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  1. greg775

    2020 RF options

    I'm a little surprised at the lack of excitement about Collins. He's the 10th pick of Round One for gosh sakes. Our scouts thought he was worthy of that and I'd assume a huge bonus. Play the guy ... and play him a lot next year. If he's a huge bust, somebody in scouting should be fired.
  2. greg775

    2020 RF options

    Read some of the other posts. Not everybody agrees with the tanking philosophy and not everybody likes advanced stats and the reliance on HRs nowadays. Learn some patience, dissenters. Not everybody has to agree with you. Some of us have different viewpoints, such as El Rockin.
  3. Sox could use a 6-4-3 vs the lousy Tigers here.
  4. greg775

    2020 RF options

    With the money the Cubs have it should never have taken a tank job to win their one WS title in a zillion years. They should be contending like the Yankees and Bo$ox -- every year.
  5. greg775

    2020 RF options

    So you say tanking works all the time? I think it's needlessly painful for fans and an excuse for organizations to make a lot of cash. I hate tanking ... sorry. I think it's un-sportsmanlike. You are supposed to try to win.
  6. greg775

    Cooper discouraged by social media negativity

    Coop is harmless. However think of the paying customer on a night you have to watch Covey or Nova or Detweier or some of those hack relievers? If you've had a few beers you might want to b**** on Twitter. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy to spend lots of time searching Twitter.
  7. greg775

    2020 RF options

    Cmon. You have no great argument to back that up. Baseball needs to come up with some new rules to prevent tanking.
  8. greg775

    Cooper discouraged by social media negativity

    He's so sensitive that his spouting off is funny more than tiresome or insulting. I mean cmon, Don. Show us the tweets. There isn't some massive tweet movement of angry sox fans blasting our pitching. There's not some internet movement to write angry stuff that would bother Coop. I did meet a huge Sox fan yesterday at a party BTW and I immediately asked him about Abreu. He LOVES Abreu and agreed the advanced statters who dislike him are nuts.
  9. greg775

    Yolmer contemplates not being on the Sox

    Don't cuss, sir. That's unfair to them. They have tried their best as members of the Sox. They've been OK.
  10. greg775

    White Sox final win total

    Somebody's gotta have a plan regarding the pitching staff. We're not winning squat if our starters are as inconsistent as they were this season. Also our bullpen blows. It really does. It's Colome who is excellent and Bummer who I consider average.
  11. I have nothing against Madrigal. I'm just a bit surprised Sox fans who follow advanced stats want him. He's not gonna hit more than 5 homers. His stolen bases don't matter in modern baseball. Why do we like this guy in the era of HR or K?
  12. greg775

    Yolmer contemplates not being on the Sox

    Is yolmer going to be out of baseball in 2020? He made 4.6 mill this season. Frankly, no other team is going to be clamoring to sign him. If the Sox offer 4.6 million he probably won't take it so he'll be a free agent and no one will sign him. Kind of a weird story. If I were Yolmer I'd take 3 million for one year to stay in Chicago. He could shuffle between AAA and MLB according to injury need. Pardon me if he's on arbitration. I did not see mention of that anywhere.
  13. greg775

    Machado do-over

    He really has been great. I'm still a bit puzzled how the team can blow so badly with some sensational individual players. Moncada has a glove, folks. I like him better at 3B than 2B.
  14. The title of the thread needs to be changed to make a reasonable comment. Yoan's ship has sailed at 2B. He's 3B.
  15. greg775

    9/18 Sox@Twins

    Zack just said on postgame to Stoney he had the jitters his first go-round in the majors and now he's feeling great, no jitters. Folks, he's a human being. It's tough the first go-round in the bigs. I'll shut up soon but for a team that's rebuilding, there's no reason to not play Zack next year in his age 25 season for gosh sakes!! The guy is gonna be 25 next year meaning in baseball years he's got about five years left before age-ism sets in. PLAY ZACK! OK I'll stop before I get in trouble but you all must remember how I felt bout Zack when he busts loose.