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  1. Lynn has done a decent enough job today, but time to hand it over to the bullpen and hope they can finish the job.
  2. Not an injury this time 😄
  3. His fielding might still be dodgy but at least Eloy is beginning to show some form with the bat. Keep him at DH with the occasional LF appearance.
  4. They will be out the line up tomorrow
  5. Chimpton

    Fernando Tatis suspended 80 Games for PEDs

    Thanks, I am sure the Padres wouldn't want to terminate his contract but it is interesting that it is not grounds for termination if they wanted.
  6. Chimpton

    Fernando Tatis suspended 80 Games for PEDs

    Can they use his PED use to void the contract?
  7. Chimpton

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    And it is perfectly common to have dysfunctional 'families' as well as dysfunctional ball clubs.
  8. Chimpton

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    The fact that this thread has been running virtually all season and the batting results have not improved at all suggests the FO don't give a shit.
  9. 3 for 29 with RISP so far this series!
  10. Another single! But the Royals thought they would help us out with the error!
  11. And we are still losing to them! Again!
  12. Is Grandal playing 1B because we don't have any other 1B type batters in the squad or because of his hot bat?
  13. Chimpton

    Predict the Next 19 Games

    Why? They will then only destroy hope by losing the 4 after that 😂
  14. Chimpton

    Chris Sale?

    Maybe we could persuade the BoSox to take Moncada back as part of the trade!