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  1. I hope we don't play them til the finals then. I'd hate to see us get steamrolled in an early round game by the phenoms from LWE. The Catholic League was so tough throughout the years this is the best season in Rice history at 9-0.
  2. greg775

    NLCS: Dodgers vs Brewers

    Holy bleep. Puig with a clutch bomb.
  3. greg775

    NLCS: Dodgers vs Brewers

    Listening to Uecker broadcast such a big game in his broadcasting career. He is very good. I notice he has no color announcer at all. He's very good. Strong voice. Professional style, not much offered besides true play by play. I like it though. p.s. there is a color man! After 2 innings he finally spoke up and said something.
  4. greg775

    Guys we should target on shortterm deals

    I get in trouble a lot on the board for praising certain guys like Davidson and Palka and praising guys because their traditional stats are good. I've noticed some Sox fans only want Harper and Machado in free agency and really want to stay away from pretty much everybody else. So I ask caulfield cause he understands me, what do you advanced stat guys look for in a FA hitter? I know most fans want no part of Moose and I wouldn't mind him coming to the south side at all. Is it OBP and only OPB as well as WAR? Is that it?? Unless those two stat categories are very high very very high do most advanced stat peeps want no part of a FA? In regards to Palka and Davidson, I as a traditionalist like them cause of traditional stats of HR and RBI (their BAs aren't that hot admittedly) taking into consideration limited at bats.
  5. Congrats Rice football team and coaches. Team clobbers Montini on Friday night to go 9-0. The team didn't have a bad game all season. Marist game was the closest in the opener. St. Rita game was close too. Defense has allowed 52 pts in 9 games with three shtuouts in a row. I guess things could go south in the playoffs but this team has to date had a perfect season. Not sure how the playoffs work. Hope they get to play at home for at least the first two playoff games. Coach Badke and his staff and the players are tremendous.
  6. greg775

    Filibuster - Closed

    Let's face it, message boards are a microcosm of society. People are screaming at each other in elevators because of politics. I had a buddy at work accosted by a coworker over politics. She totally freaked out and he could have and probably should have gotten her fired. If you are an owner of a message board, I'm sure it's not worth the hassle of people freaking out and blasting other folks who use the boards. If I owned a board I wouldn't allow it either. However this board has a million moderators who kept it in check. Of course this board has moderators who are very vocal and chippy themselves. Moral of story: Smart to kill it altogether in the year 2018. Americans despise each other except in times of tragedy IMO then we do anything we can to help each other. It's a wild dynamic. Farewell filibuster, a victim of the modern era of meanness.
  7. greg775

    Guys we should target on shortterm deals

    I'd like to see us acquire some players if smart people think we can contend just cause of Eloy being added to a core that includes some of the guys I've mentioned as being in love with before: Timmy, Moncada, Avi, Abreu, Davidson, Palka and Collins. And if smart folks feel our new young starting pitchers are ready to dominate. If smart people think our team still blows even with Eloy, I guess I'm in favor of letting Jerry line his pockets some more and the pockets of his investors while waiting for Robert, Rutherford, Burger, Madrigal and all those pitchers, Cease et all. But if we can be a contender next year? I'm all for adding RELIEVERS and a veteran starter and an outfielder or catcher. I'm one of those who believes we have no chance at Manny/Harper. If Jerry acquires one of them we know he's serious bout winning soon.
  8. greg775

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    You are an interesting guy/poster. I get the feeling you think we have bad fans and bad fans on this board. Who is throwing a decade long temper tantrum about the Sox? Yes some of us are pissed and especially bring the venom in games in which we get blown out early or games in which some of our retread pitchers get rocked, but almost everybody on this board praises the Sox at some point. I think you overreact to how bad some of us fans are. I'm sure when I was a little kid to me the Sox could do no wrong and I'd be happy to just be at a game but now as an adult sure I get pissed especially when the team arguably is trying to suck. In conclusion ... I think we have good fans. Aren't you impressed like me at the crowds of 25,000 on some nights when we are 25 games out and those crowds cheer, too, where applicable?
  9. greg775

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    I agree with Fan O'Faust. Our fans are great. Whenever I'd get depressed over fans on here wanting us to lose games, I'd see how our fans reacted when we did something positive in games at The Cell. Our home fans are into the games, at least the ones where we aren't trailing 7-1 after 3 or 4 and only wonder whether Davidson will pitch tonight.
  10. greg775

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    I like the negative Balta as he offsets the ever positive southsider IMO.
  11. greg775

    Filibuster - Closed

    I loved it but in supporting myself I can say normally my long posts and positions were either not correctly explained by me, or peeps took one line out of context and made me appear evil at best, a simpleton at worst. ... I do believe in this day and age there aren't many people who can hold a civil discussion about politics, about abortion, about gay marriage and rights (the cake), about the borders and about Kavanagh and Trump. On a light note, this is one of my favorite SNL skits of the modern era on political discussions ...
  12. greg775

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    This isn't right. First of all our fan base is too small to factor into management's decisions about anything. Secondly our fans may be impatient (sort of) but really the attendance was actually pretty decent for a 100 loss team. The Cell was rarely a morgue despite baseball's insistence on making us play Cleveland, KC, Minnie, Detroit so many times. Ugh. Boring! As well as baseball not yet attacking the millennial problem of how boring it is and how long it takes to complete a game. Again I know we're near the bottom of MLB attendance But we averaged 19,862 per game with a payroll of 75 million. We had 1.6 million fans compared to Cleveland's 1.9, Minnie's 1.9, KC's 1.7. Yeah we are a big city but cmon our fans aren't that bad. I think I read somewhere our TV ratings suck but geez you can't blame the fans for not wanting to watch us lose 100 games. The team still is rolling in dough and the overall worth of the franchise is HUGE. Your love of management is perplexing. Balta is also a mod and he rips the team enough. Don't get me wrong. If you told me we could win it all in 2005 and stink the next 13 years yeah I'd have sold out for that cause it's that difficult to win it all. I give management all the credit in the world for 05. Kenny, Jerry, all of 'em. But right now I'd say our fan support is still pretty good for what management has put on the field. Cmon ... please respond. We drew 1.6 mill. with a 75 mill payroll. That ain't so bad, southsider.
  13. greg775

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    Eloy has to be the real deal or we might as well just give up. I think most people are expecting Eloy to be one of the top five players in the game fairly quickly. If he's not a standout, a star, again we might as well forget about hyping prospects.
  14. greg775

    Filibuster - Closed

    I enjoyed the Buster obviously. It has to die, though, because if somebody made a long thought out response, usually rather than that open up a nice discussion, somebody would grab one small portion, usually out of context, and then all hell broke loose. Let's face it. The left is intolerant. The right is intolerant. It's impossible to hold political discussions. Just ask any family that makes that mistake after a few beers at a holiday party.
  15. greg775

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    I think it's fair to say most fans consider winning incredibly important. Chicago is a little different in that the Sox are the second team in the city and we can be grateful there has been ownership willing to keep them here. Veeck and Reinsdorf mainly preventing moves. However, you can be a real fan and not condone the crap we've been watching of late. My years of fandom of one team, the Sox, indicate I'm a true Sox fan even though I've been disgusted by the rebuild. Nobody can tell me I'm not a true fan. I have followed the team too long and fought too many fights with Royals fans to not be a fan.