005 but it was time to go like ten years ago lol
  10. jaws7575

    Why was Dunning pulled after 15 pitches?

    Yes the sox did have a 3-0 lead but I never felt at ease with what the manager was doing. I agree with some people he was managing not to lose. I hate when football coaches do that-they lose. It is way easy to second guess but I just feel that Dunning was pulled to soon. I Have seen pitchers struggle in the first inning and then settle down , he did have two outs and it is not fair to say he would have been scored upon. We will never know and that is what bothers me a little. Dunning stays in and might get shelled or might get thru the easy second inning lineup. Does that change the final score who knows.
  11. jaws7575

    Why was Dunning pulled after 15 pitches?

    good post by a-train our manager made poor pitching decisions in this game and hit the panic button way to soon-that affected the whole team. I have never seen a starting pitcher pulled out of a game in the first inning when healthy with 15 pitches thrown and 2 outs-sorry I would have given Dunning the chance. Worse case they score a couple of runs are the sox doomed to lose 2-0? I am not saying they would have won but they should have given the man a chance.
  12. You a good poster and know the game but we have no clue how he caught the virus . It could have been easy as standing next to the wrong person at the wrong . I just hope he recovers 100 percent by next spring.
  13. jaws7575

    An honest question about Vaughn

    I was worried he might be to slow but where does he play then? we currently have a pretty good first basemen who does not enjoy being a dh. I am curious how that will play out.