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  1. What are the odds my Crusaders win? 40 percent? 20? GO BR. RICE!
  2. Is Reilly's daughter a great bar? Go Br. Rice!!!
  3. greg775

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    How bout simply signing Avi to a two year deal at 10 mill a season and get a trainer to work with him to keep his hammy healthy. You can't tell me it's all on the player. It's training as well. He'd be grateful I bet at the 10 mill (maybe overpaying by two mill a season) and help us win. He was a starter for a playoff team last year. We need some reliable relievers and 2 starters folks. Sign them.
  4. It's the state association that ranked Minooka No. 1. Nice win for No. 24 seed Rice. Can we beat Warren in the semis or is Rice's run over? That would be very weird to play Marist in the state title game.
  5. greg775

    What about Collins?

    Amen. Don't understand hatred of guys who have done nothing to deserve hatred. He's gonna be 25 in February so I just wish they'd make him everyday catcher. Is he gonna have to wait forever?
  6. greg775

    Abreu Accepts 1 YR Qualifying Offer

    What's your take on Collins, Ron? Seems to me you are a cliche fan. You bury Abreu cause he's old (ha ha he just had a helluva season) and I'd assume you don't like Collins. I don't get "some" fan hate on Abreu and Collins both on this board. Abreu should be celebrated for what's right with baseball and Collins is NOT a bust. Geez. Wasn't Robin Ventura 0 for 40 to start his career? He was super. Collins passes my eye test that's for sure and many know what I think of Jose!
  7. greg775

    Abreu Accepts 1 YR Qualifying Offer

    Do you at least see why I have to defend Jose? You wrote "crappy, aging player" in an item about Jose. Don't know if you mean it or not, but it's simply not true. I hope you picked on guys who deserved it like Erstad, LaRoche, true stiffs. All Jose does is produce and I'm glad he's overpaid next year at 18 mill.
  8. greg775

    Abreu Accepts 1 YR Qualifying Offer

    I'm an Abreu guy that's why I'm glad he's being overpaid at least one year. I'm a poster who doesn't give a flip about Jerry's wallet.
  9. greg775

    Abreu Accepts 1 YR Qualifying Offer

    I'm very happy for him that he gets 18 million next year. That continues to set him up for life and he's actually being overpaid a bit for one season which I like. However, I am sad he doesn't get to cash in for 3 years at about 15 mill a year. Really though it's possible this could be best for Jose. He prolly wasn't going to get 3 years 54 mill anywhere. So he gets a very nice overpayment of 18 mill this season and if he has another good year some other team might sign him two years 30 million. I think this is his last year with the Sox if he doesn't sign a 3 year deal with the Sox this offseason though.
  10. greg775

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    I think your first two paragraphs are perceptive. I can read how this is going. Jose is going to eventually cut emotional ties with the Sox. Obviously he wants between 15 and 18 million for three years or who knows, maybe four or five? If the Sox can't even go three years, 15 mill a year (which I believe is probably his low end of the spectrum knowing athletes' egos nowadays and his vast production on lousy Sox teams) he'll eventually be insulted. You wait, at some point, Jose will get impatient if this doesn't get done.
  11. Thanks for the info on Rice. Much appreciated. I did not know Mt. Carmel kept it rolling w/out Lenti. They are in 7A playoffs? I'm glad Rice is in 8A for some reason. If somehow we beat Minooka could the semifinal be at Rice?? What do you think of our soph quarterback? Is he destined to have a bad game ... simply because he's a sophomore? Are u an active Rice alum? Do you go to the annual stuff for alums? I love BR and need to take a tour of the facility when I come in next if I can get in. It was locked last time. Is that old indoor swim pool still there?
  12. I hope behind the scenes that Coop is truly still the best coach. Because if our staff remains the same (maybe add one "pretty good" starter one reliever in free agency knowing our cheap front office), our staff will need work. It's time for coop to overachieve with his staff.
  13. I wish we had a real manager and real coaches because we do have some amazing raw talent. We also have holes that can bury us. it'd be nice to have some great manager figuring things out a bit.
  14. Great win tonight over south Elgin. Can we beat Minooka?? Looks like Badke has totally changed the team in the course of the season. They are running the ball and playing very good D. Like the old Rice teams. Now it seems like Badke is wary of passing at all, lol. Not ripping him. He's our coach the next 25 years I'm sure if Rice is smart. Carmel firing their coach Lenti after 12 state titles a couple years ago ... insane!
  15. greg775

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    Some of you guys are starting to worry about payroll again which is silly since Jerry has saved so much cash during the tank.