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  1. RudyLawRules

    UDFA Tracker - Signing Period has begun

    Done. 💯
  2. RudyLawRules

    2020 Draft: Day 2 Discussion

    J.K. is a horse. This nugget is crazy. 👀
  3. RudyLawRules

    Rodon's epic troll...

    Yes, the COVID19 virus is some serious stuff...but this put a smile on my face on an otherwise crappy day.
  4. RudyLawRules

    White Sox @Brewers 2:05pm

    Cease is dealing. Struck out the side. 97ish.
  5. RudyLawRules

    Edwin Encarnacion

    May not mean much but I have read past articles in the Daily Herald by Tim and engaged with him on Twitter for high school sports stories he's covered. He seemed on the up and up. Just my $.02.
  6. RudyLawRules

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Yeah, this may win Twitter:
  7. RudyLawRules

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Hey at least we know he has "stupid pop". 😂 https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/rangers/2019/06/26/joey-gallo-on-nomar-mazara-s-stupid-pop-his-scouting-report-of-the-rangers-while-he-was-out-with-an-injury/ Gallo: "That guy has stupid pop. I mean, he out-hits me in batting practice. He's putting balls on the roof in batting practice. He has amazing power. I think he's starting to translate it now into the game, and it takes a while to get that stroke going because he was kind of a contact guy, more gap to gap, but he's a strong dude. He can put the balls out there with me."
  8. RudyLawRules

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Avi Garcia sucked worse for longer with same hype and he improved. I really don't think Mazara "fucking sucks". Just my opinion.
  9. RudyLawRules

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Really interesting quotes from Bill James on Mazara from 2018. https://www.fantraxhq.com/2018-player-profile-nomar-mazara/ Nomar Mazara – Big Shoes to Fill When Bill James calls his shot, saying a player is “the next Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera-type hitter,” people listen. When he says that player is 22-year-old Rangers outfielder Nomar Mazara, people immediately start to wonder what he knows that we don’t. For those who don’t know who Bill James is, he is basically the O.G. of baseball analytics. He revolutionized the game and its use of advanced stats and sabermetrics. James, on a recent MLB Network interview, said “I love Nomar Mazara. I think he is a guy who has a chance to be a triple crown winner.” Incredibly high praise from one of the most respected analysts of all time. However, it’s also a little perplexing considering Mazara hasn’t exactly dazzled in his first two major league seasons.
  10. RudyLawRules

    Sox in on Marcell Ozuna? I mean, maybe. Or not.

    The ghost of Steve Cishek's Past?? I'll take dead Cub's pitchers for $200, Alex. Too soon?