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  1. CentralChamps21

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    People are completely missing the point here. It doesn't matter whether TA comparing himself to Jackie Robinson is fine or ridiculous. As a white person, Josh Donaldson doesn't get any say in the matter. None. Given his history with the Sox, if he thinks anything he says to anyone on that team will be interpreted as a joke then he's an incredibly stupid person. Much more likely he was trying to get under TA's skin. He knows it, TA knows it, everybody knows it.
  2. CentralChamps21

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    Given the history of how MLB treats the Yankees, no.
  3. CentralChamps21

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    Just to recap: Georgia passes racist voting laws - Braves, who have no control over that, lose the All-Star game. Yankees 3B/DH makes racist statements to another player - No punishment.
  4. Not once. Haven't done it. It's impossible.
  5. Sox have yet to win even one game when allowing 5+ runs.
  6. Hard to bunt from the dugout
  7. Yeah, I don't get that either.
  8. CentralChamps21

    All Injuries - One Link

    Going to need to shed three pitchers. One when Bummer is back, one on June 1, and one when Lynn is back. Sousa, Foster and Banks all have options, but Foster has been pitching well and losing both Sousa and Banks leaves Bummer as the only lefty. I think one of Cueto, Velasquez or Keuchel is gone when Lynn is back. No need to carry 8 starters.
  9. CentralChamps21


    I still live with my parents so I got nothing for you but wanted to say congratulations!
  10. CentralChamps21

    Knights fire Wes Helms

    So this made me think to ask this question: How much of playing time at the minors is dictated by the major league club and how much is the minor league manager's discretion?
  11. CentralChamps21

    Kopech back, Burr to AAA

    I told my mom this, her response: That sounds like a rule a fucking man wrote.
  12. Sox will lose 2 or 3 games in this series, then next week, Cole and Judge will go on the IL and the Yankees will come crashing back to earth after it's too late for the Sox to benefit.
  13. CentralChamps21

    The "Real" Standings

    I'm doing the opposite. I'm not getting riled up about being only 3 behind the Twins because of how hard it will be to overcome Houston or New York.