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  1. WhiteSoxFan1993

    Student Loan Debt

    I will agree that basic finance isn't taught at school and should be, but it should also be taught at home. From my early teens, my parents started explaining to me how our household budget works. I knew how much they made, what percentage of that got deducted for taxes, insurance, etc. I knew how much our house was worth, what the mortgage payments were, and what was budgeted monthly for food, gas, car payments, utilities, church, etc. I naively assumed most parents did this. Then I noticed one of my friends whose parents were both attorneys and lived in the nicest part of town would often complain about how he was treated by "spoiled rich kids living in million dollar homes". He literally had no clue how much his parents made or how much their house was worth (turned out to be $925K). I came to learn that very few parents tell their kids things as basic as how much they make or how much their house is worth. I may or may not end up with student loans at some point, but if I do I'll know exactly what I'm getting into.
  2. WhiteSoxFan1993

    George Springer to Toronto. 6 years/150 million

    It's a matter of philosophy. A deal like Springer's increases your chances of winning within the next 1-3 years but greatly decreases your chances after that. The Cubs went this route and it worked out for them because they got their WS in 2016, but they are going to suffer for it for a few years now. Given the fluky nature of the postseason, I like the approach of trying to avoid albatross contracts in order to have a longer window. Your odds aren't as high for winning in any single year, but you keep your odds up for a longer period of time.
  3. WhiteSoxFan1993

    2020 Election Thoughts

    I think the problem is that we all have different ideas about what "being successful" means. These idiots were dangerously close to being able to take out one or more of Pence, Pelosi, and other Democratic members of Congress. That by itself would not have accomplished the ultimate goal of keeping Trump in office beyond 90 minutes from now, but it certainly would have been some level of success to millions of delusional followers.
  4. WhiteSoxFan1993

    2020 Election Thoughts

    These people are pu***s. They only stormed the Capitol because they thought they would get away with it. They never expected to be arrested. At 11:01 they no longer have the President covering for them and they'll crawl back into their holes.
  5. WhiteSoxFan1993

    Mets GM Jared Porter fired

    Hold on . . . Dude did this while working for the Cubs in 2016. Then from 2017-19 he works for Arizona, which (maybe or maybe not coincidentally) is where TLR was working. Then suddenly shortly after 2020 when he's hired by the Mets does this story finally poke its head out, causing him to get fired. I haz questionz.
  6. WhiteSoxFan1993

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Arrested? I agree, but it takes 2/3 to expel, and I don't see Republicans having the balls to expel one of their own.
  7. WhiteSoxFan1993

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    You can't butcher the English language like that. "Touchability" is a binary state. You can't be it to a lesser extent.
  8. WhiteSoxFan1993

    New Rumor from Hector

    Hector promised really good news, not lukewarm news that gets mentioned on the news after the discussion about the Hawks being so bad.
  9. WhiteSoxFan1993

    New Rumor from Hector

    Signing a 40 year old right handed DH, albeit one who was really good at age 39, only makes sense if the Sox sign Bauer or make a deal for another 1/2 type starter to be all in for this year.
  10. WhiteSoxFan1993

    Thank You Jerry Reinsdorf!

    I think he's getting paid in Goose Island products.
  11. WhiteSoxFan1993

    2020 Election Thoughts

    A pardon means that you're determined to not be guilty, so it's essentially like being charged but found not guilty, so I would imagine that wouldn't eliminate your right to possess a gun. A commutation means that you're still guilty with a conviction on your record, but your sentence is reduced to time served, but he hasn't been convicted yet so I don't think he's eligible for commutation.
  12. WhiteSoxFan1993

    '21 rules discussions

    They care about the length of the game because the people who think it isn't too slow and boring are older. Younger people aren't watching baseball nearly as much. If I didn't have a dad that was a huge Sox fan, I doubt I would have ever started watching baseball. Even when I do, I'm on my phone texting friends, checking Facebook, etc., during the game in a way that I don't do watching football. Also, I'll watch several college and NFL football games in a weekend that don't involve my favorite teams. Outside of the World Series, I've never watched a game that didn't involve the Sox. That said, I don't know how to shorten games without doing weird stuff, like shortening games to 8 innings, making foul balls strike three, or limiting the number of times a pitcher can throw to first.
  13. WhiteSoxFan1993

    2020 Election Thoughts

    This is a perfect example of the intelligence level of people who think the election got stolen from Trump.
  14. WhiteSoxFan1993

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Tampering with erection is definitely a serious crime.
  15. WhiteSoxFan1993

    Sox sign Hendriks: 3/$39M - 4th year optional with $15M buyout

    OK, no idea why I had the wrong number in my head.