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  1. Chimpton

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

    I can't see Seby or Collins being back-up catcher for the team next season, the drop off in quality in defence and offence between Grandal and both of them is too great, and there is not much sign that either is likely to improve much.
  2. Chimpton

    Who is the MVP of this season

    I know Yermin had a great month but surely you have included him in the MVP voting just for a laugh? He hasn't even been at the team for months!
  3. Chimpton

    2000 White Sox

    Maybe we should just pack up and go home. I didn't realise the season was such a disaster.
  4. Chimpton

    Worried about the playoff rotation?

    I'm worried about more than the rotation, even if they keep it tight the lack of runs in certain recent games is also a concern. When its clicks we can beat anyone but when it doesn't even KC can shut us out.
  5. Not too sure if 'sticky' Sheets are a good thing!
  6. Chimpton

    8/28 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 6:10 PM CDT

    I am a bit concerned at the number of 'big innings' that are happening against us recently, yesterday against the Cubs the bats saved the games despite a big early innings but today the bats were silent. In the post season we just can't afford games to be blown out by these innings against us. Is this a genuine problem?
  7. Chimpton

    TLR Appreciation Thread

    Maybe you are right and Renteira or any other manager, or even Soxtalk manager would have had a similar regular season record this season but surely the make or break for the TLR hire is what happens post season, as that is what he is really here for.
  8. Chimpton

    TLR Appreciation Thread

    Surely it was the relief pitcher's poor performance that lost these '10-12 games' or did TLR tell them to pitch badly? Equally how many games has TLR won through good management? Or are all the wins something any manager could have done and all the losses his fault?
  9. Chimpton


    Do you think it is worth leaving Lopez where he is as it seems to be working so well? As for Keuchel he is rapidly becoming 5th starter if that and should be out of the rotation come post season.
  10. Chimpton


    Three questions after last night's amazing game. 1) Has Keuchel pitched his way out of the post season rotation? 2) Why was Kimbrel used in the 9th when there was a 7 run lead & he had pitched the day before? 3) Finally it was good to see Reynaldo Lopez looking so good and is the bullpen his future now or will he be on another team next year?
  11. Chimpton


    Oh for sure, Ricky was a vital stage in the rebuild and taught the players some good habits.
  12. Chimpton


    The coasting issue is a worry as it would be hard to simply switch on post season if this end of season coasting continues, especially when looking at the record against winning teams.
  13. Chimpton


    Remind me what happened to Ricky's team post season. I would take TLR having a lower winning % over a full season and a better post season run.
  14. Here in the UK just got in from walking the dog and as luck would have it on BTSport channel they are doing a full replay of the FoD game, just seen Eloy's opposite field home run, Now just have to wait to see TA's walk off !!
  15. They still didn't hit enough home runs!