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  1. greg775

    Tony La Russa

    I wasn't trying to blast you.
  2. greg775

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    You've had some interesting posts on COVID, many I disagree with obviously. I'd like to hear your summation of what we should be doing now and what should have been done then in 10 paragraphs or less. Pls. take into consideration EVERYTHING ... the insidious disease, but also the economy (not the big corps but the little guys and gals need to eat and have shelter) and mental health. You are very opinionated and get upset at others' comments like mine a lot. I'd like to see your plan in a nutshell. What should be done now and what shoulda been done at the start all the way thru late fall into this dark winter. Thank u in advance.
  3. greg775

    White Sox fan taunts Astros during ALCS

    They better interview this Sox fan if the Sox hire the manager who cheated.
  4. greg775

    What would you have done ...

    True. And it's really WRONG to hire the guy if you are the Sox. Especially when Tony is available and others are available. The distraction would be ridiculous, hiring a guy who had to cheat to win. Cmon. The Sox don't need the distraction.
  5. greg775

    Tony La Russa

    Dave Roberts won't be leaving the Dodgers after reaching the WSeries IMO. Cmon are we at this point that a manager must win it all or get fired? I say no. The guy is the NL champion and he did a nice job letting that guy pitch the last 3 innings rather than bring in somebody for the 9th.
  6. greg775

    Tony or Ricky

    So what if Tony is old. Can I remind you all HALL OF FAME MANAGER? He'll be motivated too with these young studs to coach! There's a lot of Tony hate not on here but Twitter. Sox have a ton of holes. We need a HOF voice to wake up Hahn/Jerry to reality. Got to do some work this offseason.
  7. greg775

    Tony or Ricky

    Tony of course. I am in total favor of hiring a Hall of Famer named Tony LaRussa. It's fate he wins 2 WS titles with his Sox. Jerry wants to write a wrong, fix the karma. Tony knows what needs to be done IMO to help the younguns. Eloy needs help on D; Robert needs to adjust a bit. Hire Tony please.
  8. greg775

    RF Thread

    I'll buy what you are selling. I don't hate Cease but his lines in the box score were so pedestrian, so ugly. Hopefully the new pitching coach can help him. Lopez has been so so bad. Ditto him working with the new pitching coach hopefully.
  9. greg775

    Managerial Candidates List

    I won't take the bait. See past greg comments. I hold no ill will for him for being human. MVP.
  10. greg775

    ALCS- Rays vs Astros

    And in game seven he pulled the starter too early IMO. Of course the reliever stranded the two runners and it all worked out. But in theory the bullpen was taxed and the starter was doing well still.
  11. greg775

    RF Thread

    I would think Cease has ceased to be a prime prospect. Why would anybody think he's gonna be anything but just another guy after watching him pitch?
  12. greg775

    Managerial Candidates List

    I was hoping to imply managers are way overrated. True you don't want somebody bunting all the time, or playing Sunday lineups all the time and conceding games like Ozz did at the end, , but frankly, it wasn't RR's fault that Robert became human and Eloy got hurt again and my guy, Jose, made outs instead of bashing with men on base vs. the A's. Or that the Sox had just two starting pitchers at the end, etc. I'd take LaRussa and be done with it. He can manage as well as most any of 'em. Of course you are risking the clubhouse, but we didn't care about the good clubhouse we had with RR, right?
  13. greg775

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

  14. greg775

    Managerial Candidates List

    Damned if you do regarding analytics; damned if you don't. Just.Win.Baby. Remember Ned Yost will always be remembered as a WS winning manager. People thought he was a veritable clown for a long long time. Just.Win.Baby.
  15. greg775

    Tony La Russa

    Sox really need to get creative, They need pitching, arguably lots of it. And they need Vaughn to excel as DH and a new right fielder.