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    2020 Election Thoughts

    With all do respect do not elevate anyone to cult status. Does Trump have personality flaws, yes. Is he solely responsible for dividing the nation, I think not. Has he done much to unify the nation? That's a resounding no. But based on policy and accomplishments, if you think President elect Biden will be better for this country, you must really not think highly of your country.
  2. SoxKing3002

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Soooo I guess invoking the Defense Production Act to get private corporations to produce ventilators and other PPE when the previous administration depleted the supply. Providing a naval ship to NYC with hospital beds which the the stupid evil governor of NY forced nursing homes to accept covid patients and Operation warp speed to produce vaccines was not giving a damn to fighting the virus. I guess this all doesn't fit the narrative and leftist playbook when you get your news from exclusively the View.