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  1. I like having EE in the lineup. If he has a good year, he's really going to help make us legit. Surprised we haven't traded McCann yet. He can't be happy. I'd dump him for a reliever. That'd be huge.
  2. greg775

    MLB cheating scandal

    You must strip the titles for the integrity of the game. If they leave it be, they better reinstate Pete Rose tomorrow. And apologize for penalizing the Black Sox. This is as bad as any. To know what pitch is coming??? Cmon. Fathom could get hits that way.
  3. greg775

    MLB cheating scandal

    Look, this is a terrible scandal. Teams got caught cheating. Astros and Red Sox should have titles stripped and/or not be allowed in the MLB draft for five years. Cheating is fine. You get caught you pay.
  4. greg775

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    La Russa should be investigated for this alleged wrongdoing IMO.
  5. greg775

    MLB cheating scandal

    How come Houston gets to keep its WS trophy? Blatant cheating and the Altuve thing is crazy. It's obvious he was hiding something under that jersey, totally obvious.
  6. greg775

    Long-Term Viewership Trends for Sports

    I know a lot of people that never will pick up the check for a pretty darn cheap meal. So yes, the cost of baseball is important to many. Now the rich boomers who list baseball as their favorite sport, don't care about the prices, but the regular Joe does. Baseball refuses to attack the issue of length of games. So it actually might be smart to shorten the game to seven innings. Or have 50 percent of the games 9 innings, 25 percent eight innings and 25 percent 7 innings for starters. Some of these posts ring true. I realize you can get bargain prices on tickets through stubhub if you are willing to sit in the crap seats and that the Sox have various specials, but also you can get his 50 dollars for a decent box seat, 19 dollars for a burger basket and drink; 12 dollars for a beer; 7 dollars for a soft drink, etc. It's like going to the movies too. Very expensive.
  7. greg775

    Long-Term Viewership Trends for Sports

    This is a pretty remarkable post. Nice job.
  8. greg775

    Ventura returns to OkSt as “student assistant”

    Don Kessinger was Sox player/manager. That was a worst hire.
  9. greg775

    Tigers Sign Ivan Nova - 1/$1.5M + incentives

    I hope we see the bad Nova during our many games vs. Detroit. When he was bad he was bad. He could be good on occasion as we all know. We could really tee off on him at the Cell hopefully.
  10. greg775

    ****Some Observations including Sabermetrics

    My main beef is the all or nothing attitude of baseball execs. Players are expected to either hit a home run or strike out. This despite the fact some managers are still going to the bunt at times when no modern GM thinks bunting is ever a good idea. I also despise the shift caused by computer print outs. Everybody knows where batters are going to hit the ball if it doesn't go over the fence and is put in play. When I see a shift that has three infielders on the right side and up the middle and one infielder standing at shortstop, it angers me to no end when the hitter refuses to tap the ball to the left side and get an automatic single. I also hate the game of bringing in relievers for lefty/righty matchups as early as the fifth or sixth inning. Very boring. I also hate the umpires refusing to call a strike a strike. Baseball has no control over its umpires. Baseball is in a lot of trouble if ratings start to decline. They say the average baseball fan is over 55 right? Kids despise baseball. This is not good for the sport.
  11. greg775

    Offseason Moves - Grade em'

    Abreu extension: A I love Jose. To haters, at least i didn't give him A plus. Grandal signing: B Why not? I got nothing against the guy. No reason to keep McCann though. Get rid of him now for a reliever. Mazara trade: C or B- We need him, so why not? Obviously I'd prefer Avi but hey I don't get my way. Maybe he'll be this team's Jermaine Dye. Keuchel signing: B I have no idea. It's not my money but obviously it's risky signing pitchers cause, well, they get hurt or suddenly stink. Whatever ... I hope for the best as I want a pennant. Gio G signing: F Remember I said this. He's finished. EE signing: A I don't mind his age. I want some more bombs and he can hit them. Luis Robert extension: B I'm OK with the extension; now please be a star, Luis. Cishek signing: B We need relievers. I'm Ok with this acquisition. Overall: C Front office is trying. I'm OK with Hahn. I'd be OK with a B- but let's see what happens. I'm skeptical we can top .500 with RR and an aging Coop.
  12. Glad we've signed a potential eighth inning guy. Not to beat the dead horse, but Ricky has some pieces to work with this year. I hope Hahn pulls the trigger quickly and fires Ricky and/or Coop if it is warranted early. Look ... our team is used to LOSING. But there's no reason to come out losing this season and being 10 back in mid May with all these additions. All positions have good bodies to fill them. As much as I want an Avi in RF, I can't argue that our new 24 year old is a possible sensation out there. We got hitting additions; we got pitching additions. I think Ricky is a nice representative of our franchise and I love the fact he's a GREAT communicator in more than one language. And I love Coop in theory. But it's time to WIN and if our pitching blows and our W/L sucks early, please fire Ricky. As far as this post ... again, Hahn looks like the real deal. I despised the tank job/rebuild but on paper we should be ready to rock a bit. No more laughingstocks of the AL. Just.Win.Please.
  13. Thank you very much. I'll cheer for him thinking about the 100 RBI season.
  14. greg775

    Steve Stone stays in White Sox booth

    This is great. As much as I loved Hawk he got to be crotchety old guy. Stoney is somehow 72 years old but sounds and acts like he's 52. or 42. These 2 guys make it fun. Hawk had finally gotten too grouchy. Good luck Stoney and Jason. You two are a delight.
  15. greg775

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    We don't need McCann any more. He doesn't fit as a backup who would see limited duty. The question is can we get a reliever for him? Hope so.