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  1. The Kids Can Play

    Luis Robert hurt. Again.

    Well the mitt didn't help Robert that play! Again, he easily beat the throw and a simple feet first slide would have been a successful steal and most likely no injury. Btw, Henderson did steal a lot of bases head first, but back then, the 2B or SS covering for the tag usually did not aggressively block the base path and base itself like the idiot Schoop did. There are tons of You Tube videos to go check out and I am posting just one that shows how conservative the SS and 2B were with defending the stolen base attempt. If Schoop would have handled the throw like they did way back, then Robert mostly likely wouldn't have been injured.
  2. The Kids Can Play

    Situational Hitting - runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs.

    Yep, thanks to our great manager and hitting coach.
  3. The Kids Can Play

    That's a White Sox Hard Fought Winner !

    Great win, but let's be realistic, we won 2 straight from the 2nd worst W-L team in baseball. We struggled in both. Let's hope we sweep Detroit today, but then the real test after today will be in the next 11 games. Hous (74-41) 4 games, Clev (60-53) 3 games, KC 1 game, under 500 but always play us tough and Balt (59-54) 3 games. If we can survive those games and somehow get into first place, then maybe we have a decent chance.
  4. The Kids Can Play

    That's a White Sox Hard Fought Winner !

    Yep, and how long have we debated and known this! Oh that's right, our manager is a senile and sleepy drunk!
  5. The Kids Can Play

    Luis Robert hurt. Again.

    There is always a chance to get injured on a slide regardless of how you slide. Yet, according to all the research and stats, more injuries occur yearly on head first slides than feet first slides. Robert's already missed one game and who knows how many more. Is losing his bat in this already anemic offense worth taking chances? The Sox have played 114 games thus far. Robert is 11-14 in SB attempts. We are talking about 11 attempts in 114 games! Is it really worth the riskier slide or missing games? MLB did research a few years back on the head first slide covering a 5 year period. The average headfirst sliding injury caused about 15 days of missed work with some injuries requiring surgery and months long absences from the game.
  6. The Kids Can Play

    Luis Robert hurt. Again.

    Yes, Rocky Henderson stole over 1400 bases sliding head first. However long before Henderson, Lou Brock stole 938 bases (2nd all time) all feet first and he was considered the greatest base stealer of all time until Henderson came along. Actually if you go look at the play again, Robert easily beat the throw and would have been safe if he slid feet first. A normal feet first slide doesn't have to be malicious spikes up slide, but will give the runner a much less chance of getting injured. At least in that play last night, Schoop blocking 2nd would have been made him more likely to get hurt from a feet first slide from Robert.
  7. The Kids Can Play

    Luis Robert hurt. Again.

    You're absolutely right someone should have taken out Schoop if not that game, definitely in in this series. Of course senile TLR forgot to retaliate, because this is the same loser manager who ripped Yermin Mercedes for hitting a 3-0 home run with a huge lead.
  8. The Kids Can Play

    8/12 Gamethread: Tigers @ Sox, Norris v. Kopech

    Why does it have to be Romy Gonzalez as the alternative? He is hitting .204 at Charlotte. Why can't they give Yolbert Sanchez a chance? He hit .355 at Birmingham and is hitting .280 at Charlotte. He can play 2nd or SS. They gave Sosa a try and he is probably not ready. What could it hurt to try Sanchez?
  9. The Kids Can Play

    Luis Robert hurt. Again.

    There are clearly advantages to sliding head first, but the medical facts confirm it is much safer to slide feet first. An article by a renowned foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lance Silverman, https://www.anklefootmd.com/sliding-head-first-feet-first-safer/ I agree with PitchatRisktoZisk who said "Go in spikes high and it will be the last time the 2nd baseman drops his knee in front of the bag"! If that second baseman wants to cut the bag off with his knee and foot, then good luck to him and let him pay the price! Lou Brock stole 938 bases and is second all time on the MLB career stolen base list. He always slid feet first.
  10. The Kids Can Play


    Go back and check the posts between us and you were the first one to attack me with disrespectful comments. I did not attack you first. You are putting words in my mouth as you always do. I NEVER stated I can say whatever I want in this forum and nobody has a right to disagree with me. I never said that, nor would I want that in here. You need to read better and understand a post better. What I posted is the rule from the official forum rules that states: Personal attacks towards other posters will not be tolerated. People will be treated with respect at all times. That is one of the rules if you haven't read them in awhile! I will admit I made some harsh comments to you, but you also need to admit the same. thing Go back and check your post, I didn't miss anything. You never mentioned the name Burger in your post about weight and Achilles. Yes you have argued with plenty of people in here. I did not say you didn't. What I said and it's a fact, you did not attack anyone in here about Moncada's hustle or laughing after that loss like you did me. There is a big difference between arguing and attacking. I was willing to stop as I stated in my prior post. However you just had to get your sarcastic "dig" in and the last word. You just had to add your one last dig and inform me, that if I need to have the last word to protect my feelings, then so be it! I will tell you the same thing you told me, if you want to stop then stop. Or if you need to have the last word to protect your feelings and ego, then just say so. However it might be better idea if we both stop and both apologize to each other and move on. Going forward we can both make an agreement we can debate each other as hard as we want, but we will forego any personal attacks.
  11. The Kids Can Play

    Abreu's contract - $ / fWAR - best value in MLB?

    He has always been a great value for his production per what they pay him relative to other great power hitters. Yet I think we are forgetting one important point. He is a free agent after the season. With this horse shit manager and coaching staff and underperforming team, who says Jose will even want to sign again with the Sox? We know there are other good teams out there and probably closer to winning a championship, especially since he will be turning 36 next season.
  12. The Kids Can Play


    Look who is questioning my work ethic, the weird contrarian guy that knows nothing about me. Hmm you said its not right to question a player's work ethic, but it's ok for you to judge me. HaHa! For the record, I have a right to question Moncada's play. I thought the entire purpose of this forum was to state your opinions. I read that in the bylaws. Here is one of them: Personal attacks towards other posters will not be tolerated. People will be treated with respect at all times. However when I state my opinions, not only do you attack me, but you mock me that I am I absolutely wrong and you are always right. I don't care if anyone here doesn't agree with me and they have every right to challenge my statements and I'm fine with that. Yet to ridicule me like you do, and only you do this...as if you are some genius on baseball is a joke. More importantly it shows you lack the ability to ague without getting into emotional and angry tirades. As I mentioned before, there were plenty of people in here who questioned Moncada's hustle and desire. Yet not one time did you attack them in the same manner as you did me. The funny thing is whenever I am in here, when I see your name, I know as soon as I post something that you don't agree with, you are usually the first one to reply to my post. I stated Moncada has played poorly this year and that is undeniable. Yet you keep trying to come back at me with some weird angle or stat to disprove this. I also stated that he doesn't seem to care with his lack of hustle. You keep telling me I have no right to question his hustle. The fact is, I am not the only one in here who questioned that. Again, you haven't proven me wrong about his hustling and effort. I'm tired of you making excuses for him, like he is playing it safe because he doesn't want to pull another hamstring, or he is playing overweight, or he has two bad Achilles tendons as you mentioned. If he is injured maybe he shouldn't be playing until he is 100 percent healthy. Anyway it sounds like you enjoy being a arguing emotionally with me, so if you want to keep going that's fine with me. I just wish you could learn to argue without the attacks on my intelligence and knowledge of baseball. I will not be bullied by you just because you have that admin title under your name. Again prove me wrong you aren't only attacking me and when someone else makes the same comments like me that you disagree with...be consistent and go after them as well. Or we can both do the mature and right thing and end this wasted energy and agree to disagree and stop with the petty back and forth insults.
  13. The Kids Can Play


    Ok I'm done, you win! Talk about someone who has zero idea about Moncada or this debacle of a team. You have always had it out for me and that's fine. However I find it hilarious that you didn't attack any of the other poster in here who also thought Moncada's laughing was a joke. I also didn't see you attack any of the many posters in here who are calling out Moncada for his horrible season or lack of effort. That's fine, go ahead and keep grinding out your emotional and personal vendetta towards me.
  14. The Kids Can Play

    8/11- Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals - 1:10 PM CDT NBCSCH

    He is a buffoon. The problem is the other buffoon Reinsdorf won't do anything about this debacle of a season.
  15. The Kids Can Play

    8/11- Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals - 1:10 PM CDT NBCSCH

    It's because the manager doesn't hold anyone accountable.