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  1. greg775

    Immigration thread

    Could we impeach Trump for his treatment of those innocent kids? If we all staged nationwide sit ins or something could we force him to resign? Talk of him winning the Nobel Peace Prize should be tossed into the dumpster. Save those babies!
  2. greg775


    I wonder if Trayce can take up another sport or if it's too late. ... Independent League here he comes?
  3. greg775

    Sox at Indians Game Thread (6/18)

    You wear a Sox sweater? Can we see it? Cool.
  4. greg775

    Tigers @ Sox 1:10 PM CDT Hardy vs. Shields

    Now do you agree with Greg that we win 48 49 games?? We're back in the dumpster which I expected.
  5. greg775

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    Is Coop as good coaching these tall pitchers as well as he succeeds with normal sized pitchers? Gio is 6-6 and how many of those guys have problems?
  6. greg775

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    It amazes me how some people won't criticize the guys we got in the trades. We have the right to blast them and question Hahn until they start producing. These guys are all making good money, produce.
  7. greg775

    Tigers @ White Sox

    Now we know RR is gone. He won't be manager next season unless we're expected to lose 110 games again.
  8. greg775

    Tigers @ White Sox

    I'm thinking Trayce will be DFA'ed soon. Poor guy is gonna have to play Independent League soon or enter the real world. Just another guy who can't hit a baseball. Tough sport.
  9. greg775

    Tigers @ White Sox

    Damn. Relievers need to throw strikes Minaya.
  10. The umpire thing was the greatest moment. Hawk made national news with that rant. I loved it. I loved his work. He and Wimpy and Stoney, good stuff.
  11. greg775

    Tigers @ White Sox

    Interesting. Thanks for the report on Lopez's game tonite.
  12. greg775

    Tigers @ White Sox

    Looks like Lopez gave up nine hits; how did he pitch? Only 3 runs.
  13. greg775


    please calm down about Moncada. When it matters, he will hit. Until then I bet he's .230-.250 with some incredible games, some lousy. From what I've read he isn't the greatest competitor. When a team is this bad, yes he'll lose focus on occasion. He'll hit when we get good, folks. He'll hit some before then too.
  14. greg775


    No they wouldn't replace him. Hahn is beloved cause we want to lose, remember?
  15. greg775

    Dylan Covey

    I don't say flip fanatics or flip-niks with hate. There are some people on here who live for trades and constantly talk about flipping prospects. My lack of creativity I guess leads me to say flip fanatic, flip-niks. I love Covey right now and Coop of course. I hate flipping players so obviously I want to keep Covey and wish him continued domination. It's been great using my mlb.com and seeing him fare well.