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  1. greg775

    Relationship Advice Thread

    I know two women who are great people, successful professionals and very attractive who have both met their future husbands on online dating site bumble. It worked for them. They are not engaged yet, but been dating their significants for several months after meeting on there. 1.) Tell them about the autism/living situation on the first date. I don't think u need to put it in your dating profile. Or maybe if you start communicating with somebody, tell the person when you are setting up the date.
  2. Yup. I definitely dont see how anybody can blame the FO if the Sox lose out on both. Harper was a total long shot to begin with. Manny? If the Sox don't get him, then his agent had some weird plan in place for negotiations. Sox have done everything to get him. Sign his relative and pal and $$$$ will be as much as anybody else. No way they will take the PR hit of not offering as much as the other teams.
  3. Very good post. It would be very very dumb to win the battle by 75 to 100 million. I know I don't matter as a fan, but to pay so little on payroll during the rebuild, then to suddenly toss around unnecessary extra money on one player? Ridiculous. If I were Hahn and he gets Manny, btw, I'd quickly finish this rebuilding thing, because (knock on wood to ward off evil), when you pay one player that kind of jack, talk about risk! Baseball is a grueling game as guys like Avi and Eaton and others have shown in getting nicked up A LOT. You get Manny ... then you better sign a veteran starter, ask Coop what else he needs to go with those nice bullpen pieces added, and sign another everyday player or two if we need them to WIN SOON! The longer you wait ... the more it's possible Manny suffers the evil curse of baseball nicks and bruises.
  4. Thank you sir. I feel strongly about this one. There is the one "concern" that the Yankees are never to be taken lightly (yankees get who Yankees want) but it just doesn't seem like there's smoke regarding the Bronx Bombers. It seems like Manny is future property of the White Sox. And I feel it's pretty obvious Harper will go to Phils with a very very slight possibility of staying put in Wash (see comment on Yankees).
  5. Exactly. I agree with this 100 percent. Just so you know, greg remains in the corner that we ARE getting Manny. Guys, relax ... think about it. Our front office is not going to get outbid, No. 1. As far as No. 2, how many teams are going to assure TWO of his best friends forever (Alonso, Jay) 500 at bats apiece to help make sure Manny is comfortable? I live in a world of logic and logical signs are pointing to the South Side for Manny (enuf money? check; awesome city? check; comfort as in being surrounded by buds? check). ... In a perfect world, he gets an 8 year deal only and there is an opt out after four. We need him for our WS window, after that let him go elsewhere if he wishes. GO SOX! Eight years 240 million and team/player opt out after 4. Pray like heck he stays healthy and keeps his edge as a zillionaire.
  6. greg775

    Rays to Sign Avi

    Nope. Never liked his game. Love Avi's passion and the big bat he displayed two seasons ago when he was healthy. I can't dog on a guy who gave me so much baseball enjoyment, mostly that season but even some last year after he came back and got hot.
  7. greg775

    Rays to Sign Avi

    I wish him great luck with Rays. He is truly one of my all time favorites on the Sox
  8. I'm close to never commenting on Jay again before I get in trouble, but I do need to ask you to explain (a), why does he make us better and b.) why does he help the team develop properly? Arguably Engel's defense would help our young starters stay in games longer cause he is one of the best defensive outfielders out there. I won't post anymore about Jay but I do ask posters to answer my points in my last post about him before this one. Thank u.
  9. Sure. What does he do well? He is old by new baseball standards. He has no power (3 hr in 527 at bats last year), he doesn't knock in runs (40 RBI, 527 at bats last year), he doesn't run well (four stolen bases all year) he didn't even draw a ton of walks (33 last season). Where is his value? I'm not saying Engel is any good either. I just don't see the need for Jay to be annoying me with his mediocrity (at best) all year. I have the right to blast some guys considering I defend a ton of White Sox who get roasted on here. Let me ask you. Why the heck do you want Jay on your team? Yeah he's Manny's pal, which is great. I'm not discounting that but geez, make him a bench coach or something at age 33 not a lighthitting ballplayer. Just my take on Jay. p.s. you don't need to give me these defenses of Jay a.) He's better than Engel (who cares?) b.) He's not blocking anybody (again who cares?) c.) We're not going to the playoffs anyway, he can hold the fort until Robert is ready. (not a good argument) If you like Jay, fine. Just tell greg the truth. You like him cause he probably assures us Manny (along with Alonso and a nice monetary offer by Jerry). Don't tell me Jay is a good addition except for this. I'm not that dumb.
  10. I love Kopech response but I also don't mind Deadspin calling out the Sox. Some of us don't like the game of Jon Jay.
  11. greg775

    Least Favorite Sox 3rd baseman over last decade

    I had to go with Teahen but he was a nice guy on Twitter. So many of those guys stunk including Gillaspie.
  12. greg775

    Sox could chase Moustakas If MM goes elsewhere

    He'll hit you .245 to .260 and hit a lot of home runs. Not a bad defender. Lefty bat. I tell you, I think we'd be very close to a division title if we signed Moose and Manny. Our bullpen arguably is serviceable to decent now. With Moose and Manny, hmmm. That however would mean Tim would have to move to the outfield. Don't know if he's capable out there or not. I like the idea of Abreu at first; Moncada at 2B, Manny at ss, Moose at 3B. Timmy to outfield. Eloy out there and in my dream world Avi, but how bout Avi/Palka split time in right. Alonso DH with Palka. We're OK at catcher now. We'd have to shell out some bucks to get another starter, however. But can anybody deny with Moose and Manny we actually would be loaded for bear to contend right now? Then if we want, when some of the other guys are ready, trade whomever. Forgive me if you are mad at my Timmy suggestion. There's no room for Tim at ss anymore if we acquire Moose AND Manny. We might have to trade Tim for a strong starter in that scenario. In short, I don't see Moose happening cause I think we are gonna get Manny. I think that's pretty obvious or leaning that way as we speak. It's very much a factor that we got Jay andhis brother in law and we also are willing to spend as much as anybody else for Manny. Please rate this post. I'm trying to see if I have improved at all as a poster or if you think what I said is decent. I would guess many of you will be mad and say there's flat out no room for both Manny/Moose. Moose is a real lefty bat, unlike Mr. Jay IMO.
  13. I respect the question but John Jay doesn't exactly hit. He doesn't steal bases. He doesn't knock in runs. I'd rather have righty hitting Engel who actually may have more pop in his bat than Jay (I'm not saying Engel is good, just perusing the stats of both). This article says it all. We got him to get Manny, his pal. That's fine, but doesn't mean I have to not fall asleep watching Jon Jay play ball. https://southsideshowdown.com/2019/01/08/white-sox-sign-jon-jay/
  14. This is my kind of post. Worth reading. I didn't think it was somewhat embarrassing until we got Jay. Nobody can really convince me he deserves a spot on the team. It's still not "embarrassing" cause all those guys can play in MLB. I think it's somewhat embarrassing but no biggie.