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  1. He will be the Sox Bobby Bonilla receiving a million dollars a year for life. He will be non executive Chairman as he doesn’t know shit about running a business.
  2. Pinch running Hasely was also a good move. Surviving Banks and Leury RBI hit in the 9 th was indeed against all odds. Let’s enjoy it while we can.
  3. Hope he has someone to drive him home.
  4. Against all odds, but kudos finally To TLR and Leury Legend.
  5. Hitters have been worse than the pitchers.
  6. Price just went up after the win 1-0. This is Limited Edition, so grab it while you can, as there will be very few other opportunities in the future.
  7. Should have bought a lot before the 9th. It will sell out because I am sure they did not make many.
  8. Banks bails out TLR. Now we will see him again in the next couple of games.
  9. He is trying to imitate Cease. Good luck,!
  10. Ground3d out on a ball 6 inches outside of the zone. Most of our guys are impatient, swinging at most everything, and not able to hit sliders, splitters, unless they get a fastball they have no chance. because TLR is an inept manager, and he needed his bad decision streak alive.
  11. It is not just Burger, TLR simply does not like to pinch hit. How many times has he let scrubs like Leury hit late in close games with boppers available on the bench? Many times.
  12. I hope the shirt is on clearance, which means it is being taken out of circulation.