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  1. greg775

    2022 Catch All

    Nationwide problem. Not about me. We've gone from my childhood when summers consisted of being released from our house by parents in the morning with kids and parents having no cell phones -- being out on the streets and parks unsupervised with buddies all day, only returning home on our bikes for meals (thanks mom!) and then heading out again til dark -- in beautiful south side chitown. No kidnappings, no shootings, no stabbings. Just nirvana childhood fun to now where you can't go to a parade without being concerned. Peace to all affected by the two incidents I linked today and Happy holiday to all! It is a great holiday, one of the most fun if u like hotdogs, burgers and fireworks.
  2. greg775

    2022 Catch All

    Heartbreaking. Go to a parade and bullets fly at the start of the celebration. Kind of speechless. Best wishes and prayers for those who are victims of the shooter. Anybody attend the Highland Park parade? https://patch.com/illinois/beverly-mtgreenwood/s/ibe7b/mass-shooting-several-shot-at-highland-park-parade-witnesses-say?utm_source=alert-breakingnews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alert And just heard about this mass shooting in Chicago. Terrifying what's going on. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/teen-17-among-5-wounded-in-mass-shooting-in-chicagos-parkway-gardens/2872706/
  3. 17 hits was really nice. It seems like when the Sox win, the automatic outs in the lineup like Harrison and Leury do OK. Is Zavala the real deal? Would help if he keeps hitting .300.
  4. Going with the pitch can be a novel concept. Ballplayers might all want to try this if they don't want to hit .220. I like Sheets' 3-run double to left.
  5. greg775

    2022 Catch All

    I wish the superintendent would make radical statements after a tragic shooting like this in Chicago. Like, "we challenge the DA to actually charge this gunman with first-degree murder." If this guy gets a light sentence the police should just all move on to new professions. Life's too short. My prayers go to this officer and his family. I can't imagine being related to a police officer right now. So dangerous. https://patch.com/illinois/beverly-mtgreenwood/s/ibaf1/chicago-police-officer-ambushed-on-citys-near-west-side-police?utm_term=article-slot-1&utm_source=newsletter-daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter
  6. Nice win again. Congrats Tony and the Sox on winning this series. On the glass half full side of things ... as lousy as the Sox hitters have been, there is 'still' a pitching rotation on paper that conceivably could lead this team to a division title. Yes I'd like the starters to go deeper, but the starters for the most part are 'contender' quality. I personally think the bullpen blows but Kelly and Graveman and today's lefty sometimes are acceptable to decent. And our closer is good when he gets back. What I'm saying is, pitching and defense (I realize we suck on defense) as it always does could dictate whether the Sox decide to play well enuf to 'contend.' ... And of course the team has to start competing better in divisional games.
  7. He's definitely not lifting and pulling it over the fence and blasting HRs to center as in the past. He's actually had some good games though and gotten some big hits for this rotten team.
  8. I know he's done mediocre to OK, but I wish Sox could upgrade. I know .... the huge money Sox are paying him and all that. ...
  9. Cease threw 104 pitches in five innings? That's just insanely too many. Geez. I just tuned in. 104 in five innings would indicate a boring game. Has it been boring? I like the 5-1 lead.
  10. Just think if Moncada became the old Moncada and Eloy comes back and hits well? And the rotation steps it up a little bit and starts pitching 7 innings? I can dream. It would be nice if the Sox could get Abreu, Robert, Eloy, Moncada, Timmy, Vaughn sizzling at the same time for a copule weeks. It would help. Still we're always going to have the 3-4 automatic outs on a given night.
  11. Well, nice win. We'll take it. Who knows, maybe the Sox will get hot then play well at home .... reality check (we still got to win with these bad hitters/pitchers). Credit to the pitchers tonight however.
  12. Good job Leury. My apologies. Nice wave by coach at third; nice pinch run.
  13. Poor Moncada needs a change of scenery. Nobody will take salary of .175 hitter though. He officially needs to be shipped. Sad story.
  14. Giants are meant to lose this game but Sox have too many lousy hitters. Case closed. Can Leury deliver? I doubt it.
  15. It's just absurd players like Sheets there don't adjust and NOT hit the ball into the damn shift. They deserve to be out cause it's not cool to hit that same grounder to the left side of the diamond. Can you imagine if in high school ball you refused to adjust your body and timing to hit the ball to the left side? You'd be benched. But in the bigs you have to pull the ball or else. Even though it's an automatic out into the shift.