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  1. Rusty_Kuntz

    Offseason Thread

    Better meaning lower? I do better with the NFL in pricing free agents.
  2. Rusty_Kuntz

    Offseason Thread

    How much are guys like Marte going to cost? $25m over 2 years with an option? I'm assuming the Sox are not going to be in on the really big ticket guys.
  3. Rusty_Kuntz

    Offseason Thread

    Decline Kimbrel Decline Hernandez Sign Marte Sign Escobar Re-sign Tepera Sign one more BP arm QO to Rodon, which he likely declines. Tough to say what do with the rotation past Gio, Lynn, and Cease. Probably throw a one year contract old guy into the mix and hope for the best out of meh. Not sure what else to do unless you are comfortable trading away some nice young pieces.
  4. Rusty_Kuntz

    Offseason Thread

    More likely they are the 84 Milwaukee Bucks.
  5. Rusty_Kuntz

    White Sox Dave and John Cusack slap fight

    It was pretty funny when Cusack got booed mercilessly at Comiskey in 2008. This thing is pure Southside meatball though.
  6. Rusty_Kuntz

    We All Know What the Problem Is: Jerry Reinsdorf

    I was a little kid at the time, what did he do?
  7. Rusty_Kuntz

    If we don't win at least one in this series...

    I've been a fan for 40 years, but at some point I don't know how people can follow this franchise closely and consistently over time. It's extremely frustrating and often embarrassing. I didn't really watch intently from about 2012 to 2019. I got excited a bit last year with the young talent, got MLB, and was pleasantly surprised. Obviously this year has been fun, but ultimately the same old shit just more talent. That said I am complete sucker for the Bears, I get excited every year, and they are probably even more poorly run than the Sox.
  8. Rusty_Kuntz

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    That happened in the 7th, after he didn't have anyone up in the pen to start the 5th and Houston tied the game. And then he brought in Crochet rather than Kopech, so two WFT moments before then imo. And maybe more, I don't recall.
  9. Rusty_Kuntz

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Most of that has not been luck.
  10. Rusty_Kuntz

    Game 2 MLB Network

    Putting both games 1 and 2 during the day is so fucking stupid. MLB has its head up its ass. Just put them all in the evening and let them overlap. But even with these dumbass day games they should never, ever have one series play two weekday day games in a row.
  11. He could still hit pretty well after, but yes. I think that happened with Cincinnati where he was hurt on and off for like 3 years and then never really recovered.