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  1. greg775

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    If Buffalo would have squib kicked the kickoff would they mathematically won the game? Not nuff time even for Mahomes? Just wondering. ... p.s. The OT rule is ridiculous obviously.
  2. greg775

    2022 Catch All

    What the heck is going on folks? People are allowing their neighborhoods in a once great city to be terrorized? https://patch.com/illinois/beverly-mtgreenwood/3-vehicles-carjacked-midpointe-apartments-cops?utm_term=article-slot-1&utm_source=newsletter-daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter To my fellow Chicagoans who love our city ... I was planning on coming back to the south side for a Sox series this summer and or some time in my old neighborhood, Mt. Greenwood, south of Midway. Shoot me straight please. Is there a good chance my car will be jacked if I return? Is there any reason at all to stay at the Hilton on 95th Street? Are we to the point it's too dangerous to visit my city? How are people standing for this b.s. I read the Patch and car jackings in Beverly and Greenwood areas appear COMMON! It's outrageous. Please let me know if this is a problem or not for vacationers.
  3. greg775

    2022 Celebrity Death Thread

    That should be huge news in Chicago. How long did he have that late night talk show? I used to listen to that in my car in KC area with the great signal of the Score. He had tons of callers no matter the early morning hour. He seemed like a nice guy. So knowledgeable. They'd ask him about some game 20 years ago in any chicago sport and he'd wax poetic on the game. What a memory.
  4. greg775

    Top universities conspired over pricing and aid

    Education is going to be way different IMO for when your grandson goes to college. There probably will be no college as we know it now. Just my opinion as I think we can still have conflicting opinions in America, but the trend I feel will be going to no honors courses in high school and college, even the abolishment of the grade system as it will be deemed everybody deserves the same grade in a futuristic America because some don't' have the inherent advantages of others and it affects their grades. The poor to middle class kids won't be going to college as it will be way way way too expensive (and deemed not worth the $$) and kids will instead work on their own independent careers taking advantage of social media $$ earning platforms, computer related jobs and trying to market themselves. The traditional work week also is probably in jeopardy but that's another issue. Let's face facts, Tex. Education is going to be way way way different in18 years than it is now. There might not even be any teachers. It might be all self taught. Or robots may revolutionize teaching, again if there is traditional education. There also are major red flags about the health of future generations and current generations because of infectious disease and potential for more of these. It's just as easy to be pessimistic and say covid is just the start of yearly health criseses rather than optimistic and say this will go away and no more viruses are ever on the horizon. What are your feelings about the future of education and my predictions here, Tex? Change is coming fast. And nobody can for sure say the current system of college will even exist when your grandson is of that age. Peace, out and may we all be safe!
  5. greg775

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    I get the feeling owners care nothing about attendance and parking and concessions. That's all gravy money. Baseball will survive covid cause of TV money period. I'd think covid concerns would ultimately kill all pro sports but apparently not. Get to the bargaining table and start spring training on time unless fans truly don't matter any more. My feeling is baseball is a game to be played on TV and $$ only made from TV and unless the TV people tell baseball to get this done there will be no progress made at the table.
  6. greg775

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    I agree. I find it hard to believe baseball owners don't insist on regular negotiations. It seems like sports teams are the only people not worried about COVID and its potential impact on attendance. There are so many reasons to not go to MLB games. I know you can get good deals on nosebleed seats and if you do due diligence can get great seats on the secondary market for reduced prices the longer you wait til gametime, but in general, tickets are very expensive and "many" people with a brain simply refuse out of principle to pay those prices for concessions. That leaves parking, which strips the wallet of 50 bucks or whatever they charge. My point is Covid is still raging and at some point "most" people are going to get used to NEVER purchasing a Sox ticket again. Watch it on TV. However if they settled negotiations now, baseball would have a fighting chance to market itself up for the 2022 season.
  7. greg775

    2021 Celebrity Death Thread

    What an icon. In this day and age of societal turmoil, I think EVERYBODY would agree Betty White was a national treasure. I would think EVERYBODY in America loves Betty White. Rest in peace, Betty White. Your 99 years were truly appreciated by many.
  8. greg775

    RIP Roland Hemond

    I missed the news on Roland Hemond. He's one of those people nobody has a single bad thing to say. Rest in peace. By all accounts he was a gem as people wrote on this thread.
  9. greg775

    The New Texas

    Will the Sox really move? Seems to me if they have a decent team their attendance is fine and last time I checked Chicago was a huge market compared to SAT.
  10. greg775

    Christmas Songs

    Traditional -a.) O Holy Night. b.) silent night, jingle Bells Novelty - I wish it was christmas today, SNL Jimmy Fallon and others
  11. greg775

    Semien to Rangers, 7 for $175

    He's a great player, but signing a guy for seven years seems silly and dumb nowadays when 33 is ancient for a player much less 38.
  12. greg775

    Carlos Rodon and a 6-man Sox rotation?

    Good post. The trend is obvious as seen in the postseason by old guy LaRussa even. Starters aren't going to be pitching to a batter a third time. Four innings will be a long outing. Thing is, baseball is going to ruin what made it so charming. Pitchers going deep in games. Batters having high batting averages, different categories for pitchers and hitters mattering. Now an RBI is laughed upon. It's HRs or Ks. That's it. Let's just change the game completely. Have a home run derby every night and score it for six innings, then play the final three innings of "traditional baseball" and call it a night. Figure a way to get the derby part of it done in 90 minutes. The three innings will take an hour. 2.5 hrs total. Still a little long but OK.
  13. greg775

    Carlos Rodon and a 6-man Sox rotation?

    Wat do you guys mean? The games I watched, the starters went 1 to 3 innings max. Time has come for all teams to do this all season. Only relievers. You throw as hard as you can (with biting sliders) for an inning or two and give way to the next. Why pay starters? Their job responsibilities have changed drastically from the days of Bob Gibson to now.
  14. greg775

    Carlos Rodon and a 6-man Sox rotation?

    I know I'm a broken record, but it seems silly to me to pay starting pitchers much money when the "goal" appears to be five solid innings max from a guy. It's all about relievers, baby. I wonder if a statnik GM will have the guts to go with an opener for 2-3 innings and follow with relievers the rest of the game in the not so distant future. Really no need to let a pitcher go past five anymore, cause if he gets hit the third time thru the order it causes a fan eruption comparable to a mild earthquake. I know we're trending this way; when is it gonna be the new normal? Opener goes two, followed by the parade of relievers and hence the 4 to 4.5 hour nine inning game? p.s. This means no way I would pay rodon a batch of bills.
  15. greg775

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    Thanks. Very interesting. There are a few points in there I can see management saying no to. Like the draft picks regarding compensation and the luxury tax issue. Thank u.