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  1. kleedawg

    Best Starting Rotation in MLB

    Did you read what I said. Throwing is primarily controlled by ligaments and tendons. Some SMALL muscle groups. The big muscle groups that benefit from steroids are relaxed when throwing. Muscles can only do 2 things relax and contract. This is why most pitching injuries are the UCL (ulnar colateral ligament) and bicep tendon (which is often associated with torn labrum). Extremely rare to have a bicep or tricep tear in a pitcher. If anything, steroids are detrimental to connective tissue like ligaments and tendons. Pitchers use ped's to recover quicker from outings. If there is somewhere on youtube a video about mike marshall speaking about the screwball he taught and kinesiology behind it, i'd suggest watching it. He developed a weird looking way of throwing that actually puts the strain on the tricep and back muscles witch can take far more strain than the conventional way to pitch.
  2. kleedawg

    Best Starting Rotation in MLB

    You guys realize that "flintstone" vitamins generally don't help pitchers throw harder? they help pitchers recover faster from their previous starts. Hitters now, increase power. The strain of throwing hard is primarily placed on tendons, ligaments, and smaller muscles which is why arm injuries are prevalent. The bicep muscle is mostly relaxed (not being flexed) during a throw.
  3. kleedawg

    Sox close to signing Juan Uribe Jr

    I used to shout "show me the hands Juan!" every time he came up to bat in a big situation because of the way he would raise his hands above his head when he knew he got a hold of one.
  4. kleedawg

    The "Real" Standings

    Because being healthy and taking 2 months of are the same things? And I never said no one would challenge us for the division or thatwe would even win the division.
  5. kleedawg

    The "Real" Standings

    so last year's result is indicative of every years result?
  6. kleedawg

    The "Real" Standings

    No it isn't. Harder road to be sure, wild card teams have won the world series. I just want us to be healthey and whole going in to the playoffs.
  7. kleedawg

    SP Targets

    Sure we do, but probably not willing to trade those guys.
  8. kleedawg

    SP Targets

    I don't think sign free agents can be traded right away.
  9. kleedawg

    SP Targets

    Well that would be ok as latos won enough games the first month and half that would an adequate be a bridge until Lynn's return.
  10. kleedawg

    Kimbrel traded for AJ Pollock

    I'd like to see this trade: Keuchel + 10 Mil. , Burger, Adolfo, Collins, Cespedes, ad Romy Gonzalez for Manea, Montas, and Murphy.
  11. Back Issues last year.
  12. kleedawg

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    I think are most pressing need is still trading for Castillo, Montas, or Manea. Picking up a back-up catcher would be nice too. Unless we trade Vaughn and prospects for Ketel Marte, I think we are rolling with what we got at least until the trade deadline, which might be a good idea. A Rf, better than conforto may emerge from the the also-rans. Kimbrel will get traded.
  13. kleedawg

    Suzuki to Cubs/5 years

    not really
  14. kleedawg

    White Sox linked to Manaea/Montas

    If there is not a better option to start he will not be released while we are contending...and we will be.
  15. kleedawg

    White Sox linked to Manaea/Montas

    We don't want keuchel's option for next year to automatically vest for one reason.