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  1. CentralChamps21

    MLB Work stoppage almost certain

    Yeah, but in 2020 all the offseason stuff (Rule 5 draft, free agency, arbitration) had already happened. Would that not require a longer timeframe to get all that in?
  2. CentralChamps21

    MLB Work stoppage almost certain

    Technically its a work stoppage if there's no deal on December 2, but how late can they make a deal and start the season on time? Nobody really cares about work stoppages in December.
  3. CentralChamps21

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Quick--somebody petition the league to change the quarantine period from 7 days to 7 months.
  4. CentralChamps21

    TA a Sliver Slugger finalist

    Dylan Cease was robbed.
  5. CentralChamps21

    World Series - Braves v. Trashtros

    Braves marketing opportunity: "Braves fans, one thing the Georgia legislature can't stop you from voting for is World Series MVP. Log on to mlb.com/braves to cast your vote now!"
  6. CentralChamps21

    Offseason Thread

    We saw firsthand how excellent infield defense can impact a series. I think people are looking for a way to shove the best 9 hitters they can get into the lineup and ignore the impacts on the defense. Moncada needs to stay at 3rd.
  7. I think a completely new ownership person/group would be the best path forward, but I would give him a chance to see what changes get made.
  8. CentralChamps21

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Yes Nagy should be fired, but I don't have confidence in Pace to pick the right replacement, nor in the team executives to pick the right GM should Pace get fired.
  9. CentralChamps21

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Everybody except Fields and Roquan should be available if the price is right.
  10. CentralChamps21

    2021 Celebrity Death Thread

    James Michael Tyler, "Gunther" from Friends, 59, from prostate cancer. Prostate cancer killed my grandfather at 66. If you're over 45, please start getting annual PSA tests.
  11. CentralChamps21

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Tom Brady must have seen that Bellichick's team put up 54 points earlier.
  12. CentralChamps21

    2021 College Football

    Tom Brady had 598 touchdown passes while playing college football?
  13. CentralChamps21

    ALCS - BoSox / Ashoes

    Astros were 5th in MLB in lowest chase rate. Sox were 22nd. Next worse playoff team was Braves at 17th.
  14. CentralChamps21

    2021 College Football

    The game also featured an offensive pass interference penalty on an offensive lineman and a false start penalty on a kicker.
  15. CentralChamps21

    Sox playoff tickets on Sale Wed 2pm

    Even if it's only $10K per day, after 6 weeks, that's enough for the CEO to buy himself, his wife, and his side chick all new cars.