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  1. People are completely missing the point here. It doesn't matter whether TA comparing himself to Jackie Robinson is fine or ridiculous. As a white person, Josh Donaldson doesn't get any say in the matter. None. Given his history with the Sox, if he thinks anything he says to anyone on that team will be interpreted as a joke then he's an incredibly stupid person. Much more likely he was trying to get under TA's skin. He knows it, TA knows it, everybody knows it.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, Bob Sacamano said:

    Seems like it. But then it gets interesting when max amount of pitchers moves from 14 to 13 beginning of June.

    Going to need to shed three pitchers. One when Bummer is back, one on June 1, and one when Lynn is back. Sousa, Foster and Banks all have options, but Foster has been pitching well and losing both Sousa and Banks leaves Bummer as the only lefty.

    I think one of Cueto, Velasquez or Keuchel is gone when Lynn is back. No need to carry 8 starters.

  3. 36 minutes ago, ChiSox59 said:

    For those wondering like I was, paternity leave is a max of three days.  Otherwise making this move a couple days before Kopech was starting didn't make much sense. 

    I told my mom this, her response: That sounds like a rule a fucking man wrote.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

    They aren't even treating day to day games as important.  Kinda makes it hard to get riled up about home field advantage for the playoffs.

    I'm doing the opposite. I'm not getting riled up about being only 3 behind the Twins because of how hard it will be to overcome Houston or New York.

  5. Just now, Green Line said:

    You have to make the playoffs first.  Baby steps.

    Winning the world series is the ultimate goal but Is still rather win the division than nothing.  The sox clearly arent on the level on the Yankees.

    I wouldn't trade prospects for rentals if a top 2 seed is not realistic. Save them for offseason trades instead.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

    Yeah, I’m not ready for this thread when they’re not even in the top 6. Worry about seeding once you have the division, you can’t get a seed higher than 4 until you have a solid lead on the Twins.

    My point is that a lead on the Twins isn't relevant. Treat the gap to the Astros/Yankees like it's the gap to the division lead.

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  7. We can look at the AL Central standings and see that the Sox are only 3 GB of Minnesota and think this team is still better than 50/50 to win the AL Central.

    Doesn't matter. Here are the real standings the Sox should care about:

    Yankees +3.5

    Astros ---

    Sox -5.5

    Sox are 5.5 games out of the 2nd seed. That's where they need to get to have a realistic chance of advancing even as far as the ALCS. Winning the division and getting the 3rd seed lands you in the Wild Card round against TOR, TB or LA, and if you survive that you get a DS rematch with Houston, again without home field advantage. It's a death sentence.

    Cease/Giolito/Kopech/Lynn/Cueto might end up as the best rotation in the AL. Kelly and Graveman might get back on track and make the bullpen lethal. But if the offense doesn't get it together and get it together quickly, the chance to catch the Astros could be gone by the end of June.

    The Sox have four players with a WRC+ over 100, and one of those is Mendick, and I wouldn't bother trading prospects for rentals if catching Houston isn't realistic.

  8. 30 minutes ago, DanofDuPage said:

    Carlos Rodon has gotten off to a fast start with the Giants. We have seen that before like last year. Hurt in other years. Today he is down 4-0 to the Cardinals in the 2nd.  Just couldn’t finish a season. The Sox gave up on Carlos and let him walk. Over the last couple of years they could have gotten a quality player in trade. What is Carlos Rodon worth?

    He was a free agent and thus not the property of the Sox to trade, so what they could have gotten was nothing.