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  1. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I think he cares and he's trying. Some of his monologues on the woke nonsense are outstanding. And I do think his heart is in the right place trying to save America from itself. He's proving you can be upset at both sides, the far left and the radical right. He is a liberal; I am conservative yet I like him much. Howard is way liberal; I am conservative yet I love Howard as well.
  2. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    What about a third group that includes me? I don't trust Fauci. I don't trust politicians Republican or Democrat now, although if prodded I will admit I currently am a fan of two three elected government officials, that's it. I won't name them since it will cause an argument. And yet I got the vaccine twice and will get the booster. So what group are people like me in? I don't believe in the science of it currently. And I cerainly don't think I know better than the science.
  3. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    You are the one who asked the question and a follow up. I answer questions I get in trouble. Fun. And I am supposed to not respond to this line? " "Nah, you would have been pretty successfully manipulated either way." OK, I'm done with this topic for today. Enjoy reading posts that agree with your position.
  4. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Does this bother anybody else? Yeah let's vote on whether boosters are needed. How bout some unequivocal proof and 100 percent consensus on things once in a while? So if it's 55-45 in favor do we all rush to the front of the line? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/fda-covid-booster-shot-vote/
  5. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I would never give an answer to somebody's post that assumes a person's character or what a person is thinking or how a person will act 100 percent of the time. I don't understand why some go this way but whatever. ... the fact I am vaxxed proves you are wrong. My deductions came to my personal decision that yes I need to be vaxxed. ... From talking to those who will not be vaxxed and listening to others on social media/youtube, TV) I can understand their position.
  6. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I am a vaxxer not anti vaxxer, so I'm trying to speak for anti-vaxxers here. If an anti vaxxer finds out it started in a wuhan lab, that would show the anti vaxxers there have been lies from the beginning. It would tell them, "I knew it. I trust none of those liars. This vax could harm me (fill in conspiracy theories)." The first lie would give them ammo that the whole issue is partisan lying.
  7. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I think it matters where it originated because if it's in a lab, it points out the place where lies began regarding COVID. A lot of the unvacced don't trust anybody and it starts with the first lie (if there is one re. origin). 2. No, but if politics were never involved maybe doctors and health care providers and scientists who the anti vaccers don't trust (Fauci) might have been more believable. Trump, Biden, Kamala, Fauci all have said some pretty despicable things through the last 2 years. 3. Maybe we need a viable third party in government. There's talk Yang is starting one. Like Bill Maher said last night we talk politics too much (watch his great interview on Kimmel). We're too engrossed with politics now (it started when Trump came on the scene sparking unabashed anger from the Behars of the world and turned into derangement almost) and we need to stop talking politics 24/7 or close to 24/7 when we're not looking into what's happening with our fave sports teams. I really like Maher at times.
  8. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Because of the "lie" that can be unearthed if this came out of a lab, say in Wuhan. That would mean the reasons reported as how the virus came about were lies (from animals) and when lies are unearthed, all the distrust and anger that I mentioned in my post result.
  9. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    This issue is complicated compared to other vaccines because of the fact we still don't know for sure where the virus originated, the politics involved in lockdowns and shutdowns, the fact it was administered before full FDA approval which has sparked conspiracy theories, etc. Say what you want and disagree all you want but because of all the noise and distrust of Fauci and the government (many would never trust a Trump vaccine; many would never trust a Biden vaccine) you get many unwilling to be vaxxed. There's been so much noise and so little discussion of calming people's fears to adverse reactions that have occurred with some, that many are sitting it out. In answer to your question, yes people have the right to refuse to be jabbed. Personal choice is evident here and understandable. It's just the way it is. Some are rolling the dice rather than trusting politicians and science. There's also an intolerance regarding calm discussion of the issue. Right wing radio hosts have been outspoken against the vax and more than a few have died from Covid. Left wingers like Howard have exploded and said unvaxxed deserve what they get. Noise, noise, noise. We have to deal with the fallout of an angry society re. this vaccine and future ones surely to come. Not enough calm discussion. Everybody feels they are right and have dug in. Peace.
  10. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Interesting that the two highly publicized cases of celebs who 'threw the kitchen sink" at Covid, got well really quickly: Trump and Rogan.
  11. greg775

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    So much is wrong about this post IMO, but no need for me to rebut. You have the right to your opinion on the vax issue.
  12. greg775

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    Bats were rocking and rolling during Game One of the series. Poor Sox have had the division wrapped up for so long it's just been a waiting game for the postseason. It's all about medical treatments right now, not baseball. Right?
  13. greg775

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    Too many bumps and bruises. Sox are mentally and physically shooting for the playoffs and that's it. Considering the easy run to the division title, it's the smart play, the smart bet. Gotta hope to catch lightning in a playoff bottle.
  14. greg775

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    11 strikeouts tonight. Very boring and very sad what modern day baseball has become. The home run throughout history has been great, but this new brand of baseball in which ALMOST everyone tries to hit a home run or strikeout really truly is ruining the great game. So only guys with almost no reasonable expectation of a home run (a guy as short as Madrigal) try to hit singles. At least Moncada stroked that single to left when it appeared Sox might actually rally the old way. Not to be.