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  1. Rounding_Third


    Maybe still being affected by Covid?
  2. Rounding_Third


    Send him to alt site then Charlotte until he he learns to hit MLB pitching dammit! Seriously, wondering if his earlier bout with Covid is still affecting him. He had a bad ST in warm AZ, too.
  3. Rounding_Third

    The Kopech is back thread

    But still only as a spot starter, right? It shouldn't be anything more than that for this year. That pitch limit would come fast. Don't want him shut down before the end of the season.
  4. Rounding_Third

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Yeah, he's done a nice job; nothing's fooled him. Looks like he's been playing out there his whole career. At the plate, teams figured him out halfway though ST. He's pretty confused right now. Overmatched.
  5. Rounding_Third

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Agree. Give him until AAA opens with full season there. Then hope that Engel truly has turned the corner. If not, start the trade discovery.
  6. Rounding_Third

    4-18 GT: Sox @ Boston - Game 1 (12:10pm)

    Keuchel vs Green Monster! Yikes! Kopech starts game 2???
  7. Rounding_Third

    Lets Not Panic

    My biggest concern right now is what's happening at C. What's the deal with Grandal? Is that knee much worse than reported? He runs 3/4 speed to 1st. He's only caught 9 of 14 games. That works out to just 104 for the season. With Collins struggling at the plate again, and no proven depth, catcher is a big red flag. $18m AAV for what so far?
  8. Rounding_Third

    It’s Tim Fucking Anderson day!

    That's very small window of that specific opportunity and its not worth him sitting on the bench game after game with no other usage. Doubtful that Madrigal or Engel would even come out of a late inning close game. They both can hit and you turn the chance over to the next power hitter in order. Are you really going to pinch hit Lamb for a .280- .320 hitter? Anyway, Lamb's not the same bat from 2016 & 17. He wouldn't have been available if he was.
  9. Rounding_Third

    It’s Tim Fucking Anderson day!

    Lamb lacks LH power, too, for last 3 years. And his ability to actually the ball safely at all is very limited. Besides, who would Lamb really pinch hit for? The situational need for LH power off the bench are very minimal. In extras, all you need is a base hit.
  10. Rounding_Third

    It’s Tim Fucking Anderson day!

    Same. But its Lamb's only position really. Mendick so much more versatile; more options for TLR even with Leury. If TLR had experienced Medick's Sox career first hand, I doubt if Lamb would even be here. And I don't see a real need for Lamb's PH bat except for NL road games. That's not a big enough need especially since Mendick hits righties much better. And right now, DH is in good hands. He's a Lamb Duck! Sorry!
  11. lol yeah! The shitter/no hitter!
  12. Rounding_Third

    It’s Tim Fucking Anderson day!

    It better be Lamb for Engel. Today, Mendick has a career line of .306/.350/.454/.804 against RHP, team chem, and can play 3 positions. His minimal power isn't missed in this order. At least it shouldn't be when the others turn it it up. 1B is covered by Vaughn, Collins, & Grandal. And with Collins's LH bat, Lamb is repeatedly redundant.
  13. Maybe Dylan got what Carlos had.
  14. Rounding_Third

    Carlos Rodon Apology Thread

    Every pitching coach at all levels from HS to MLB should bio Tom Seaver's mechanics every spring to their staffs for durability and effectiveness. Pitching poetry.
  15. Rounding_Third

    the TLR managing thread

    Last night's postgame was 1st time I saw TLR alert, fresh, & excited. Hope for more to come.