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  1. Bunt Ritual

    Offseason Thread

    I'm guessing the reason why called a lot of fastballs this series is because very few of our pitchers could get a breaking ball over for a strike.
  2. Bunt Ritual

    7/29/21 White Sox @ Royals @1:10

    I wonder if we're going to see more of this going forward seeing as Cleveland is in sell mode.
  3. Bunt Ritual

    GT 7/16: HOU @ SOX, 7:10

    God, when he's on, he might have some of the best stuff in the league.
  4. Bunt Ritual

    More Moncada hot takez

    That's beside the point. I grew up in Yankee country, and there was definitely a vocal part of that fanbase who never thought he was that good.
  5. Bunt Ritual

    More Moncada hot takez

    Moncada seems to have become the new Robinson Cano, in that people will endlessly debate about how good he is. Those types of debates have a tendency to get irrational and nonsensical. For example, someone on The Athletic's fantasy baseball podcast said Moncada would have a bad year because he released that single over the offseason. It's shame because the dude has worked his butt off. The fact that he was able to still play last year as a COVID long hauler is a feat in itself.
  6. Bunt Ritual

    More Moncada hot takez

    25 mil for a 5 WAR player is dirt cheap.
  7. Bunt Ritual

    ESPN first half grades: Sox get a B+

    ngl, I forgot Dave Shoenfield even existed.
  8. Bunt Ritual

    More Moncada hot takez

    There was a period where WE would kill for a player like this. Even if he settles with 25 HR power, you basically have Anthony Rendon. I feel like his bad 2018 still sticks with people. Even in 2019, people were expecting the wheels to fall off at any moment.
  9. Bunt Ritual

    More Moncada hot takez

    And there was a period of a year that spanned 2 seasons where JRam looked like a DFA candidate.
  10. Bunt Ritual

    More Moncada hot takez

    Depending on who you ask, Kopech was always the best prospect in that trade. I don't really get the point in comparing the two. Even if (hypothetically) Kopech has the better career, i don't see how that makes Moncada some massive disappointment that some are claiming he is. It's a weird argument to make, imo.
  11. Bunt Ritual

    More Moncada hot takez

    long time lurker, first time poster. Some of these takes are insane. good lord.