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    Should Leury Garcia start over Hernandez at 2nd base vs. Stros ?

    To be hoenst I platoon Garcia to make sure he is in the starting lineup at all times. So I start Cesar at 2nd one night and Leury in RF. Next night put Leury at 2nd and Engel or Vaughn in RF.
  2. Colome's Hat

    Liam and wife visit a Chicago Firehouse

    My friend works at Howard Brown, a Chicagoland LGBTQ+ health center, and i texted her a a photo of Liam in a Howard Brown sweatshirt today that he had on while putting on the Pride flag at Comiskey. She said that he actually came into their health center today and got the sweatshirt there. Said that he and his wife are really nice and really supportive and generous.
  3. Colome's Hat

    9/29 Reds @ Sox 7:10PM CT

    No because this was a freak accident and I read a report he'll be back this weekend.
  4. And the Cubs were coming off a streak of scoring 10 or more runs in consecutive games and he shut them down for five perfect innings.
  5. 2023 I presume. It's essentially the Sale plan.
  6. Did anyone read about the key to ReyLo's breakthrough? Apparently he had eye surgery. Apparently he had blurred vision or something and it was so bad he couldn't actually tell what signs the catchers were putting down.
  7. Colome's Hat

    9/29 Reds @ Sox 7:10PM CT

    Save Wright for Friday to plunk Goodrum.
  8. Even when he had that crappy start against the Angels, he still struck out 7. Was more just bad D and some bad luck but the stuff was good.
  9. SUre. I mean Kopech will likely get the spot but I don't see any harm in letting Kopech at least compete with him for that spot. I don't see them getting rid of Keuchel either. Likely: GIo Lynn Cease Keuchel Kopech/ReyLo Could also see them using six starters next year (ala 2011) and ReyLo would definitely be a sixth starter.
  10. Colome's Hat

    Liam and wife visit a Chicago Firehouse

    Also, shout out to Liam and his wife for all the great work they have done in the LGBTQ+ community. It's really great to see, especially as queer White Sox fan myself.
  11. Colome's Hat

    Grade this year's trade deadline

    Yeah. But I do think Tony might feel more comfortable rotating, especially if Tepera keeps pitching lights out. Like I could see especially against the Astros, Tepara in the 7th and two innings of Liam. Following day, use Kimbrel in the 9th. I think we will likely see the value of getting Kimbrel in the playoffs too.
  12. Colome's Hat

    Gio is our ace

    Not watching the game today but following close enough so that I feel comfortable making this post. Gio is our ace and needs to start Game 1. This is also no disrespect to Lynn or Rodon who have been fantastic this year, Cy Young worthy, but Gio has been our stopper this year and the dude who, when we have needed not just a big outing but a deep outing, he has delivered. Think his 8 innings against the Twins after the loss. Or the complete game against the Astros (I believe his last two starts against them have been complete games). Or the start in Tampa. I know we all focus on the disastrous game three but lost in that was how wonderful he was in Game one of that series against Oakland. Dude carried a perfect game into the 7th inning in his first playoff start. He's been their best pitcher in the second half as well.
  13. Colome's Hat

    9/27 Sox @ Tigers 12:10PM CT

  14. Colome's Hat


    Beating racism is great. The White Sox just defeated racism.
  15. Colome's Hat

    9/26 Sox @ Guardians 12:10PM CT

    Trivia question for all the hot shots: Who was the last player to reach 40 saves for the White Sox and what year did he do it in? Also by default this person has gotten the most saves in the last eleven years.
  16. Colome's Hat

    Grade this year's trade deadline

    Right now it's a B. But yeah, it's a november call. But Tepara was a steal and has been a stud for them. Kimbrel has had his moments. Cesar has been a disappointment after that first week. Still I think he likely was better than Mendick at 2nd.
  17. Colome's Hat

    Grade this year's trade deadline

    Win a world series and it's an A+++++++++++
  18. Colome's Hat

    9/26 Sox @ Guardians 12:10PM CT

    That home run was bullshit and just a good swing. He looks fine. He's getting ahead of hitters. Curve is nasty. Still want him to throw it more.
  19. Colome's Hat

    9/26 Sox @ Guardians 12:10PM CT

    Am I the only one who is reminded of Shingo when Craig goes into his delivery? Maybe it's arm angle or the way the ball comes out of his hand but it strangely reminds me of watching Shingo even though he actually throws in the high 90s. That knuckle curve is like a frisbee pitch though.
  20. Colome's Hat

    Cease leaves game after comebacker hits pitching arm

    Dude should have 15 wins now. The bullpen blew like four of those games for him.
  21. Colome's Hat

    9/26 Sox @ Guardians 12:10PM CT

    Move the fucking line. Would rather not use Kimbrel or Hendriks today as it' s Keuchel day monday.
  22. Colome's Hat

    Engel hurt again, Tepera progressing

    Good god. Leury in RF, Vaughn at DH.
  23. Colome's Hat

    Blackout is Back for Soxtober

    FUCK YES!!!!!!!
  24. Colome's Hat

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Revenge for 2000 good friend!!!!
  25. Colome's Hat

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    Ha. I think Hamilton is a lock. He's a good defensive replacement/speed guy that they'll likely need. I think Goodwin won't make it.