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  1. FWIW the Cubs were 42-33 on June 24 and were in first place in the NLC. Kimbrel had a save in 20 of those games and had a 0.59 ERA.
  2. FriendlyNorthsider

    Offseason Active Roster Tracker

    This is assuming the QO with Rodon doesn't happen which would be another 18.5M or so, which puts the payroll at 184M. In the week or so after the World Series, the Sox will have made their decisions on Hernandez, Kimbrel, and Rodon. If they keep all 3 (and Rodon stays), that's 40.5M locked in to the 2022 budget. Then we'll likely wait for the CBA to resolve before anything else happens. The Sox would probably be very financially restrained until they moved Kimbrel (if that's even the plan) anyway. After the CBA, the plan may be to try and trade Kimbrel for prospects and use that money on a solid defensive backup catcher, a Tepera-esque reliever, and maybe a flier in right. Or it may be to trade Kimbrel for prospects and keep the payroll at around 165-170M. Since it's not our money, that would suck, but may be the most realistic plan
  3. FriendlyNorthsider

    Rodon to get QO?

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont. I think that Rodon would likely accept the QO if offered. Maybe someone is willing to offer him 3/60 this off season (assuming the Sox havent made a similar offer). That said, if Rodon replicates this seasons results next year, he goes into free agency as a 30 year old with around 800 career innings with no draft pick compensation attached to him. Not offering the QO would mean losing a 5.0 WAR pitcher for nothing. Going for Stroman, Ray, Scherzer, etc. would be much more expensive and long term proposition. I think there are serious questions about whether the Sox can depend on Kopech to make starts in 2022 and it seems exceedingly unlikely that Crochet will be a starter. Making the wrong call on Rodon's health would be pretty catastrophic. The Sox now have some expensive players on the books in Abreu (19.6M), Lynn (18.5M), Grandal (18.2M), Keuchel (18M), Moncada (13.8M), and Hendricks (13.3M) all over the 10M threshold. The Sox also have an $16M option on Kimbrel to decide on. If the Sox pick up Kimbrel's option that puts them at $136M for Abreu, Lynn, Grandal, Keuchel, Moncada, Hendricks, Kimbrel, and Rodon. Factoring in TA (9.5M), Gio (8M give or take), Eloy (6.5M), and Robert the Sox are now at $166M. Picking up Hernandez's option, and bringing back ReyLo and Engel puts you at around $178M. The Sox would essentially have to run it back with the same squad in 2022, but would go into 2023 with Keuchel, Abreu, Rodon, and Kimbrel's money off the books. In a vacuum, I think the Rodon QO and the Kimbrel option would both be favorable for the Sox; however, selecting both would be a bold use of limited financial space in 2022. All of that being said. if the Sox believe that Rodon will be healthy in 2022, then you have to extend the QO. You simply cant get that upside for 18M, while also keeping the 2023 budget flexible.
  4. FriendlyNorthsider

    Arizona Fall League

    The Sox sent Johan Dominguez, Youlqui Cespedes, Caleb Freeman, McKinley Moore, JB Olson, Jose Rodriguez, and Yolbert Sanchez Rodriguez: 1/2 Sanchez: 1/2 Cespedes :1/4 2B RBI Dominguez: 2 IP 2H 1ER 1HR 1BB 3 SO WIN
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    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    Check the receipts. I called this
  6. FriendlyNorthsider

    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    The lack of Manfred runners makes extra innings much better
  7. FriendlyNorthsider

    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    The Sox are all over Garcia. This is just juicing the live betting line for me
  8. FriendlyNorthsider

    What now for this series?

    Cease has given up 3 or less runs in 5 or more innings in 13 of his last 15 starts (including his last start in which he pitched 4 innings but was taken out after 69 pitches. I feel more confident in Dylan than anyone else in the rotation at this point. If the Sox can go Dylan for 5, Kopech for 2, and Hendricks for 2 I think the Astros will be struggling to score. Ideally, the Sox can get some big offense early to save Hendricks for game 4. If I were a betting man, I would bet on the Sox in game 3.
  9. FriendlyNorthsider

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Liam is so fucking good. Need to get him the ball with a lead Sunday. Don’t care if it’s the 7th inning
  10. FriendlyNorthsider

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    All for a shit AB from Cesar
  11. FriendlyNorthsider

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Just horribly fucking managed inning all the way around
  12. FriendlyNorthsider

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    It’s almost like they know what’s coming
  13. FriendlyNorthsider

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Liam for 2 today. Gotta claw for this
  14. FriendlyNorthsider

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Time to get one more and ride the bullpen. Let’s go