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  1. greg775

    Spring Training Thread

    People get so mad when there's a simple request sometimes. Oh well.
  2. greg775

    Relationship Advice Thread

    Tell us more, Chili. Is this that younger woman you wanted to date? You are da man, Chili. Hope to see u at the Sox game(s) I attend this year.
  3. greg775

    Spring Training Thread

    I sorta like him. I assume he's hit well. Thank u for the update.
  4. greg775

    Spring Training Thread

    Spring training is where hope springs eternal. Can one of my friends on here please answer these questions since I again did not follow ST for the umpteenth year. a.) What Sox players blew chunks? b.) who terrorized the baseball? c.) who hit OK to good? d.) who hit a ton of home runs? e.) what pitchers looked can't miss great? Thank u. Finally: If you were in Vegas this week for future odds bet, what would you be willing to put down on the Sox to win World Series? How much dough? I'm not sure if they let you bet AL champ, but if they do, also what would you bet on that? THANX.
  5. greg775

    College Cheating Scandal F.Huffman/L.Loughlin

    I never thought of that. I don't know why Lori Laughlin just didn't give 100,000 to admissions. Good point.
  6. greg775

    College Cheating Scandal F.Huffman/L.Loughlin

    What has happened to parents since the baby boomer's parents? You know, the ones who were aloof, mean, took a belt on you if you got Fs in class rather than attack a teacher? Made you apply for college yourself? Made you get part time jobs during your high school years? Never went to your games? Yelled at you a lot? But let you be a kid, let you hang out and play unsupervised sports with friends? Gave you a bat and hardball and said "go have fun, come back by 8 p.m. in the summer" and took their chances on the 1 in a million chance a kidnapper might kidnap you? Seems to me the boomers themselves and each generation on has gotten worse in coddling the kids of today. The last generation of parents to get it was the generation that didn't want to be a buddy to their kids and run every aspect of their lives. This is a prime example. WOW! Bribes just to get 'em in the best colleges? This story is appalling. Life is odd in 2019.
  7. greg775


    For years I did it myself. Have had a guy do it for me 3 years in a row and got 2000 bucks or more back each time. What an idiot I was before. He gets a nice tip for his brilliant work needless to say.
  8. greg775

    Jake Burger taking grounders

    This board has some great baseball minds regarding the Sox that's for sure. You guys that said Bob Horner and Pete Incaviglia are genuises. That's Jake if we are lucky. I love the Horner comparison.
  9. greg775

    Eloy officially got paid

    If Eloy gets off to an amazing start ... look out. Sox will dominate talk shows and headlines in April. THAT'S why I wanted to compete this year. If the team blows, the Eloy mania will have to die down. Right now, Cubs are old news. Nothing compelling til the playoffs begin. Everybody likes a phenom and that's Eloy, baby. p.s. If Eloy is Dave Winfield personified times three, that only makes Moncada, Tim, Abreu better. They'll want to excel as well. Let the Eloy era begin. Let's just hope we can SOMEHOW sniff .500.
  10. greg775

    White Sox Sign Alcides Escobar

    That is hyperbole. I thought Moustakas was worth signing.
  11. greg775

    White Sox Sign Alcides Escobar

    Didn't Escobar make serious money with KCR? He absolutely is no good so I do not know why we want him.
  12. greg775

    Thoughts on the Sox shifting Moncada to 3b?

    Correct. This is a cut and dried move. Madrigal at second, Tim at SS and now Moncada at third.
  13. greg775

    Eloy officially got paid

    That's neat he's with us Opening Day now that he's signed up. Not so sure it's smart to pay guys who have yet to reach the bigs but it's not my money. Hope he's as good a hitter as I think he'll be.
  14. greg775

    Dunning to Meet with Dr. Andrews

    Not to be an alarmist, but this is not a White Sox problem. Pitchers arms on the whole can't handle modern day baseball or any kind of baseball. There's just way too many arm surgeries. I wonder what the percentage is now for pitchers who pitched in college, the minor leagues and/or the major leagues. Do studies show a SIGNIFICANT percentage are having surgery at 23 or 24? Seems like between the last pitch in college and 2nd year in the bigs there's a huge percentage undergoing surgery. If I'm mistaken, so be it. PTATC if you want to write an essay on your theories and what you know in terms of percentages and why, why why this is happening, I'd read it and be grateful and someday buy you a beer or soft drink at a game.
  15. greg775

    Eloy officially got paid

    Don't understand the need to sign him this early. Let him have 200 at bats or so.