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  1. 17 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

    Yolbert?  The guy with a .642 OPS in Charlotte and .600 in August?  Pass

    I will guess you are talking about Jose Rodriguez?  He's super young for his level already, and isn't thought of as a top prospect that would typically get skipping AAA type of treatment, if I had to guess.

    Again, just asking questions. But if Yolbert can’t get a callup now, may as well ship him out of the organization. JR is young, but old(er) minor leaguers aren’t often great either. OK then, bring up Romy. 😐

  2. 59 minutes ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:


    I thought you can never ever touch an umpire for any reason; especially when arguing.

    Or is that not white in this case?

    There’s a clear difference  in the way Anderson came at the umpire to contact.  Technically by the letter of the law there isn’t. I’d say after Rizzo got mad, he gathered himself to touch the ump in a calm way. They can call it the same if they want to. But there was a difference in the contact.

  3. 54 minutes ago, Harry Chappas said:

    He failed in front offices in three places and is now failing in the dugout.  For Christ sake it's done....the drunkard needs to just go the f home already. 

    A week from today there will be no playoff concerns and his inability to manage will be as clear as it is currently is to most already.

    The White Sox biggest mistake was not letting the drunk go 35 years ago it was letting Francona go.

    Francona is 10x the manger the druknard ever was and he was the Sox AA manager....that was a franchise altering mistake. 

    I gave you a LaRussa for this  post because the   passion is admirable.   You got spunk, kid.

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  4. 1 hour ago, mmmmmbeeer said:

    Gio chose to change his body this season...I believe reports were he added 30 pounds of muscle.  If the muscle gain changed his velocity for the worse, perhaps taking away some of his arm/elbow/shoulder spasticity, not sure what you expect Katz to do about it.

    Why a guy who was pitching the best ball of his life decided to remake his body is just beyond me.  

    Great questions. Personally I just think he is naturally gonna be a big guy, his body is changing as he gets older, and whether or not he attributes this to intentionally bulking up or not, it’s gonna happen. But yeah, it’s stupid to do it on purpose.

  5. I’ll  just say that I can’t think of any truly great player that leaves these kinds of impressions, and has these kinds of questions asked. Sure, there have been those that leave some preparation to be desired. But they generally don’t look to be sleepwalking. You can see the fire is burning.